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So I have this NPC...


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Well, we're on a little hiatus right now (test running an adventure for the child psychologist when he GMs). 


DOOZY of a cliff-hanger I left 'em on.  The party's been all targeted by a coven of Fate Witches for nefarious reasons by weakening their bonds of friendship and respect.  Save the child psychologist's PC (the mute crippled Crescent) -- see, he was given a "gift" earlier by the Schattenman back in Eisen, which enables him to "see" magic.


And he can't turn it off or shut the eye in question.  And the Sorte magic in question saw HIM looking at It and It's NOT HAPPY.


(inspired by "X: the Man With X-Ray Eyes" here).


So he's also been poisoned by the Fate Witches.  And it took effect while he was already having an episode Seeing these massive mawed eels biting at him.  And Mirabella sees this happening to the one PC who's actually been trying to help her.  And the younger Fate Witches have already been bullying her earlier.  So, while the other PCs were trying to determine WTF happened here and deciding Running Away from this villa would be a Good Idea, she's taken this opportunity to go avenge herself and the poisoned PC on the youngest Fate Witch.


And the party has only JUST realized she's missing.  And they have no idea where she is or what she could be up to.  And I'm hoping I've thrown a red herring at them by having the guy who wants to train her as Hit-Girl have a [meep]ed up dream about his Sidhe Lover complaining that he "just doesn't want to share his new toy" with her...

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...the sheer number of mental gymnastics that the PCs (save my hubby) are using to JUSTIFY the (attempted) murder of a SIX YEAR OLD GIRL is mindboggling.


So yeah, Mirabella struck and slashed the throat of the bratty six year old as payback and the kid bled out.  When confronted with the body, queue all the PCs throwing all their Drama Dice to make the murder unhappen. 


Which I allowed.  Because, there will now be...consequences (aka, bratty six year old Fate Witch is gonna come back wrong once she recovers).


But yes, as the PCs fled the villa, the Crescent's player (aka the CHILD THERAPIST) is still saying that, because Mirabella is in shock/disassociating and not smiling/laughing, she won't harm the party members -- ergo, it's still all right if she stays with them.


Yeah, once that shock wears off and she realizes that the Crescent healed the kid, she's gonna feel very betrayed.


Meanwhile, Hubby is gearing up for a roleplaying confrontation next session to stress the whole "NO, THIS ISN'T A GOOD IDEA!" aspect to the rest of the party.

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Actually, yes.  I asked them afterwards if they felt I was going too far and if they wanted to continue with this storyline.  Likewise, I always ask them to tell me ASAP if I do anything that might be too upsetting or triggering beforehand.


(Hubby's bad dice rolls don't count as upsetting  :eg: )

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A couple weeks ago was "We Need to Talk About Kevin -- err, Mirabella"


OOC, the discussion went well.  The rest of the PCs are finally realizing that taking a traumatized child murderer with them on a dangerous trip around Theah is probably Not a Good Idea.  The Crescent's player talked about perhaps stepping aside with the child and bringing in a new character.  A day later, he texted me with some options.


Me:  Wait.  Just set aside what you think is "Best for the Story" -- do you WANT to keep playing Handsome?


[because I don't want my players to feel forced into changing characters if they truly don't want to do so.  I didn't want him to think he was being pressured to switch.]


Him:  Well, as a GM myself, I can't help BUT think what's Best for the Story!  But yeah, I would like to keep playing Handsome if I can.


Me:  All right, then trust your Evil GM here.  You have my word that I'm not gonna kill the kid off or turn her into a Waisen.  Talk to the NPC who's running the race.



Because yes, the Sidhe Lord running the race will understand that the child is an unnecessary distraction and will offer the PCs a place of safety for her until "I can determine a winner for my race."


sometimes the angels punish us by answering our prayers...

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You could retroactively insert an accomplice or employer the kid was working with who decided he was loose-end that needed tying up.

After all, if the kid is a bad liar and the accomplice the PCs are on to him his corpse might be the only clue they care to drop.

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...it's a delicate balance right now.


The murdered Sidhe lord's sister has taken over the race -- to the point where she's called it her race now.  And the PC's are very uncomfortable about that emphasis.


(Game's been on a bit of a break due to my depression issues.  My players are aware of this)

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...despite all evidence shown, the player who's a child psychologist STILL refuses to believe the kid's a murderer. Said child is still stuck in the gem, the race is over, the Sidhe lord's sister isn't powerful enough to reverse the enchantment (and is now huffy at the party anyways)...


...so it looks like the party is planning on heading to Bryn Bresail to gain an audience with the 3 Queens of the Sidhe.


(not for a while though as I felt this was a good place to take a much needed break from GMing.  Next up, Deadlands with the child psychologist as the GM!)

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