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  1. Re: Champions Villians Book I pdf now available in hero online store Also, Slug looks even more like Evil Earthworm Jim than usual
  2. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? I've been watching some Japanese dramas, without English subtitles, as part of teaching myself Japanese. Unfortunately, I can't currently understand much - it's more about tuning my ear to the language at this point. One I'm enjoying is Jin, which is a bit like Life on Mars, if the lead character were a brain surgeon instead of a cop, and he ends up in feudal Japan instead of 70's Britain.
  3. Re: Naming the first superhero I can see him being named by the press a "modern-day Samson", "a modern-day Hercules", and so on... Depends exactly when and where he appears... (He? Does it have to be a he?)
  4. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Currently watching Stephen Hawking's Universe. Just getting to the bit where he explains all the things in the Universe that want to kill us.
  5. Re: Champions Villians Book I pdf now available in hero online store I was kind of surprised by the amount of Canadians...
  6. Re: "Normals" gaining superpowers: how would they change in terms of mentality? That's something I've always wanted to play with. If Superman suddenly starts being seen flying around, scientists are going to have to change some basic assumptions, and then they're going to start thinking, "If he can fly like that, alien though he is, that means the laws of physics allow for that sort of thing. I wonder..."
  7. Re: Which older modules are worth running? I had a lot of fun with the first Champions Presents adventure pack.
  8. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat I'm having a tough time thinking of TV shows that wouldn't be improved with Buffy the Vampire Slayer character crossovers... NT: TV Shows that could be improved with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character crossovers.
  9. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Enter the Dragon.
  10. Re: KAs vs CvK 5. Become GrimDark and '90's. May be drawn by Rob Liefeld. Nobody wants that.
  11. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat The new flat-screen TV is a piece of cardboard with a crude picture of a house with stick-figures standing next to it. You're not sure that's paint. He is not wearing a Cable Guy uniform. He is wearing a Cable Guy skin. He appears to be taking orders from your goldfish. And looking at you strangely. And asking you where you keep your kitchen knives.
  12. Re: KAs vs CvK I specifically made exactly that kind of character - a "Green Arrow" style gadget archer who had a "bodkin" RKA slot in his multipower, and a fairly strict CvK (can't remember if it was 15 or 20 points). The bodkin was specifically for foci, entangles, robots and the like.
  13. Re: The criminal level list #2 could be "Soldier". I doubt anyone's going to be calling themselves "mook" or "flunky"
  14. Found this interesting article about the evolving language of Mexico's drugs gangs: Grim glossary of the narco-world
  15. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Excellent art! Alas, I must spread rep!
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