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  1. 5 hours ago, Clonus said:

    There was a book about that.  A halfway house for teenage girls who were screwed up by spending time in supernatural realms.  Can't remember the title. 

    Seanan McGuire (whom I love as an author) has a series called Wayward Children which is something like this. About children who have come back from said places and want to return. Is very good so far.

  2. To me, the Rays have one job (well 2 sortof), insure the Red Sox and Yankees do not advance in playoffs and look bad because a team with 25% of their payroll beats them in the regular season. sadly, they left one box unchecked. even worse, now the ALCS is looking to be the Houston Cheaters vs Red Sox Nation. Is there a way for neither team to advance? Anyone with Covid want free tickets if they agree to go spend significant time with both teams?

  3. 13 hours ago, unclevlad said:

    Colts 22-3?  WOW.  Color me stunned.  (Watching baseball again.)

    You jinxed them by stopping watching as they blew that lead (especially as their kicker apparently was hurt and got one kick blocked and missed the one that would have basically won game with no time left).

  4. the ground rule double rule, especially now with replay having access to multiple cameras and syncing up, needs to be based on where the runners are when the ball goes over the fence. When the ball hit the outfielder, the runner was already rounding third.

  5. 5 hours ago, Grailknight said:

    You know the Yankees or Dodgers would go that high if he hits free agency.

    Yeah, the Angels cannot let him get to free agency. Only thing going against Dodgers is he no DH so wouldnt get to hit rest of week, Yankees however...

    One thing I pointed out to my brother, unlike most high priced free agent signings for teams, you aren't really sacrificing the other side of the ball - Big hitter costing so much can't sign pitcher or vice versa.

    My biggest worry, honestly with Angels this offseason, isn't resigning him. They need to go after a #1 pitcher: my preference might be Scherzer, who wants to be in SoCal, but might have to bid vs Dodgers for him, which is where my worry comes in. Dodgers, once again, outbid us for a Free Agent and Arte Moreno gets annoyed and in a fit goes and overpays one of the shortstops coming out. Offense/Defense is not the Angels problem, they need a big pitcher, maybe resign Cobb then fill out with all these young guys who showed they were about ready. Then figure out the bullpen. A 6 man rotation that is Scherzer, two of the younger guys (Detmers, Sandoval, Suarez, Junk Jenkins (love that name cause it means we got Junk for Heaney), Ohtani, Cobb and another of the younger guys works for me.

  6. 12 hours ago, BNakagawa said:

    fter Tuesday's game, one or the other of the usual suspects will fall by the wayside

    This is the only thing that makes raises Sunday from being utterly depressing. (Ohtani hitting his 46th HR and getting to 100 RBI to go with his 26 SB and 100+ runs scored was one of the others). I blame Toronto for this situation, Thursday their Ace and Cy Young favorite decided to lay an egg in what was probably the biggest start of the year.


    Speaking of Ohtani, he is said to be very open to returning to Angels on a long term contract. So, How much do you pay this guy? I am thinking National Debt? I mean, as a hitter he is a 20mil a year guy under the current standards, as a pitcher he is probably a 25 mil or more a year. As a player/ambassador he is priceless - he has a smile playing even when he is being intentionally walked 20 times, he apologizes to guys for getting them out, he is great with fans. If ever there was a player who you wish you could put in a personal clause to alleviate some of the luxury tax expense, its him. I wish there were more players like him in the league, and not talking about his on field talent.

  7. 2 hours ago, Spence said:

    Watched episode 1 of the new "La Brea".  

    Not a bad first episode, looks like just a scifi adventure show telling a story.  

    Maybe it will be good?   

    My mom is watching it. She is one of the Losties, huge fans of Lost. She says they are trying too hard to pull that fanbase in, with numerous references in the first episode. My impression was that it was a very Lost type show.

  8. Today looked like such a potentially good day for so long:

    for personal: Angels led 5-0 at one point (lost 7-6, thanks again to our AA pitching staff (due to injury(pretty sure we could give the stats on the mets up there a run for its money) and bad pitching))

    Baltimore beat the Red Sox

    Mariners didn't play but now tied Sox due to the above.

    So all we needed was the Cy Young favorite to pitch up to standards aaaannnnddd gave up 4 hits all HRs. This is the third Cy Young hopeful apparently in last week or so to clunk - Scherzer has had 2 horrid starts for Dodgers and I Cole got torched by Toronto yesterday, in the game everyone was pretty sure was the only one the Yankees had the advantage in.

