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  1. That's so on point it's wonderful.
  2. A classic case of "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should" methinks. Stats beyond 20 are best left to non-humans, unless it's a superhero like Conan. And that probably represents him at the end of his career, as it were. People like that should be famous because of their preternatural Strength, because it's so far outside the norm. It's like Julius Hafthor Bjornsson, who is famous because he broke an endurance strength record that had stood for a 1000 years, and broke the back of the man who set the record, back in Viking times. You can search for the footage on Youtube.
  3. It's fun arguing genre definitions, isn't it?
  4. Talking about Michelle Yeoh in SilverHawk, am I alone in thinking that high-end Hong Kong martial arts movies are basically super hero movies?
  5. DusterBoy

    Need some names

    Wasn't there a WW2 German villain called Sturmvogel in CHAM?PIONS UNIVERSE
  6. The fight between Riggs and Joshua at the end of Lethal Weapon is one of the best fight scenes in movies.
  7. No, but it does come with a flamethrower and a sawed-off double barreled shotgun
  8. DusterBoy

    Need some names

    But, given the ...um.... ambiguous....nature of the relationship between said black sword and said albino sorcerer, maybe not. It would certainly be a unique way to walk the moonbeam roads.
  9. DusterBoy

    Need some names

    Metal Storm Razor Storm (if you'll accept something so Rusty 90s Dork Age)
  10. Yeah, I actually have the Fantasy Masterworks edition of Vance's Dying Earth stories on my book shelf, so your suspicion was right.
  11. An expansion for each of the magic systems detailed in FANTASY HERO would be appreciated. I do really like the Chaos Blades system for its uniqueness. That, and Vansarjak, practiced in a land called Dyngereth. (And I still can't figure out if that's meant to be a reference to something 😁)
  12. Thanks, I'll have to check that out
  13. In Dark Champions 5e, there's an intro by Steve Long that explains as a Builder-type of player, he was dissatisfied with the "four-colour "fight them lock them up, they escape, we fight them again" cycle. He created the Harbinger to have a positive effect on the game world (and drive GMs crazy) and then wrote the original Dark Champions as a source book for "dark heroes" like the Harbinger, feeling they had got short shrift in the main Champions book. Well, Steve, I'll see your Harbinger and raise you the Shadow, even without the powers of hypnotism that the radio shows gave him.
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