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  1. Re: Bestiar(ies) questions The idea of a horn doing the same damage when it's goring you at close range and when it's goring you at 30 miles an hour bugs me.
  2. Re: Favorite 60-point Power Construction 35 6d6 Hand-to-Hand Attack, Variable Advantages (Limited Group of +1/2 Advantages -- Armor-Piercing, Penetrating, 1.5x Knockback, and 0 END Cost; +3/4) (52 Active Points), HTH Attack (-1/2)
  3. Re: Bestiar(ies) questions This was my problem -- the horn charge does much less damage than the charge attack. There's no point in using the horn except in close combat. The same thing applies to several other ramming beasties. (I have similar issues with respect to Grond's silly 1d6 HKA attack.) OK, I tend to get fixated on little details, I know.
  4. Re: Bestiar(ies) questions (Opens Bestiary) So, if the Rhino charges, it does BOTH its 3d6+1 HKA (which can't be increased by the Move-Through, since it's already at twice the base damage with STR) AND the 7d6 + (27"/3 = 9d6) = 16d6 Normal Damage Move-Through? Is that right?
  5. Re: Nuclear Explosion Man Building stuff is fun.
  6. I was leafing through the Bestiary and Asian Bestiary I books for about the billionth time and some stuff starting curdling away in my noggin. Why are antlers built with the No Strength Bonus limitation? I can't figure this one out. If a Rhino charges you with its horn (or a Minotaur, etc.), does this count as a MPA with both a normal Move Through and a KA Move Through (I doubt seriously that this is legal)? If not, there's no point in them ever doing it with the horn, since it does less damage than the regular Move Through. When did bite attacks stop being built with the Restra
  7. Re: Build Question: Quick Learner Ulti-skill? You mean Ultimate Skill?
  8. Re: Sleep Is Food, Food Is Sleep How about: LS (doesn't have to sleep), Lockout (-1/2) LS (doesn't have to eat), Lockout (-1/2)
  9. Re: Nuclear Explosion Man Radiation sickness would be a hefty RKA NND or, probably better, something like the following: 5d6 Drain, All Physical Characteristics Simultaneously (+2), Explosion (+1/2), Mega area (1" = 1 km; +1/4), Invisible Power Effects (+1/2) (212 Active Points), Gradual Effect (One Month; - Whatever), Extra Time (One Week; - Whatever), Only Affects Living Beings (-1/2) Never would 2 points on LS: Immune to High Radiation be better spent!
  10. Re: Help Make Energy Projectors Interesting Hearing Images of course. "I use my super-ventriloquism!" Focussed sonic beam (AP RKA, basically a sonic laser. Maybe Continuous. Logically should also be IPE to Sight, but this is getting expensive. I like to get these things No Knockback as well.). Sound waves that screw with people's brains and coordination. (Drain DEX, maybe even Mind Control.) Flash to Hearing Sense Group (and/or Transform Hearing Person to Deaf Person). Sound waves that jelly the interiors of soft targets (RKA NND Does BODY, again IPE, again expensive)
  11. Re: Help Make Energy Projectors Interesting Harmonics again: Dispel Technological Device (shattering it)
  12. Re: Help Make Energy Projectors Interesting How about (just brainstorming here): The character is an avatar of the Wendigo, the harsh spirit of the Arctic. Personally in this case I would avoid cheesy Icemanic powers, and get, off the top of my head Arctic wind blasts and of course Flight and Force Field Freezing NND Snowstorm (Change Environment) Aurora Borealis powers (not sure what) Maybe a Multiform to change shape into various animals of the Far North a la Snowbird Summoning of snow and ice elementals (I like Summoning) LS: Extreme Cold (of course) Ult
  13. Re: Mystic Hero in development Hey, dryads can be tough and iron-agey. Forests are scary places. Nasty wooden-clawed beasties leaping from out of trees, choking vines and branches ensnaring the unwary, vicious poison spore attacks... Now that I think of it, I'm increasingly liking the idea of a dryad or satyr who has taken/been forced into human form and is now working as a private investigator.
