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  1. And my first reaction - Where the hell was that when they did Iron Fist. Otherwise, looks great.
  2. I had never heard any of that about Ruby Rose leaving and still can't find anything about that. It was always something about her injuries and the travel, from what I understood. But you may be right about why she really left. I know she took a lot of flak from twitter about not being gay enough.
  3. And I suspect has nothing to do with the current spiderman, as the next Holland one seems to be part of the multidimension thing from Wanda and Strange, and I thought that Molina may have been the best villain yet in the spider man movies, only rivaled by Vulture, honestly. Mysterio was well done, and I liked DaFoe as Goblin, but not really as Norman Osborne (same problem most actors have with Batman or Superman I suppose, one or other good), I liked their Sandman too and wish he had been partnered with Hydro or someone else instead of Venom, Jaimie Foxx's Electro was just, well, not Electro. I am more interested/annoyed with Mysterio (though more likely the scientists who worked with him) giving away Peter's identity. Thought that could have been done waaaayyyy better. with the recording ending with And his name is ...., fade to black. then you have the classic spiderman situation. hate spidey but peter is anonymous.
  4. Necro thread raising, but needed to comment. Anyone else still watching. I have thought was decent, though they are doing a female version of Ra's to me as the megavillain. One annoying thing, Ryan was shot with a kryptonite bullet (only thing that can pierce the bat suit supposedly) and has kryptonite poisoning going on. But given that the DC universe was combined, why has NOONE called the DEO or Kara for that matter to ask if there is a cure. Sorry, things like this bug me, always have even in the comics. I realize you can't always use other people from other shows, but truth was, when Arrow and Flash were on, the scooby squads traded information all the time. why not incorporate Supergirl and Black Lightning into this.
  5. Just watched the Death Triangle/Young Bucks match from Wednesday's AEW show. One of the best I have seen in a long time with a truly shitty ending to show the change in the Bucks after rejoining Omega's group.
  6. Wonder how many will now end up in Impact/AEW? and how quickly. I put them together because more and more, the 2 are sharing wrestlers, it seems like.
  7. Hmm, I always assumed they did it because they hate people and were trying to annoy as many users as they could.
  8. Both of which can work, if they have a good storyboard/script and stick to it, then pick moments in them to show your style. I think one problem that is being mentioned and that Snyder and Ray Fisher didn't seem to really grasp. Justice League, like the Avengers movie, isn't a solo movie about 1 character with supporting stars, it is an Ensemble piece. in Avengers, the moments worked because we knew the characters and their moments just fit them. Now, assuming (I don't) the general public knows the characters of the JL through the 50+ years of inundation, you don't need the movie to be an origin for anyone. It should have been enough that Batman and Wonder Woman wanted Cyborg. Save his backstory for his movie, same with Flash, whom most people know some of his backstory through the series and his comics. This should have been the JL vs Steppenwolfe, nothing really more. In gathering the boxes, he hands them their butts, but they learn, and one thing they learn is they need Superman. I don't hate the Whedon movie, but I have a sarcastic humor and like one liners, but I also saw the characters in it. A tired, sore, older Batman who is out of his league but learning to be a hero again; Wonder Woman who is learning to be the inspiration she started as but left behind with the death of Steve Trevor; Flash and Cyborg realizing they belong with this group in more then just power; Aquaman grasping there is more to the world then just the sea, something that would be nice to see continued in his own movie.
  9. Upgraded evil witch house? made of rock candy now?
  10. That is from someone who did not want to pay the rights but wanted to make funny anyway.
  11. who did they give the shield too? I have heard complaints that the new Cap in the comics is to skinny, well along with being gay AND having the stupid mohawk, but I am old so, ya know...
  12. As a person who does taxes for a living and deals with people who THINK they know how it works, I approve this comic.
  13. Yeah, and I think all three were included in the final product we saw in theaters.
  14. In a lot of ways, and explained above by others, probably better, I would say Whedon was in the impossible situation. Tasked with refilming parts of a movie set in a tone he would never have used and told to lighten it up without actually losing that tone. The actors were in a tough situation as they were being told that the story was changing but staying the same.
  15. The more I read the article on Terrio, the more I felt that he and Zack on same page and the descriptions he was giving, whether required by suits or not, that they did not understand Superman and still wanted to create a darker version of him worshipped by people, not inspired by. Perhaps I am wrong. I also go back to the 2 of them trying to create movies that would not fit timewise in what a studio wanted as a released movie. He can complain all he and Zack and Ray want about how much was butchered out of the JL movie, but again, you gave them a 3 1/2 to 4 hour movie. It has been mentioned multiple times how much JL would have been helped by solo movies for Cyborg (especially since you apparently wanted to feature him) and Flash. Has anyone seen this other version of BVS, does the motivations for any of the characters make more sense or is Batman still stupid enough to fall for an obvious plot of Lex's (not that he knows its Lex).
  16. Operator, I need you to connect me too...
  17. During season 3 or so, they had a real life relationship. After they broke up combined with him blocking her pay requests there was apparently a huge animosity between the 2. It was actually a credit to their acting ability that most fans never realized.
  18. Also, the clear change of what the movie was about affected him too, being that apparently Snyder actually planned to make the movie about Cyborg as the central character, or so says Fisher. Whedon was trying to turn it into a funner ensemble piece. All these comments on Whedon (and note, he keeps being called abusive, but not in the Me Too style, though maybe there are those too) makes me wonder how any of these people would have dealt with some of the iron fisted directors of yore. Or, as mentioned in another thread, working with an actor like Danny Kaye, etc. I sort of wish there was more detail, as in what type of stuff. But then, I also lost a lot of respect for Nathon Fillon after his breakup with Katic and he basically was trying to black ball her when she was requesting equal or at least close to pay on Castle. Never meet your heroes, even the geek ones.
  19. MLBNOW did a whole thing on this. The only person "punished" for this was Castellanos, who may have done the least and was the only person who took damage from it, since he was the player hit by the pitch. I think the backlash that has happened amongst fans for their handling of the suspensions will tell, as he is challenging the suspension, I wonder if it will be lifted when they look back.
  20. Well, part of it was because the pitcher hit him, which is what put him on base, so kind of rubbing it in the pitchers face. He actually started walking away after saying something to pitcher, but Yadier ran in and jumped in his face which really started the benches clearing.
  21. I went at the point that first he avoided sinking any of the ships or damaging the bridge when entering San Francisco and also when he shared the look with Brody.
  22. I take this with a grain of salt, but my sister in law said that F/WS was very dark, in tone, not necessarily in appearance. But she tends to find things dark that I do not. I really want to try to watch all these series, especially as Wandavision seems to be a lead in to SpiderMan and Doctor Strange's movies.
  23. My brother was laughing at them putting basically every SEC team in and all of them being knocked out before the 16. No bias in selection committee there.
  24. WELL, don't leave us hanging, like clothes on a line. Give us the straight poop.
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