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  1. Re: The Monster As Hero thread Flip through the Call of Cthulhu rulebook. Ideas will leap out at you.
  2. Re: Lightning powers...with a BOOM! If you ask me, I'd say the Flash could well be a Limitation (Side Effect). It affects his team-mates too (and himself?).
  3. Re: Bestiar(ies) questions Give some of the DEF an Activation Roll, and only vs. ranged attacks.
  4. Re: Nuclear Explosion Man Well, poisons (I'm thinking of Immunity) are inherently attacks.
  5. Re: Angel, the worst original character concept ever? When did Xavier upgrade?
  6. Re: Angel, the worst original character concept ever? Just for the heck of it I just took 10 minutes off work and wrote up a rough, early X-Men Angel. He comes to 262 points with no Disads worked out yet. I don't have my books with me so some costs may be off, especially for his martal arts. How does this look? Cost CHA Val ------------------------- 5 STR 15 39 DEX 23 16 CON 18 6 BODY 13 3 INT 13 0 EGO 10 8 PRE 18 3 COM 16 3 PD 6 1 ED 5 17 SPD 5 0 REC 7 0 END 36 0 STUN 30 -------------------------- 85 Cost Powers ---------------
  7. Re: Enemies for Teen Champions game Hmmm. I haven't actually read any of these comics since I was in Junior High, but I actually went through the marvel wiki for the first few New Mutants issue and notice that they don't actually fight many villains (http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Comics:New_Mutants_Vol_1_1). Issue/Adversary 1. The Danger Room 2. Sentinels. OK, these count as villains, but they must have been made of tissue paper. 3. The entire team vs. a single Brood 4. Bad parenting 5. Some bikers plus Silver Samurai, but they don't actually beat him 6. Silver Samurai
  8. Re: Bestiar(ies) questions I dunno. It seems to me that being able to tell sea lion crap and walrus crap apart is probably more a matter of skill than anything inherent in the sense of smell. I betcha that an Eskimo hunter can tell the difference, like a trained chef can probably tell the difference between the various puddings (not that I am either an Eskimo hunter or a trained chef). Smell is actually pretty good at distinguishing things. The human sense of smell sucks because it requires relatively large amounts of a substance or for it to be particularly pungent or close, not bec
  9. Re: Enemies for Teen Champions game Didn't the New Mutants fight a Sentinel in issue 1 or 2?
  10. Re: Bestiar(ies) questions Indeed, enraged rhinos were often used by Rommel in the African campaign. No, really, it's true. I'm not making this up. I'm also wondering why the wolf has Nightvision, while the Werewolf has UV and IR, which is inferior from the POV of seeing in the dark (the wolf can see underground, which doesn't make sense now that I think about it). The lack of Discriminatory on smell actually makes sense from the POV of realism rather than rules, since in the real world even humans have Discriminatory Smell. I can tell the difference between fine home cooking an
  11. Re: Enemies for Teen Champions game The fearsome villain Acne-Man and his sidekick, Will I Die a Virgin? Lass.
  12. Re: Bestiar(ies) questions They can't. Even if it got the 5d6-1 attack I suggested, that's a highly unlikely maximum of 29 BODY, which couldn't seriously damage a tank (though it would put the hurt on an Abrams).
  13. Re: Bestiar(ies) questions The sample Lion and Black Bear in the 5E book both have it, though the Horse doesn't.
  14. Re: Three point CSLs CSLs can also increase damage, you know.
  15. Re: Enemies for Teen Champions game Hey, maybe the 21 Jump Street guys try to infiltrate the school and the Teen Champions have to hide their pot stash from Johnny Depp.
  16. Re: Enemies for Teen Champions game I would look at old New Mutants and Teen Titans for ideas.
  17. Re: Nuclear Explosion Man Personally I think radiation is best represented as a Drain that takes place over time. It does more than just BODY and STUN, I think -- it causes weakness, and doesn't kill instantly. EDIT: As written the Radiation Blast will do no damage, since it doesn't do STUN and isn't bought with Does BODY.
  18. Re: Bestiar(ies) questions It is? Do you have a page ref? (I have 5E, not 5ER.)
  19. Re: Section 8 & the Ward A bizarrely physically powerful theoretical physicist who goes around whacking things with a crowbar and ranting some nonsense about being "the last free man."
  20. Re: Section 8 & the Ward Obsessive-compulsive guy whose powers involve recursive time loops.
  21. Re: Bestiar(ies) questions Tanks have like 30 PD. The thing is, the KA can only be doubled. It's a 1 1/2d6 HKA and the Rhino has a 35 STR. So it's already at its maximum of 3d6+1.
  22. Re: Bestiar(ies) questions But the point is to bring the charge into something in line with what being hit by a huge hunk of armor-clad muscle should be. As things stand the rhino (and lots of other horned beasties) does exactly the same damage with its horn when it is at rest as when it connects at its full 27" running. This. Is. Silly.
  23. Re: Close Your Nose This building everything craze must stop. Soon we'll be writing up skin and fingernails. 10 Fingernail Attacks: Multipower, 10-Point Powers u1 1) Scratch: 1 pip HKA, 0 END Cost (+1/2) (7 Active Points), Extra Time (One Minute [scratching somebody to death takes a long time]; -1), No Knockback (-1/2), No STR Bonus (-1/2) (2 Real Cost) u1 2) Not the Eyes!: 2d6 Flash to Sight Sense Group (10 Active Points), No Range (-1/2), Requires a DEX Roll (-3/4) (4 Real Cost) Note: this is a favorite maneuver of movie heroines. By scratching an antagonist in the face,
  24. Re: Super Psychos Might be fun to make a set of villains each based on a different psychological disorder. Multiple Personality Disorder, Obsessive Complusive, Catatonia, Paranoia, Narcissism, Megalomania...
  25. Re: Bestiar(ies) questions You could just buy the Rhino an extra 1/2d6 HKA, Only for Move-Throughs. That would raise its damage to a highly respectable (and more realistic) 5d6-1.
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