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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From the Supervillain game, primarily back and forth whackiness between the players "Here's a villain concept: Schrodinger's Catgirl. They have the complication of Watched: Erwin Schrodinger (Maybe)" "Let's say you needed some U-238 in a hurry..." "Bottom of the Segment, bases are loaded" "One advantage of having a high DCV is that you can clean the kitchen" "In Soviet Lemuria, Shark jumps you!" "Don't you know? Great White Sharks can't jump" And then this little gem from the Champions game: The team are presented with their three support staff: Hunky male secutary, plucky young female lawyer and PRIMUS liason Skadi: Which one of them do you think is most likely to have super powers? Portal Kombat: Probably the secutary, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the lawyer. Skadi: On the other hand, she's a plucky young female lawyer; she can't lose a case. Its like a super power all of its own.
  2. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From the Sunday Night Jokes Superhero game; the cast are: Zog, The GM Me, playing Skadi the Brick Unit, playing Portal Kombat the teleporter Annie, playing Geigermesiter who uses a magic violin The group discuss origin stories for someone who uses a magical musical instrument... Unit: They were in a plane flying over darkest Africa. The plane crashed, and they were the only survivor, a lone infant. They ere found by a pack of wild violinists who raised them as one of their own. Geigermeister is attacked by a new villain, the dreaded Terror Tuba! He also wields an instrument as a weapon, albeit a different one. Soon he is joined by Skadi and Portal Kombat, and a battle ensues! (oops, I said ensues) Skadi: You may be brass, but let’s see how you can handle percussion! (Full-STR punch) The heroes decide that the best way to defeat Terror Tuba is to destroy his instrument. Portal Kombat and Geigermeister try to use their powers against it, but with little success Zog: His tuba comes under attack from all directions! Realising that he’s in trouble, Terror Tuba flees and uses his weapon to collapse the building that they were fighting in. Terror Tuba: I’ll not endanger my precious tuba again! Skadi: You evacuate the innocent bystanders while I hold up the roof. I’m the best equipped to survive a building falling on me. As Terror Tuba escapes, Skadi considers the team’s newest enemy. Skadi: He’s as bold as brass.
  3. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... per Villain game: "Can sharks get cancer?"
  4. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From the third session of the Sunday Night Jokes, the Heroes (har har) are trying to stop a bunch of villains from releasing others from a prison van. The payer of Geigemeister, a Violin-Playing Mentallist, comes up with this gem: "Can I use my poweras to make the prisoner think he's in his aparment, instead of in the van?" The GM okay this, so she then adds "And can I makeh im think that the guards are Bob Marley and Jimmi Hendrix?" Which yelds a "Sure, why not". And so, a little later, the GM gives this description. "Inside the van is a man in a prison jumpsuit. He looks very relaxed and happy. As you poke your head in, he smiles and waves. 'hey dude, me, Bob and Jimmi are chilling. Want in?'"
  5. Re: Superhero Images The best thing about Champions Online is defintely its character creator; its an awesome way to make superhero images. These two are a pair of characters from our freshly-started Champions game; Skadi, my character, is a Brick who gained her powers after a chemical accident. Portal Kombat can create portals and use them in a varirty of unusual ways.
  6. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Godzilla vs Megalon vs Joe vs the Volcano
  7. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Here's one that needs no explanation: "What a pterodactyl and a Zombie do in the honeymoon suite is their own buisness"
  8. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Rosencrantz and Guildnestein are Undead
  9. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From the Star Hero game: The Cast: Lynn Street James: Motor mechanic from a Max Max esque world. Can drive anything, can fix anything (given enough duct tape) Played by me Dewey: Cyborg Librarian, vhelmently opposed to Artificial Intelligence. Played by Fein Hasp Zoloft: Cyborg Zombie Special Forces Officer. He was dead, but got over it thanks to Mad Science. Played By Dr Sinn Starstalker: Precognatice Pterodactyl Forensic Pathologist Sniper. Need I say more? Played by Boutros. An attempt to infiltrate an enemy headquarters has gone awry Starstalker is captured. This is a turn around, as the players have become infamous for kidnapping NPCs from wherever they go. Lynn: We'll have to Kidnap Starstalker Hasp: Will this count as our kidnapping for this planet? We've met the enemy commander - and they're a very pregant woman Lynn: We can't kidnap her. I'd feel bad Lynn, Dewey and Hasp are disguised as soldiers, with Lynn beign the highest ranked of them. However, this won't stop people from asking questions... NPC Guard: What are you doing here? Lynn: We're with technical services. We need to do vital system upgrades on this shuttle. Hasp: We need to install anti-Pterodactyl avionics. NPC Guard: I don't recognise you, captain... Lynn: That's captain BOOT TO THE HEAD! Lynn is famous for lying her way through everything. So when the players are ambushed by the guards and surrounded Lynn: (holds up a PDA) I've rigged bombs all over the base. Let me go or else I'll set them off GM: Make an acting check (rolls a 15) Pregant Commander Lady: She's bluffing Lynn: Ah crap! BOOT TO THE HEAD The GM is describing our adversaries GM: Hasp, you can see a Pterodactyl priest in long, flowing robes. He's invisible to everyone else Hasp: Invisible Pterodactyl Ninjas!
  10. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Ben 10: Aliens 3, Manchester 0 Ben 10: Alien Ressurection Clan of the Ghost Bear (for the Battletech players in the audience) Ice Pirates of the Carrebean Batman Beyond Thunderdome
  11. Re: Moving Violation Skadi would do a crude investigation of the car to see if there was anyting unusual about it. Unfortnately, her specialty is in biology and chemistry; if that turns up nopthing, she'd likely wait for another one to show up. When it does, she'll attempt to catch it (STR 60. She can catch a car) and see what happens. Knight Watch would thorughly scan it for his wife (and systems expert, and builder of his battlesuit) to analyse, looking for any signs of remote control or AI systems or implanted comuters or the like. From there, he'd use what she found to track down the source of this unmanned car. Of course, if its not scientific in nature, he's lost.
