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New Product: Who Would Win? [card game]

Secret Master

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Highly recommend by Jason and Tina!


In “Who Would Win?” two players draw random character cards and turn up a random event card. Each player argues for 20 seconds as to why their character would win. The other players serve as the jury and vote on which player had the better argument. The first player to win 5 arguments wins the game.


Some example possibilities:


Ben Franklin vs. Barbie in a lion taming competition

Mick Jagger vs. Pocahantas in a kayaking race

Nelson Mandela vs. Sean Connery in a poker showdown

George Bush vs. Peter Pan in a pie-eating contest


This new Gorilla Games product can be purchased from the Hero Store here.

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Re: New Product: Who Would Win? [card game]


Reminds me a bit of Apples to Apples.


Which suffers from the same faults: lack of familiar context.

Both games could probably be improved by the players writing down things they are actually familiar with rather than relying on random chance and the general knowledge of the designer.

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Re: New Product: Who Would Win? [card game]


If I were to metagame, I'd give everyone limited resources with which to vote and have simultaneous voting to negate that kind of thing :)


You want subjective judgement of the contest, but objective attitudes to the players.

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