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  1. What is he most likely to be using it for? My Dad has always been a bit of a technophile and is also into his 80s. He has both a chromebook and an iPad (and a laptop, and a desktop). Frankly he has trouble with all of them these days for various reasons. For just sitting back in a chair for casual web browsing (or watching videos or reading books), go with the tablet. Yeah, my Dad has trouble with touchscreens - he uses a stylus. But it's a lot easier to balance the tablet in his lap than messing around with the chromebook. You can switch your orientation on a tabl
  2. Not certain it’s what you mean, but I’ll comment anyhow. Symbols, and symbolism, are important as well. We (collective “we”) can spend the next four years arguing the specifics of what he he does, and likely will. That’s not what today is about.
  3. Former defense secretary says assault on US Capitol "was fomented by Mr. Trump" From CNN's Barbara Starr In this April 23, 2017 file photos, James Mattis listens to a question during a news conference at Camp Lemonnier on April 23, 2017 in Ambouli, Djibouti. Jonathan Ernst-Pool/Getty Images President Trump’s first Secretary of Defense James Mattis called the riots in Washington, DC, today a "violent assault on our Capitol, an effort to subjugate American democracy by mob rule" and said it "was fomented by Mr. Trump.” Mattis said Trump h
  4. Even if congress were inclined to pursue impeachment, I doubt they could manage the process prior to Jan 20 - at which point (unless things go even more spectacularly off profile than usual or expected), Donald Trump will no longer be president. More depressingly, I've reached the point where I don't see this particularly changing anything at all.
  5. Hypocrisy in politics tends to be way too common, IMO. I’d be more inclined to suspect the perpetrator is likely a conspiracy theorist buying into the “pandemic is a hoax being used as a pretext to inject us with.. something...”
  6. Well, it is the NGD and I don't think the DnD Beyond forums have anything quite like it... irl, I'd be another aged fighter (with a level of monk thrown in for grins) still living the life of a mercenary guard.
  7. Assuming any degree of “smarts”, I’d be more concerned that someone who didn’t like me was about to stick me with something sharp - and I’d given them permission.
  8. I expect it will take longer than 30 days -- I somehow doubt Trump's twitter feed will go dark and nobody will be willing to listen to him, even following Biden's inauguration. Hope may be a wonderful thing, but I don't generally have very much of it.
  9. Unfortunately, it’s the out-of-control of mom and dad arguing about the directions while the car continues on wildly with no one holding the wheel.
  10. I imagine they already know -- isn't one of the major Republican "must haves" for an additional stimulus bill liability protection for business so they can't be sued for things like this?
  11. Interestingly enough, one of the rationales I’ve heard for Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans not acknowledging Biden”s win or refuting Trump”s claims is the desire not to alienate their “base” prior to the Georgia runoff. It looks likes anything short of full-throated support of Trump is less than adequate for some and Trump”s flailing about may well cost the GOP the Senate. Assuming we don’t manage a worse case scenario. Personally, I would like to see both parties fracture and our electoral system changed to reasonably accommodate more than two options.
  12. I don't have any particular complaints with DeWine's handling of the pandemic. That doesn't mean the "telling me to wear a mask is an infringement of my personal liberty" crowd doesn't lump him in the "freedom-hating, etc, etc, etc..." category who are a clear threat to America as we know it. Ohio isn't as bad as Michigan from my personal observations (I've seen plenty of "My Governor is an Idiot" signs in Michigan - usually next to a Trump sign of some sort), but there is a certainly a subset of Ohioans who think DeWine has been/is being unduly restrictive and have expressed thei
  13. This is in Ohio, so it could also refer to the Republican Governor who supports mask mandates and similarly brutal assaults on personal freedom in the name of pandemic control... (he also has suggested recognizing Biden as president-elect)
  14. Just to remind me the world is full of potential crazy, I saw where someone purchased a slot on a digital billboard I was driving by quoting the "Tree of Liberty" line...
  15. No, this is the one we're blaming on China (and maybe the WHO) with a side serving of Fake Media.
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