    We were so close to having 1 game seperate 4 teams for the wildcard, with 3 of them tied and 1 game behind Yankees. Now they go play TB, who normally has their number, but having clinched home field advantage will probably be setting up for the playoffs, but I guess I can still dream of a playoffs without the MLB teacher's pets.


  9. I was wondering how this equates to people who work for places like Apple or IBM etc (I use these as my wife was a design engineer before retiring). Anything she designed was property of who she worked for, not her, even if was a "new" design. I believe doctors/scientists work the same way, their work belongs to who they work for, not themselves. Not knowing copywrite laws, I wondered how these fit into this. Also, most of those we have been talking about, or maybe, more recently, who is filing the copywrite, the corporation or the artist/writer?

  10. 2 hours ago, Tjack said:

         It was beloved.....BY ME. The idea that a hero had to pretend to be a villain was one that fascinated me watching the two episodes on the Batman re-runs when I was very young.  Which lead me to the old radio broadcasts (which led to a love of old radio in general) The Lone Ranger, and an appreciation for characters that never got the recognition I thought they deserved. Thru the very well done comics done in the ‘90’s that tied up all the versions.  Then to the press notice that Jet Li wanted to do a Green Hornet movie. Finally a way to share my love of a forgotten hero.

       Imagine my disappointment at the results. Even when the final casting was announced I tried to hope that much like Michael Keaton had done before, Rogan would step up to the challenge.  This is was what I got....a dope smoking slacker with daddy issues.  I hope for your sake all your treasured childhood heroes are treated better.

    Everything you just wrote, I echo. Also add The Shadow (and I was glad to see the movie the did of it was actually decent). Loved to listen to those old radio shows, so much went and got the whole Shadow series on tape/CD. If you really want to get a kick, go listen to the Saint with Vincent Price. Gave me a great deal of respect for his humorous timing.

    1 hour ago, Ternaugh said:


    I usually have a high tolerance for bad movies, but I found Seth Rogen's Green Hornet to be eminently unwatchable. I turned it off somewhere around 20 to 30 minutes in.

    To head off a misunderstanding, though not sure it has happened, I believe the 2 of you are on the same page (as am I) when saying that movie was a disappointment on so many levels. Like TJack, when I heard about Rogan doing it, I hoped for at least some semblance of taking the role seriously. I wouldn't have even minded if he played the dope smoking slacker as a cover for the Green Hornet.

  11. My first thought when hearing some of the original cast would be involved was - there are original cast left?

    Also, I didnt know Claudia had a sister.

    I like others am glad JMS is involved, I hope he has the power to push through his vision, whatever it is and I fear what will be done with it.

    I have enjoyed some of the CW stuff (I like most of the superhero stuff, though I know others do not) though I havent watched any of the ones that would be straight teen drama (Riverdale, Nancy Drew etc).

    Then I went and looked at PTEN to remind myself what was there and realized I liked all 4 series they did - B5, Pointman, Time TRax and Kung Fu: the legend continues. not saying they were great, but fun entertainment.

  12. My problem with the Mickey Mouse argument is that unlike most of the others, that character is the "face" of Disney. He isn't just a cartoon character anymore, he is a representative logo. It's Ronald McDonald or the Gecko from Geico. I can understand Disney not wanting him on public domain. I think he is a different case then many of them.


    It was mentioned that do we not give credit to writers who really elevated a character. Do we give Thor's creator credit or Williamson who really brought the character popularity. What about Burns, who seemed to breathe new life into so many characters and redefined them in ways still used today.


    Miller with Daredevil and Batman.

    As Spence was saying, I don't know and wouldnt want to be the one deciding.

  13. Sounds like the Angels - 72-77 overall, 24-39 against AL west, 48 - 38 vs everyone else. If they could have been 500 (or even 1 game under at 32-33) vs their own division, they 80 - 71 now and in the playoff hunt (especially as part of those 8 wins would be against Houston, Oakland or Seattle most likely).

  14. 11 hours ago, Logan.1179 said:

    You have to keep only the best parts. The 70s had some of the highest highs, but their lows... oof.


    For every Dark Side of the Moon or Rhiannon there was a Muskrat Love, Afternoon Delight, or Midnight at the Oasis

    Hey, Dark Side of the Moon and Rhiannon were great. You bite your tongue.

    And the Decade ended on the most celebrated "I am cheating on my significant other but it works out" song Escape (the Pina Colada Song).


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