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  1. DusterBoy


    Welcome to the family, Trese
  2. DusterBoy


    Is it it my imagination, or does Trese have her own “Invisible Plane”? (And, as to Bauer got hold of those Black Sharks, he probably got them on the black market. Hell, I read a thriller by SEAL SIX founder Richard Marcinko where the villain had got hold of an SADM on the black market.)
  3. DusterBoy


    Or a mean, ugly-ass helicopter.
  4. DusterBoy


    I’m intrigued by the helicopter, too. We are talking about a Kamov Ka-50 Black Shark, yes? That seems like overkill to take out two people in a car.
  5. DusterBoy


    I love these vignettes.
  6. It also puts me in mind of the ridiculous amount of airborne destruction described in Moorcock’s “A Cure for Cancer”.
  7. I see you’re a believer in the maxim “There is no “overkill”, there is only “open fire” and “time to reload”.” After all that, I’m pretty sure the landscape would resemble Verdun, only worse.
  8. DusterBoy


    Now, a suitable punishment for Hughie would be for him to be made to dance naked on a table, then suffer the fate of that quarterback... with the results being filmed by Chi Chi LaRue and posted on the “gay” section of Pornhub. Yes, it’s cruel. So was what he did to those people. Or, Marla can proceed directly to “Go” and burn his ability out of his brain. That would work too.
  9. You flipped the image, judging from the reversed letting and numbers on her tank top. She still looks super cute.
  10. Unless it’s Grond. Gun Jesus always does good work.
  11. You didn’t specify War Star’s Distinctive Features
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