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  1. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Excellent art! Alas, I must spread rep!
  2. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Very nice! Enreppenated!
  3. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Seriously awsome And my character did a bit of dragon-riding in much the same way recently... I may use this image as a visual aid
  4. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Two more pics: Friar Essen Frowningbrow (Ray's Cleric of Mystra) and Taiberghain (Danny's Mage/Thief). I've not inked them yet, 'cos I was worried I'd ruin them. Now I've scanned them in, and I can rescue them if needed, I may have a go.
  5. Re: Fantasy Art Thread That is incredibly cool! Meanwhile, I've been playing D&D (2e!) again, and done a couple of portraits: my own character, an Adventurer, and the Dwarf Myrmidon, who gets a lot of stick from us because he uses a sword, not an axe or hammer. "Mother... Father... There's... something I have to tell you ... I use a sword." "You're no son of mine!" "Where did we go wrong? *sob*" I'm thinking of colouring them on the computer at some point, so I didn't want to put too much in with the inks. I inked Connor, pencilled and inked Krugen dur
  6. Re: Your PCs might be Underpowered if...
  7. Re: Fantasy Art Thread I do like both of those - but must spread rep
  8. Re: Fantasy Art Thread That's very nice - very evocative.
  9. Re: Your PCs might be Underpowered if... And it still kills them...
  10. Re: Your PCs might be Underpowered if... "I'm sorry, but little Frederick will have to repeat senior year. He doesn't have enough points yet."
  11. Re: Your PCs might be Underpowered if... Hey, those fans can be vicious...
  12. Re: sometimes, ample warning just isn't... Seriously. Any time the GM says anything like "Uh, are you sure that's a good idea?" the answer is "No. No it is not a good idea. So my character is doing something else..."
  13. Re: Dumbest Moment Ever in your games Wow, a thread brought back from the dead not once but many times Shadowrun. Near future cyberpunk with magic. For reasons I can no longer recall, we are deep in Tir Tairngire, the Elven stronghold on the West Coast of what used to be the United States. We have no ID, no money, no contacts, no nothing. We manage to get a couple of assassination missions in return for Getting The Hell Out. We spend ages planning the first hit. Phrases like "triangulation of fire" are used. We have backup shooters, rendezvous points and all sorts.
  14. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Impressive! Repped!
  15. Re: Fantasy Art Thread They look good - definitely enough for background filler! About the only criticism is that they look a bit samey - the roof angles all look very similar. I don't know if your software supports it, but a simple morph that changes the roof height (literally the two points right at the top) allowing lots of little random variations in roof height and thus roof pitch would add a lot of realism. Having said that, if they're just background "extras" it might not be even noticeable
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