  14. Re: Mystic Hero in development Demons are overused (much like werewolves and vampires). Maybe take one of the lesser-used magical beings from folklore or mythology? A dryad, nuckelavee, siren, gorgon?
  15. Re: Help Make Energy Projectors Interesting Maybe try an unusual SFX, impose that on the standard EP power set, and see where that takes you. I was faced with the boring energy projector problem recently and resolved to make one who was based on summoning the spirits of the dead, who would lift him about, fire blasts of ectoplasm, move objects (TK), shield him from harm, and so forth. He also had lots of Summons (zombies and whatnot) and Retrocognition, plus XTD (enter the world of the dead, only in cemetaries or other such places). (Never actually played him though.)
  16. Re: Build Question: Quick Learner I was thinking mostly of intellect and background skills, PSs, the kind of things you could theoretically learn by watching and studying if you were fast enough. I have in mind the archetypal supergenius who, say, is abandoned in a tribe of fishermen and within a week is fishing as well as they do, or who can gain an understanding of particle physics by going through the books in a decent library in a few day's time. A lot of Edgar Rice Burroughs characters seem to do this kind of thing. I actually tried building a VPP version of this super-Cramming
  17. (Caveat: I only have 5E.) I'm building a character part of whose power set is preternatural intelligence ("preternatural" = coolest word ever). I want her to have the ability to, using her prodigious intellect, be able to become reasonably proficient at almost any skill (in the short term, i.e., one adventure) given enough time to learn the basics of it. Originally, I had built this easily as Cramming plus 4 Overall Skill Levels, thinking this would give her a 12- on any skill she had crammed. However then I read the fine print on Cramming stating that the 8- role "cannot be increase
  18. Re: [Mythos Supers] Here's a Lovecraft-based supers character I made awhile ago. The premise is that he is the part-ghoul great-grandson of Charles Pickman of Pickman's Model. I never worked out all his Disads. Randolph Pickman Cost CHA Val --------------------------------------------- 15 STR 25 STR Roll: 14-, Lift: 800 kg; 5d6 Strike 39 DEX 23 DEX Roll: 14-; OCV 8/DCV 8 30 CON 25 CON Roll: 14- 2 BODY 11 INT Roll: 13- 8 INT 18 PER Roll: 15- 2 EGO
  19. Re: Stalin versus Hitler I try not to get involved in conversations like this, but the Gulag camp system was not remotely comparable to the Nazi Vernichtungslager (death camp) system. You normally left the former through the front gate, and the latter through the crematoria flue. Gulag camps were forced-labor camps in harsh conditions with a high mortality rate (varying by camp, but about 20%). Treblinka, on the other hand, was designed specifically to murder and had a morality rate of 99+%. The great majority of Gulag prisoners eventually were released. You did not return from a Nazi dea
  20. Re: Super Shield It's been a loooong time since I've read an appropriate comic, but IIRC 1) armor doesn't seem to slow Wolverine down at all (not even to the point where Penetrating could explain it) and 2) he doesn't actually do THAT much damage (even mooks survive hits, and he cuts holes in but doesn't wipe out tanks), so it's not an ungodly 8d6 KA. So I think the NND route is the best. Speculatively. "Not against FFs" is mainly to satisfy the rules.
  21. Re: Super Shield Personally I think Wolverine's claws are best built as 1d6+1 HKA NND (Defense is Force Fields) Does BODY Does Knockback.
  22. Re: Dispel Desolid Aha! Thank you!
  23. This has been bugging me for a while. Perhaps this has a simple answer. If I purchase Dispel/Suppress/Train/etc. Desolid, do I have to get Affects Desolidification for it to actually work? Thanks!
  24. Re: Hellfire, project 275 Mystic Hero I've tried making a GR homage, with no success. It's trying to find a vehicle other than a bike that does me in. I'd say make his staff into a cat-o-nine-tails.
  25. Re: Paris Hilton as a super villain Hotel-Based Powers, a variant on the city control that guy in the Authority has.
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