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  1. I appreciated that sketch even more after I picked up a DVD collection of The Adventures of Robin Hood show and heard the opening theme for the first time...
  2. I was really feeling nothing for hours afterward, and even joked to my wife that they probably just slipped me some saline solution, but about 13 hours after the vaccination a sleeper wave of body aches crashed down on me. A couple ibuprofen and a night's sleep later, and I'm about 85% better. Despite the inconvenience, I'm glad my immune system is doin' its thing!
  3. Got my J&J vaccination this morning. No protesters, thankfully, just a way-too-long line, but I got through it. No side effects so far, but it's still early yet...
  4. I think the first cassette that was my very own (given to me as a gift) was the first, eponymous, Asia album. I don't remember what the first one purchased with my own money was. Like others have also mentioned, my main use of cassettes ended up being making collage tapes - lots of 'em!
  5. Is that the sequel to the woman with the empty apartment behind her bathroom mirror?
  6. Sorry, it was clear in my own mind, but I seemed to have failed my Communications roll... My "eye-opener" comment was an attempt to simultaneously refer to and express agreement with something you wrote in the "VPP -1/4 limitation; All powers must be predesigned" thread - namely: On the bright side, at least I didn't inadvertently insult your ancestors back to the Nth generation or anything like that...
  7. I'll echo what Duke said in the other thread - the impact of Extra Time to change MP slots is a real eye-opener! I would strongly suggest that GMs apply the same halving of Limitation value that applies when taken on Constant/Persistent Powers that only require the Extra Time to activate (6E1 375), since time to change slots is not the same impact as needing Extra Time every time a particular slot is used. With Extra Time applied to the slots (at half value for only applying to reallocating the MP, -1/4), Slow Steve becomes 60 + 5 + 5 = 70 points. Doesn't seem so bad. Even better, Efficien
  8. I'm hoping for the best! Hang in there.
  9. That would be for the DDOLRKR thread.
  10. Peaches and mangos. Just some... muskiness?... in the flavor that doesn't work for me. I concur with the low opinions expressed on Brussels sprouts and okra, and would add broccoli and cauliflower to the list. I pretty much never used to drink coffee either, but am now a one-cup-a-day guy, spurred on by (getting old and) needing a boost in the mornings at work. Need plenty of cream and sugar, though... Mayo in general has been something I've tried to avoid, but I do think that the Kewpie brand (from Japan) is actually pretty decent. It uses more (or maybe
  11. Definitely wishing and hoping for the best for you and your family, Duke!
  12. For the longest-running shared universe that I had experience with (way back in the early '80s and up through the early '90s), it was a mix of real and fictional places. The baseline was real locations, but fictional restaurants, hotels, small towns out in the middle of nowhere, etc., were devised (usually off-the-cuff) and dropped in with regularity. At the start we were high-schoolers and a few slightly older folks, and this predated easy access to the internet, the existence of things like Google Maps, etc., so a) players were much less likely to have detailed knowledge about any particul
  13. He of course did write Mythic Greece and it was a wonderful book (never got to play a campaign based off it, but it was a great read), but the first "Campaign Classic" was actually Robin Hood, published the year before. </pedant> Aaron also published articles in the Space Gamer that kind of chronicled his discovery and embracing of Champions - and eventually ended up as editor of that magazine for a spell. Taken too soon...
  14. Voted by mail early enough to avoid significant worries, and the relevant state website confirms that they received my ballot.
  15. This, soooooo this! Just pick one and stick with it, for cryin' out loud!
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