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    That is legit hilarious..... poor Robert.
  2. Oh, certainly. All these cosplayers look amazing.
  3. Except Rebecca Romijn is the best Mystique.
  4. MJ was only to willing to take over as Spider-Man when Peter was on holiday.
  5. Clearly, the fun never stops. Not even for a wedding. Nice cliffhanger, DrHoz
  6. True. It is spelled correctly after all 😁
  7. I came up with Speedburn, but that might be a too Rust Age
  8. Now I have the urge to play in this sand pit. This is hilarious,
  9. From Thursday’s D&D campaign: The gang is in conversation with some NPCs, including Magos, a necromancer. At one point, he says this: Magos: “I live to serve. Unfortunately, I don’t live.” Garshak (my half-Orc fighter, innocently): “Does that mean you don’t serve either?” Well, it got a laugh at the time..
  10. That app has got almost everything. Thanks for posting it.
  11. That sir, is an epic line of awesomeness and it made me cackle. in a good way.
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