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  1. Brother looks like the Leader from the Hulk comics
  2. So, Spider-Man isn’t Dark Champions, even though he tackles a lot of street level situations and the series also focuses on his personal and domestic problems?
  3. How does Maxima have 13 Spd when the chart only goes up to 12? Or did things change for FRED?
  4. Puts me in mind of the scene in X2 where the team’s Blackbird (still one of the coolest teams vehicles) is being chased by F16s and Storm calls down multiple tornadoes to make them break off.
  5. That’s why IFF transponders exist. Gotta squawk the right codes early enough, is all. Which of course raises questions about a recognised system of codes that a superhero vehicle uses, and the results of a country that refused to recognise them shooting down an aircraft moving at such a speed. Especially if the.response afterwards was effectively just “Oops”.
  6. I can just imagine the fate of a young black man who acted as British Patriot hero, especially one who represented the British Empire..... For extra salt, he can be called Captain Wilberforce https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Wilberforce
  7. I’m still trying to work out how a blended wing could be V/STOVL without relying on genre handwaves (since I do like level of realism). Parking tickets would have to be dealt with as they came, or you could posit that registered superhero vehicles on legitimate business don’t get ticketed. I do enjoy the image of a zealous meter attendant giving such a vehicle a ticket, though and an exasperated superhuman trying to get it dealt with, or explain that it’s exempt.
  8. I suppose. I guess I’m not thinking about this is genre-appropriate terms. Also, I mind that the British Harrier could land and take off from a motorway, so I guess if it was a parking lot big enough, then yes.
  9. The team vehicle is a supersonic V/STOVL blended wing design. - In addition to the stealth technology incorporated into the design, it has on board avionics specifically designed to further hide it from radar. - it is armed but it’s not a problem, since normally nothing is obvious. - sonics booms are the sound of freedom. Ask any SR-71 pilot. - it it conventionally powered, if on the exotic end. - I have no idea about parking tickets.... that implies it’s parked in somewhere meant for cars, etc. I don’t know how that would apply to an aircraft.
  10. He can be from a West Indian family. Make his grandfather (or great-grandfather, depending) a colonial soldier who fought for Britain in World War 2.
  11. Adjusts glasses and knocks on Ragitsu’s door “Excuse me, have you time tohear about the Nephilim?”
  12. Adjusts glasses and knocks on Ragitsu’s door “Excuse me, have you time he hear about the Nephilim?”
  13. Domino, my sorceress character runs a second-hand bookstore specialising in mystical/mind/body/spirit literature and has a reputation for being able to get you anything. Of course, she’s also the scion of one of the richest families in the Bay Area, so it’s not like she *needs* a job, but she enjoys the work and the clientele. (I do confess, I haven’t thought through the practical logistics of this, I just thought it sounded thematically appropriate, not merely a cool idea.)
  14. I take it Power Man is the half naked man with the strap across his chest?
  15. The Nephilim are from the Bible, in case you weren’t being sarcastic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nephilim
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