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  1. Hey, Long time HERO GM and player. I always find myself running Super Hero games and rarely getting to play in them. Right now my bi-monthly gaming group is devoted to D&D 5th edition right now and we will soon take PF2 for a spin this August. So I would love to join a game HERO Champions game. I have Hero Designer. I have 5th and 6th Edition books. I have the desire and motivation to play in a game. A little about me: 9 to 5 Jobber Husband and Father Avid Reader of Comic Books, Fantasy and a smattering of Sci-Fi I live on the East Coast in the US Thank you, LA Singletary
  2. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... So in my online Hero Game, we have Dr. Dreamtime , a mentalist who is normally reserved and dignified. He is/was a psychiatrist before being granted his Mental Abilities from an ancient god. So we are up against some baddies and Dr. Dreamtime decides to prey on his foe's worst nightmares. Doctor Dreamtime: (I summon up images from my targets nightmares to bolster my Presence) DeadUematsu: Wow. He's actually cowed. DeadUematsu: * Rockslide , as Doctor Dreamtime becomes terrifyingly impressive in the dark and decrepit setting of the factory building's interior, "Mommy..." Doctor Dreamtime: "Your mommy can't save you now, little man!" It just struck me as classic! LA Singletary
  3. Re: Power Levels, Ranges & Threat Scales Haerandir, I really appreciate the length and thought put into your answer. I really appreciate everyone's help. This is a great place to start. Thank you again. Lauren
  4. Hello fellow heroes: So I know we have a scale of points with suggested ranges for skills, characteristics and the like but I really wanted to get a sense of range. In 5th Edition terms, Dr. Destroyer is 3,797 points with the caveat that he has whatever other resources he needs. So that make me wonder about point ranges. Hyperman has amazing write ups on the JLA which show just how far 350 points can go if properly applied. ---My HeroFu is not that strong yet. I would like to know how say the following marvel characters stack up. for this exercise lets say this is circa 1995-98 Spider-Man New Warriors Dr. Doom Magneato Paladin Scourge of the Underworld Punisher USAgent The Incredible Hulk Scorpion Dr. Octopus I am trying to have a better idea of the variation of points and what makes someone an Alpha class threat ie Scorpion vs. an Omega Class threat like Thanos That's all for my ramblings right now. Any insight and help on this would be greatly appreciated. LA Singletary
  5. Re: Finish the team So I am trying to devise an Alternate Marvel Universe Brotherhood of Mutants. They are a terrorist group of Mutants bent on overthrowing human dominated society. Leader: Mystique (shape changing super mutant spy) Wolverine: (a purely feral savage beast killing machine that can only be controlled by Mystique. Super Sabre: Speedster mutant hero from WWII brought back from the dead as an undead terror. Who should my other three members be? I think I need utility, brute, and a blaster type. LA Singletary
  6. Re: VIPER help needed. I am glad I could finally contribute positively. For dramatic effect, Dr. D should show right about the time that the heroes are going to vanquish Viper... maybe Viper will team up with the heroes to fight Dr. Destroyer. LA Singletary
  7. Re: VIPER help needed. Okay as far as Viper inspired mentalist names: Snakecharmer or Basilisk Serpent Lantern: I think this is in Viper Lore but I cannot remember exactly what it does. For some reason I want to say it grants immortality. So either you could be going after this ore maybe an accompanying piece that grants even more wondrous abilities. LA Singletary
  8. Please note that the campaign I am preparing this power for is 5th edition. Any and all help is appreciated. Okay so here is the concept for the power: A gifted but equally obsessed Scientist has made the study of super humans and superpowers his life's work. To that end he has developed a device, essentially a suit that allows him to replicate the various powers he has studied. He uses this suit to fight the bad guys (good for him) However he comes to the conclusion that should his suit ever fall into the wrong hands the world would be in great peril so he begins building in safe guard such as the following The suit can only provide 10 Suites of Powers at a time (Predefined) The wearer of the suit must know and say the pass phrase to change from one power to the next. The suit must either be recharged or re-calibrated once every 24 hours back at the Lab or it will no longer function The suite of powers can only be switched out at the LAB Powers are limited to those that could be studied and quantified by the scientist (no magic and a voluntary exclusion of Psychic powers minus Mind Link and Mental Defenses) I know this sounds like power gaming munchkin Velveeta cheese but I believe I have a concept that adequately supports it. My thoughts for this character is that he is immensely powerful but he knows better than to flaunt it and thusly he opts to be more of a support character with a few dramatic surprises. The help I need the most is for the advantages and limitations of the VPP. Here is my short list Cosmic OIHID Some level of limited class/access to powers Again any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lauren
