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[6th Edition] The "Extended Disarming Scene": how easy it it to accomplish?


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[Leave your adherence to strict reality at the door.]


There are times in fiction when a character has to disarm themselves...completely. They'll often shuck off their visible weaponry...maybe your typical rifle..., but then (either of their own initiative or through the insistence of another) they will proceed to divest themselves of all concealed weapons on their person. It is not entirely unreasonable to see them produce an arsenal in the neighborhood of two handguns, one or two backup pistols, a handful of knives (including a wickedly big Bowie), a small submachine gun, a sawed-off shotgun, one or a few grenades, a taser, brass knuckles, some pepper spray, various shuriken, and a telescopic baton.


Now, in HERO (at least the sixth edition), what traits/Skills would a character need to hide all of that and not appear to be bristling with weaponry?

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I assume you where thinking of the classic scene from Mad Max beyond Thunderdome



its certainly possible to hide a suprsingly large amount of weaponry about ones person


as these videos show


this is the brad thor scotte alpha jacket which can hold a ridiculous amount of stuff



this is a normal guy hiding a small arsenal under a short sleeve shirt and jeans (10 knives a short sword three bo shuriken 3 guns and 2 spare mags)



another exxample 4 hand guns under a baggy shirt


and finally this classic kid probably couldn't move easily but its a lot of fire power for a guy in a polo and jeans.


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