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  1. For the longest-running shared universe that I had experience with (way back in the early '80s and up through the early '90s), it was a mix of real and fictional places. The baseline was real locations, but fictional restaurants, hotels, small towns out in the middle of nowhere, etc., were devised (usually off-the-cuff) and dropped in with regularity. At the start we were high-schoolers and a few slightly older folks, and this predated easy access to the internet, the existence of things like Google Maps, etc., so a) players were much less likely to have detailed knowledge about any particul
  2. He of course did write Mythic Greece and it was a wonderful book (never got to play a campaign based off it, but it was a great read), but the first "Campaign Classic" was actually Robin Hood, published the year before. </pedant> Aaron also published articles in the Space Gamer that kind of chronicled his discovery and embracing of Champions - and eventually ended up as editor of that magazine for a spell. Taken too soon...
  3. Voted by mail early enough to avoid significant worries, and the relevant state website confirms that they received my ballot.
  4. This, soooooo this! Just pick one and stick with it, for cryin' out loud!
  5. My copy has a barcode - photo attached. Possibly they decided to add it for the second printing? I like your spreadsheet, Duke. I haven't been able to spend much time going through it, but I took a quick peek. I have something vaguely similar - no promises, but when I get a little time, I'll let you know if I have any info collected that I think will help your sheet.
  6. Thanks Duke and LL! I agree, it does seem to have sold out rather quickly - it was so long ago that I'm probably not remembering clearly, but I don't think I waited all that long after it was released before I bought it. Duke, I will check my copy this evening after I get home and let you know if it has a barcode or blank space on the back.
  7. This is definitely not of great importance, but just in case someone has the answer: Does anyone have a copy of Gadgets! that shows a "First Printing" date - and if so, what is that date? My own copy which I bought Way Back When shows "Second Printing September 1986", and the PDF of it that I picked up in one of the Bundles of Holding a couple years ago also shows "Second Printing". Thanks in advance!
  8. Danger International, p.49: "When a character tries to escape from being held, use STR versus STR Rolls (see Characteristic Rolls)." So by strict RAW for DI, it's not roll-STR-damage-dice-and-compare-BODY, but rather a CHA Roll vs. CHA Roll contest. The Escape maneuver gives +3 to the martial artist's STR Roll for this STR Roll vs. STR Roll contest.
  9. Well, it doesn't matter maybe, what matters is that the cases don't exceed the capacity of the hospitals. Unless we find a vaccine nothing will stop people from getting Covid-19. Of course it's important that hospital capacity is not overwhelmed, but it should also be clear that people taking proper precautions in order not to carelessly spread the disease in the first place are still quite necessary. Taking measures to reduce the chance of contracting the virus is the name of the game. The day when a safe and approved vaccine is available will be a great one, but in the mea
  10. In the area where I live, the number of daily new cases has been slowly but surely rising since the start of May, and the trend is now higher than it ever was back in April. Despite this, some restrictions have been lessened, and some folks are just not following sensible precautions (social distancing, masks, etc.). It makes for a peculiar feeling of blood-boiling despair.
  11. That's okay, 17 years of marriage to a Japanese wife hasn't granted me enough grammatical knowledge to follow any conversation more than a couple seconds. I learned the characters in the hiragana and katakana syllabaries (which is how I recognized it was written in Japanese), and am familiar with some of the kanji, but my actual language ability is rather atrocious... At some point hopefully I can actually devote the time necessary to improve that.
  12. The poster is in Japanese - the larger text under the tomato means something along the lines of "A perfect score for a substantial meal!" The rest of it is too blurry to make out (not that I would be able to without consulting dictionaries, anyway...)
  13. Here you go: 1st edition 2nd edition 3rd edition
  14. Caveat: I'm not trying to "win" any debates or "prove" myself right or anyone else wrong. I'm genuinely curious, in case I've forgotten or just plain overlooked something. My recollection is that essentially nothing in Champs II was incorporated into 3rd edition. Is my memory that bad? 3rd did incorporate a couple clarifications first presented in Champs III, but otherwise largely ignored the material in that book too. My own take on 3rd (and I'm quite happy to agree that other views may be equally valid) is that it was an opportunity to a) make the core game look b
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