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  1. Or Chard, the plant monster no one likes for diner. Thanks for the great insights. I can simplify this and place more emphasis on role playing than rules construction. Though I do like the skills route more than heavy mental def. WWPMD = what would plant monster do?
  2. Just curious, Has anyone written up a 500 point and 1000 point Magneto that they woud like to share?
  3. @Grailknight Thanks. But unless Im miss reading something it doesnt address the inhertant mindless monster. I suppose I could buy high mental defense as an SFX for not having a mind to read/control. @Christopher If Im reading your post right, I agree less is more. and this is only my PC creation not a template for anyone playing slime/mold PCs. I do want to avoid endless rules debates about the nature of 'humaness'. I dont think I can sell back being human and buy no hit locations and desolid. but I do want some inherant lack of humaniod features like not having a mind, doesnt mean she's slacking Int, just the vocal cords to express herself, and no eyes would be replaced with targeting discriminating smell sense. But does that auto give her flash def or immunity?
  4. Change Environement; only effects electronics or mechanical devices reduce movement and/or CV and/or Dex, Str, skills.
  5. It is intended to be a PC. Maybe give her a limited telepathy only to have conversation.
  6. Thanks, I guess I was thinking of size templates. I suppose I could buy shape shift, persisant, always on, and 0 END. I am worried that just calling it an ooze SFX wont be consider as such against mental powers, detection and other utility powers that effect humans. For instance, if the character is a slime, then it shouldnt automatically have language, sight, and everyman skills unless paid for. I could use the bestiary for ideas on how animals are stat'ed.
  7. Im interested in building a ooze hero and wondered if there was a template for non humaniod stats in the hero books. Also, would 'compound powers' be effective way to build an ooze like body structure. For instance, compound power would combine life support, protection, mental defense, desolid, & movement all in one to simulate its non human attributes. Would anyone else like to share their non human slime builds? PS: Variable pool is not an option. Thanks
  8. Great write ups for each character. Thank you for sharing.
  9. In our group we have found that the MI effects, such as spiders pouring out of wounds or weapons becoming snakes, is descriptive only and the actual game intent is to stop some course of action like swinging a sword, casting spells, or fighting all together. So the visual effect isnt as important as its intended affect. With that in mind, we equate the levels of effect to translate into specific reductions in actions. A roll that equals Ego + 0 can be a loss of a half action, Ego +10 is a full action loss and -1 or -2 to DCV, depending on how clever the illusion or how it may play on the target's fears, etc. Note, if the purpose of the illusion is to get the target to move or avoid an area then the loss of actions is replaced with change in movement modifiers. The Limitation of No Control can reflect that the Illusion pulls out the target's fear to change his or her actions, saving the conflict between GM and player of deciding how to interpret the end result of the illusion. But if the player like the spider theme, then agreeing on ahead of time what the the end goal of the illusion help both side play more smoothly by avoiding arguments of what should happen.
  10. This is great thank you for re-sharing. Can I start another villain team post? Superbad McLovin - the mastermind, EGO/PRE manipulator.
  11. That is terrific. I'll look up the summoned rules more to see what other tweaks and limits it has. One note I saw is that the summoned are disorientated for for a full phase after summoned. Does this count if they are around for one week?
  12. Impressive write up. Thank you for sharing that.
  13. Good question, I think because they wont function completely independently. They would only be around to help the antagonist (maybe hinder him too with some unluck rolls). But mostly just to make it funner or see if it can be done. I think the minions' fanaticism would approach being an extension of the hero and not capable of independent thought or actions without direction. I'll leave off why they look like little yellow pills.
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