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Bundle of Holding: Champions 4th Edition PDFs

Jason S.Walters

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Over at Bundle of Holding, there are two projects running simultaneously: Champions 4E Essentials and Champions 4E Universe. Between them you can gain access to the complete line of Champions and Dark Champions fourth edition products (65 in all), most lovingly acquired in physical form, scanned, reviewed, and cleaned up to the best of our ability. When the project ends, we will be making them available individually through this website and through RPGNow/DriveThruRPG. Thank you as always for your support.                                


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Waaaay back in the days of the old Red October BBS a couple of official errata files for Champions 4th edition were uploaded there.  I'm not sure if they were also published in Adventurers Club (I don't have time to dig through my old issues right now), but I have the text-format errata files which were released.  If someone did a smidge of layout work to make them more presentable, maybe they could be added to the 4E BBB PDF?

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Having had some spare time this weekend to look through the Bundle of Holding PDFs, I now see that the Champions "BBB" PDF - despite the "First Printing" shown on the title page - was not scanned from an original print run copy, but rather a book from a subsequent print run where the official errata was already incorporated.  My own dead tree version of the BBB is from the original print run, so I made an effort to review the two errata text files from Red October and compare them with my physical BBB, the BoH PDF, and my physical Hero System Rulesbook.  There were some cases where the errata needed errata, and I noticed a few more errors in the revised texts as well (although I need to say that I haven't done - and probably won't ever do! - a complete survey of the books, having only reviewed the pages mentioned in the original errata lists).


Long story short, I've gone ahead and compiled both errata lists into a single document, along with my aforementioned corrections and additions.  As explained in the document itself, any errata entries which are specific to either the original printing or the later revised texts are indicated as such.  I don't have the "Deluxe" version of the BBB, however, so I can't say if this compiled list has any relevance to that book.


If I've made mistakes of my own, or if errors in the source text(s) are spotted which should be added, feel free to let me know.


I hope this is of interest or use to the community.


Hero System Rules 4th ed Errata.pdf

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Just for completeness if anyone finds this thread in the future, the Champions BBB PDF is from the Champions BBB softcover printing. Both hardcovers (the original and the Deluxe edition) are riddled with errors, but the softcover is relatively errata-free (as is the Hero System Rulesbook, but of course that doesn't include the Champions Sourcebook and Campaign sections of the BBB).

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Thanks to GM Joe's work on comparing my original file to his copies of the books (most particularly Champions Deluxe), I've prepared a revised version of the 4th edition errata compilation which is now applicable to all versions of the core 4e rules.  This time I uploaded it into the file section:


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