  12. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Transformers: Revenge of the Sith (Sad part is, the Toyline allready exists...)
  13. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Are you kidding? That would be totally freaking awesome!
  14. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Wild Wild West Side Story
  15. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Simon Pegg is Arthas Menethil in Run Fat Pally Run
  16. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... The party are fighting an evil druid and his animal minions, and have managed to whittle their numbers down to justh im and a very, very angry badger. Waffers: Can I throw the badger at him? Surpisingly enough, it worked. One of the other players is playing a deliberately creepy sorcerer. He's been using an off-key music box whenever he's speaking to enhance the effect, and it works. And thenm, when he's making a dramatic revelation... ...the box stops working. Ah well.
  17. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...
  18. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From the Star Hero game: The Cast: Zog: the GM Lynn: Driver and mechanic from a Max Max like world (Played by me) Dewey: Alien cyborg librarian (Played by Fein) Hasp: Formerly a special forces soldier, now a zombie with a Robot brain (Played by Dr Sinn) Starstalker: Precognative Forensic Pathologist Sniper Pterodactyl. (Played by Butros) The team are on a covert operation to Lynn's homeworld to find the truth behind the actions of a renegade faction of the military and what they're doing here. The enemy are not supposed to kno we're here. Zog: So ro recap, last session you blew up an ice cream van and buried it under tons of rubble. Half the team is waiting at a base camp, when a random stranger literally walks right into it - moments after getting a report that the enemy knows where we are and have sent a unit to deal with us. Hasp begins chattign away with this stranger, explaining exactly what was going on and who the PCs are, as well as their mission. Fein: You are aware that he's an AI. The GM did mention that. Dr Sinn: He did? I must have missed that. Fein: I thought you were playing along as a part of some elaborate ploy Dr Sinn: Let's pretend I was. Fortuntely, at that point, Starstalker eliminated the problem with a well-placed shot. Me: Pterodactyl on the roof! (everyone carries on for a moment) Me: The Mezoic era saw a massive rise in school shootings. Lynn, has infiltrated the enemy’s forward camp where they are digging up a mysterious precursor artefact . Wearing an enemy uniform (The helmet of which completely obscures their face, of course), they sneak into the enemy’s command tent and sneak up on the commander, Colonel Hollis, who is the campaign’s big bad. Seeing a chance, I decide to do a bit of acting, and stick my finger into the GM’s back to mimic a gun. Lynn: You’re coming with me. He plays along, with Lynn acting all mysterious, like she’s from some ultra-secret government agency. She isn’t, but the 21 PRE attack (on 4d6!) has him acting along anyway. That is, right up until one of Hollis’ allies show up. They notice what I’m doing, and all hell breaks loose. Hollis manages to turn around and get a look at my character’s weapon. It’s at this point that I point out that I gave Lynn’s gun to one of the NPCs. That’s right; I wasn’t miming her sticking a gun in his back, I was miming her sticking her fingers in his back and pretending it was a gun. The thick gloves helped. Anyway , a fight ensued, with Lynn managing to actually get a rifle, then me delivering this line: “Now that I have a gun, I’ll threaten him again”
  19. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Vic (Victoria) Hagen. Sniper, madwoman. She claimed to be ex British Police, SO-19. She also claimed to have hunted dinosaurs and fought psychic Soviet clones on the moon, so yeah. Vic was played as being completely nucking futs. She had a five second attention span and her mind would wander with the slightest provocation. In fact, if she was actually focused on the task at hand, then it was a good day. Her idea of “hostage negotiation” was to shoot the guy holding the hostage. Fortunately, she was a very good shot. Most of the time. Some days, she spoke in cat macros. Other days, she was completely disconnected from the rest of the world. Her hobbies were shooting things, making things explode, shooting things and making them explode, being randomly British, tormenting her team-mates and giving the GM headaches. An evil organization once tried to brainwash her into joining their ranks. They gave up. She was driving the interrogators mad. She was also a complete combat monster and one of the most fun PCs I’ve ever played.
  20. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Should I explain? Or don't the nice people deserve it?
  21. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... This one comes from a Spycraft game from many years back. The players had just met a contact in a Turkish café, only to have it turn into a bloodbath when a group of four thugs with shotguns burst in. Things turned silly when all four of the thugs rolled fumbles in a row, with one of them managing to blow his own head off. In the middle of this, the least combat-effective character has been hiding under the table GM: They’re more dangerous to themselves then they are to you Player: Anyone’s more dangerous to themselves then I am to them. And, on a related note, my sniper character manages to get three critical hits in a row in another battle: Sniper: This is almost as much fun as the time I went hunting dinosaurs. Bang! (Yes, Susano, that is the sniper you’re thinking of)
  22. Re: The Matrix as a Silent Film Cyber-Steampunk? Steam-Cyberpunk? Cyberpunk Steampunk? Whatever. Awesome.
  23. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... And finally, and only 99% unrelated, QotW from a member of my WoW guild over Vent: Kilim: If there's One thing I've leanred in life, it's never to fry something while naked.
  24. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... And, as a bonus, from the Star Hero game: The situation: We've laid a trap for the Big Bad Alien Prince, but now he's escaping. We've been trying to stop him, but all our shots are either missing or hitting for tiny amouts of STUN and BODY Me: Where did we get these stupid guns? (Hits for 7 BODY and 35 STUN) Me: Never mind
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