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  1. Re: Pulp Hero Resources Inspiration
  2. Re: Pulp Hero Resources Some Hollow World inspiration:
  3. Re: Herophile Fantasy art This thread sound so Rule 34:D
  4. Re: Weberverse HERO And back to OP ships would use the Optional Realistic Space Acceleration Rules (Star Hero 6E page 219) and have Flight 36,000 to 72,000 meters/Turn.
  5. Re: Weberverse HERO They returned to being a constitutional republic. Starting in the 2nd book(Honor of the Queen) DW started showing that not all of Haven(Alfredo Yu for one) was "evil".
  6. Re: Weberverse HERO They are now part of the "good guys" also it was the "conservatives" on Grayson who were the bad guys and the new big bad guys are the "Capitalist" Mesa Group and the Solarians.
  7. Re: Weberverse HERO I think you got that backwards : Manticore Conservative Association(http://honorverse.wikia.com/wiki/Manticore_Conservative_Association) Manticore Liberal Party(http://honorverse.wikia.com/wiki/Manticore_Liberal_Party) It's the Manticore Crown Loyalist Party and the Manticore Centrist Party that seem to never be wrong.
  8. Re: Magic Items go here!! Magic Weather Forecasting Stone
  9. Re: Identifying Quotes, favorite sayings, and battle cries OMACtivate!!
  10. Re: Your favorite Archetype examples in super hero comics Brick: Stone Boy Energy Projector: Fire Lad Gadgeteer: Nightwing Martial Artist: Karate Kid Mentalist: Dream Girl Metamorph: Etrigan Mystic: Zatanna Power Armor: Iron man Patriot: Captain America Speedster: Ambush Bug Weapon Master: Dog Welder
  11. Re: Enforcer84's Occasional HERO Content Depository No this would be panda ring. or maybe this
  12. Re: Future Tech Links Looks like a Hugo Award to me
  13. Re: Maps of Mars, Venus, and Luna Here's a terraformed Mars: http://www.worlddreambank.org/M/MRZ.HTM
  14. Re: Chinese Zodiac Team You should check out Jane Lindskold's The Land of Smoke and Sacrifice series: Thirteen Orphans (2008) Nine Gates (2009) Five Odd Honors (2010)
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