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  1. Clay Davis as Captain Marvel? Sheeeeeeit!
  2. These are all super high quality. Props to all these people.
  3. Mystique and Loki score 10/10 for effort
  4. *Whaps Bolo with the +5 Rolled Up damp edition of the Radio Times of Smiting* Bad dog! xD
  5. This is hilarious, especially Grognak's answers. Also, I notice his Hellsteed-descended warhorse is called Binky.
  6. Another great setting is Charles R Saunders' "Imaro" books. If Hyboria is "Europe", then Nyumbani (Swahili for "home") is "Africa" and, frankly, a damn better rendition than Howard's "Black Kingdoms", given that Saunders actually researched the history and mythology far more thoroughly than Howard did, even actually traveling to Africa to broaden his learning. Imaro (Swahili for "Strength". and there are many such bilingual Easter eggs in the books) was created as a reaction to to racially dubious depictions of black people in Burroughs, Lovecraft and Howard by a man who confesses he is a huge fan of the latter two. Get your hands on the books if you can, they're fun reads.
  7. Sad Iron Man, but happy little girl
  8. That's a good Question cosplay, especially the "blank face" mask.
  9. So what counts as which in terms of shotgun shells?
  10. Anyway, from the ridiculous to, well, not sublime, maybe, but certainly more practical:
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