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  1. Re: Actor Package Deals Will Smith almost always has a foot chase scene where he catches the guy. So I'd give him +3" running.
  2. Re: +? Disadvantages The "300 total" is the total character points the character has spent. 300 = 225 Disadvantages + 75 Starting. Actually, since I don't have my copy of MMM in front of me, I'm guessing about that. But I think its a good guess.
  3. Re: Active defense roll I like the idea of players rolling for the attacks against them. However, given a PCs ability to adjust his DCV from phase to phase, I'd hate to see them "game" the system because they know the OCV of the attacking mook. If you knew the mook only had a 3 OCV, and your 6 DCV makes it really unlikely that he'll hit you, you'll certainly shift levels into OCV, damage, or use martial maneuvers that do the same thing, to take advantage of your relatively high DCV. As it stands now, you have to guess at an opponent's OCV, and I think that's a good thing. Sure, you eventually are able to guage the opponents OCV, but it takes a phase or two, maybe more if the GM is rolling. This idea has merit, but I'm not sure about the execution.
  4. Re: Essential equipment for a starting mage C'mon! I don't care what your fancy statistics say, I know my character gets hit in the face or the vitals way more often than that!
  5. Re: Thoughts on Autofire - what am I Missing? Ablative? If I remember the mechanics correctly, I think this would model realistic 5PD/5ED and 6PD/6ED armor pretty well. 3-4 hits exceeding 5 or 6 BOD and the armor is almost gone. I suppose you could tweak the ablative rules a bit and just say that the armor loses Def whether the BOD exceeds the defenses or not. Then it would only take 3-4 hits before the armor is all but gone.
  6. Re: Thoughts on Autofire - what am I Missing? tesuji is basically right. There is no cumulative damage applied as a result of being hit by several attacks, unless you look at the stun that is done. It's just not how the system works. If you want to do more damage, then you need to either make larger attacks, or buy advantages like AP and Pen that are actually designed get damage through armor. I'd suggest that you just lower the armor to 3/3 or so. The problem with larger attacks is the stun they do, so keeping those in check is a good idea.
  7. Re: "There is no pain; you are receding...." Heal, Stun only Damage Reduction, Stun Only, lims based on how you decide apply it (hit location, etc.). That's a potential positve effect. If you want it to be hindering, then I'd go with a DEX Drain, again maybe limiting it based on the way it effects the character. Entangle probably, but maybe with some DEX drain as well, limit to taste.
  8. http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=174389 This is getting a little crazy. Skills, then half-move and attack, feats (talents), now the bell curve, too? On 3d6? Inconceivable!!! At this rate, eventually I'll have people lecturing me on how complicated Hero is and how simple and great D20 is, all the while them never suspecting that we're playing the same game. So, where can I contirbute to the HERO legal defense fund? Of course, not long after the suite is filed, no doubt Hero Games will be bought out by WoTC, and Steve and Darren will be taking a long, long vacation...while I start playing D20 (the 3d6 Hero Rules version 1.0).
  9. You should give the forum a shot at the creating the power you want first, I think. There are really very, very few instances where a new power actually has to be created.
  10. Did they only take damage from the other brother, or were there benefits? Could they smell the same thing? Taste? Etc. That would make more sence as a concept.
  11. One Fred for me. No more, no less.
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