  9. Re: Definitional Points for a Champions campaign So any more details on the game itself? I know it is not quite January 2011 yet but I thought I might ask anyways. Thank you, LA Singletary
  10. Re: Alternate Marvel Universe Dr. Bruce Banner and his scientific partner & girlfriend, Dr. Betty Ross elect to conduct radiation experiments in space. The two world renowned scientist bring along their two lab assistance. Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. Their pilot for the mission is Lt. Col John Jameson. When cosmic rays hit the shuttle and cause the radiation experiments to go awry the 5 astronauts are transformed into the Fantastic Five. Dr. Fantastic (Banner) Ms. Mirage (Ross) Living Lightning (Parker) Multi Girl (Stacy) & Ironclad (Jameson)
  11. Re: Super powered Nation-The Lightning strikes Couple of ways to slice your question about the world's greatest hero. First does he have an official duty or responsibility to intervene. This is a central issue when it comes to voluntary super heroism. When he fails to act can he be held accountable. It seems in this scenario he made a judgement call. Some will not agree with that but can they persecute him because they disagree. I could envision a scenario where the World's Greatest Superhero is granted asylum in this new super human nation. Was there any direct harm? Who has jurisdiction in this matter? What would the public outcry be like over the World's Greatest Hero being persecuted over such a nebulous action/inaction? Great scenario...keep the questions and ideas coming. LA Singletary
  12. Re: Super powered Nation-The Lightning strikes I recently gave a brief presentation in my Philosophy class on what I considered to the most common ethical question raised in comics...Why be good. Based on the research I did, I believe the majority of the population of that country would seek to do "good" with their new found gifts. Certainly there would be conflict and certainly there would be negative reactions of neighboring nation states that may fear this new nation of super beings, but in this scenario there is no scarcity of power. Typically when Tyrant come to power it is due to some form of scarcity... or political imbalance. When the minority of evil doers attempt to use their new abilities to gain wealth... the majority of honest hard working EMPOWERED individuals will not stand for it. The radical socio-economic change that would come about for such a nation would be impressive. This is a great scenario and one worthy of great deal of discussion
  13. Re: Knightstar A Character That Needs Help I recall that you had it set up this way but my intention was to have the follower act independently of Knightstar. SQUIRE would be required for the transformation but then they could go their own separate ways. SQUIRE is meant to be a sentient personality with its own quirks. Devoted to the training, protection and support of the host but still with its own perception and judgement. SQUIRE can grant access to the Knightstars powers but cannot shut them off, that is Knightstar's decision. Once Knightstar is in his altered state he remains so until he relinquishes the power. If SQUIRE and the host were not near one another for some reason, the host could not transform. While this is very close to what you have done with Hal Jordan and his ring it does not fit exactly but it does give me some ideas on how to construct SQUIRE. Thanks again for taking the interest and helping. I feel like I am getting closer each time. I think I will have to devote some time to the development of SQUIRE this evening to better flesh out the concept and capabilities.
  14. Re: Knightstar A Character That Needs Help Fireg0lem, thank you for all of your advice. I will be taking it to heart as I work on the next draft of the character. While I see your point about the weapon elements, I was also trying to consider that even if the host was not in his alternate identity he has still received a great deal of martial training. You are absolutely correct about the CSLs. I have a lot of work do yet on fleshing this character out. On another note, my concept for the Alternate Identity is that SQUIRE (The Follower) would have to grant the host access to the power...ie if the host and SQUIRE were separated the host could not merely transform into his Knightstar form. Conceptually I do know know if this means I should buy a separate power for SQUIRE like a transform or if this warrants an additional disadvantage/complication. SQUIRE's role is to act as a type of safe guard against the abuse of power. The Host (I need to name this guy) might witness a mugging happening and wish to intervene but SQUIRE may judge that this threat is not worthy of granting the full power of Knightstar. Again, thanks for the help. LA Singletary
  15. Re: Knightstar A Character That Needs Help Here is some Knightstar concept art. (Thank goodness for character creators for the artistically challenged) Thanks again, LA Singletary
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