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Need Italian Names


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Re: Need Italian Names


The linked page has a listing of Italian surnames by region. Just scroll down a bit. There are a bunch of them.


Unfortunately this source hasn't Sicilian surnames. Since people that ended up to constitute Cosa Nostra were mostly Sicilian, I think you cannot do wrong by using RL surnames of Sicilian Mafia bosses, present and past:











are the ones that I can presently remember on the spot (but a quick net search on mafia could surely yield many more; e.g. you can try wikipedia). You can also use the surname American mafia bosses and families: e.g. Gambino, Bonanno, Genovese, Lucchese, Colombo, Gallo, Maranzano, Luciano, Anastasia, Valachi.


Do you need first names, also ?

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Re: Need Italian Names


A lot of the names are wrong, I checked only the male ones, but Emmanuele=Emanuele; Constantin (oh, God!)=Costantino; Biaiardo=Baiardo (I guess, but i never heard this name); if "CASEAREO" was a name, it would mean something like "connected with the production of cheese"...The only correct name in that line is Cesare; Kajetan(?!?!)=Gaetano; Rafaele=Raffaele (and of course no raphael...the "ph" sound in italian is represented as an "f"); Also, a lot of the names in the list doesn't exist, for example Lorenz (only Lorenzo exists) and other are so rare they seem invented...

The lists of italian names that are found online are always full of such fun, I wonder why...

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Re: Need Italian Names


I've had a lot of luck just using the phone book....but I guess I'm just blessed geographically. It also depends on what period you need. A lot of mafia types in the 20's and 30's would change their names once they joined up, so they wouldn't necessarily need to be a perfect fit as far as their home regions.

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