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There _should_ be, right after you post, a pop-up saying something to the effect of "link has been posted as [i don't really remember].


Then there's a question asking you if this is okay, or if you want it posted as a [something else; again; I don't remember].


Double-check when you post to make sure it's posting as you wish it to appear.



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As of five days ago, all embedded YouTube videos - whether someone else posted them or I do - appear as solid dark blocks. Does anyone here have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?


Edit: I just pasted a YouTube link in a response to this thread and it displayed as normal. When I returned, it once again came out as a solid block.

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3 hours ago, HeroGM said:

Could it be because of Flash's demise?


If that is the case, then this is an oddly delayed side effect. To be extra thorough, I turned off all my browser's (Firefox) visual-theme plugins and then disabled them to ensure there wasn't some sort of secret graphical conflict; sad to say, the problem still exists. Images display just fine...


I cannot see or click on the below video, but I trust you can.



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On 1/27/2021 at 1:14 PM, Ragitsu said:

What the hell? The problem just returned.


I'm on Microsoft Edge, and I can see your video just fine.  It's just when I try and post a video, it appears as though I posted a link.


Thunderbirds Are Go | Launch Sequences Thunderbird 1-4 | Full Episodes - YouTube


See?  This is what I'm talking about here.

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