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  1. A side thought here.


    Move By is a freebie.  Any moron can do it.  That's also why it's statted out as it is...it's an improvised maneuver.  If you plan to use it once every 4 gaming sessions, well, is it worth sticking points into?  Probably not.  If you plan to use it quite a bit, then...you train in it.  Boom...Passing Strike.  And you continue to train...Rapid Attack, Defensive Attack.


    So, someone who's self-trained might practice the Move By...but if he focuses on "man every time I do this, I feel like I'm gonna break my arm"...so he goes the Damage Negation route, or just buys the basic PD.  If no one's training him...watching him, criticizing form, correcting sloppy and inattentive patterns...it can work.  And by trainer, I don't mean a dojo.  The 3 Passing maneuvers are very much a maneuver tree of their own, highly dependent on superpowers.  They're probably not worth learning if v/10 means +1d6.  It doesn't have to be about gis and tatami mats and HAI!  It can be just you and your coach running drill after drill after drill, just like any athlete.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Ockham's Spoon said:

    The downside to a Martial Arts package is that it is less flexible.  If I buy extra HTH based on movement speed, I can still do a Haymaker with it if my regular damage isn't able to touch the master villain; you can't combine a Haymaker with a Martial Art maneuver.  Depending on how you purchase the speedster's powers, it may also be easier to add additional speed tricks.  Suppose I have my speedster powers in a Multipower, then adding a new slot is cheap and much more versatile.  For example, if I want a speedster to be able to repair a disassembled machine super fast, I can purchase a Major Transform in a Multipower, but there is no such option for Martial Arts.  If you don't have a Multipower, or if you are purchasing lots of extra defenses to protect against Move-Through damage, then this route could be more expensive.  Even if you have a Multipower, if you want multiple abilities to be active at once you may have to purchase some of them outside of the Multipower, which is going to be more expensive of course.  It all really comes down to what you want to speedster to be able to do and how you buy the powers.


    Can't do Haymaker, no;  but you can't do Haymaker in a multiple attack, either.  You can do multiple Passing Strikes and use the DCs with that, or with Passing Disarm.  So which do you envision doing more, deal with minions or the tough master villain?


    You can also go hybrid.  Don't buy a ton of extra DCs;  they do get to be somewhat expensive, because part of their costing is that they apply to many maneuvers.  If you're not buying a lot of maneuvers...say, just Passing Strike and Flying Dodge...the DCs are potentially sub-optimal.  For that multipower?  HA can work too;  the disadvantage is it can be tricky to really benefit from the HA limitation because you have to base it on active costs and common limitations.  The HA limitation often doesn't fit in readily.  OK, so maybe just buy a few DCs to keep the size of the HA down...or maybe just to avoid buying Reduced END on the HA.  3 MA DCs + 3 HA DCs is 6 dice at 1 END for 24 points.  6 HA DCs is 24 but it's 3 END, and that's before movement and STR.  If you want it at 1 END, it's another 6.


    You need to separate some things out, as they are logically distinct.  Buying certain maneuvers is not going all-in with martial arts.  Passing Strike is replacing Move By.  Move By is free.  Passing Strike is 5 points.  Move By is -2 / -2, and STR/2 + v/10, and you take 1/3 damage.  Passing Strike is +1 / +0, STR + v/10.  So if you're talking a 20 STR, Move By costs *5* CV and 2 DCs, AND you take some damage.  The only downside to Passing Strike is, you must find 5 more points in maneuvers.  Well, ok...Rapid Punch to replace Haymaker.  Both add 4 dice.  We all know Haymaker's limitations;  it's a Brick Trick.  Rapid Punch can't be used with Passing Strike....but it can be used in a multiple attack.  CAREFULLY curated, too, your maneuvers can become a form of Multipower...with ultra slots no less.  Make the 2nd maneuver Passing Disarm.  You *can* mix Passing Strike and Passing Disarm;  doing so might get to be tricky from OCV penalties, tho. 


    That's one side.  The other side is, how do you want to raise your damage output, and whatever other speedster tricks?  That's when you start looking at a multipower versus more maneuvers and more MA DCs.


    A third side here:  the entire notion of using Multiple Attack a lot is itself potentially expensive.  You desperately need Rapid Attach (HTH);  that's 5 points.  You probably still need OCV levels...and definitely plural.  If you can get them as 2 point levels, ok, that's not too bad, but it's very narrow.  Last, you probably really want Defensive Attach (HTH) from APG or your DCV goes straight down the tubes.  So committing to Multiple Attack as an expected combat tactic can easily require 20+ points.


  3. 17 hours ago, archer said:

    There's going to be 50 different distribution plans determined by politicians ranging from those who take the virus seriously to those who continue to think the virus is a hoax and resist taking even basic public safety measures.



    I'd worry less about that and worry more about how local culture will impact the prioritization.

    I mean, can you imagine Alabama officials NOT making sure the Crimson Tide football team is in the first wave to get the vaccine?

  4. 5 hours ago, Ninja-Bear said:

    I believe I want to build him mainly using Powers and basic (non martial art) skills.


    I'd still look at Passing Strike;  it's designed for speedsters.  You need 10 points in maneuvers...Passing Strike, Passing Disarm.  Those are the 2 absolute classic stunts, IMO.  

    The Hypercombat martial arts template has Flying Dodge, Grab, Throw;  Passing Disarm, Strike, Throw; and Rapid Punch.  It's a nice way to go.  Don't think of them as "martial artist" moves, they're speedster moves.  You make him a martial artist if you start adding martial arts DCs to these, but all of these maneuvers, in and of themselves, are completely thematic.

  5. Chris, what's the power you're playing with?


    I just looked, on a TK specialist I'm kinda playing with.  TK has UBO as by others, simultaneously, and nearby...but not as attack because it's fundamentally an attack-capable power.  Conversely, Teleport has all 4 forms.

  6. 8 hours ago, Old Man said:

    Four teams play tomorrow.  Ravens-Steelers has been postponed to Saturday or Sunday because covid.


    Steelers were going to have fans at the game;  a ban kicks in *Friday* on outdoor gatherings.  Yeah, well, I call it karma.


    Ravens will have 7 players out.  The offense isn't clicking that well to begin with, so...this is not encouraging for their chances.


    EDIT:  oh, and I find it entirely apropos that NBC replaced the game tomorrow night with a dog show.


  7. 2 hours ago, Pariah said:


    Alberta tends to be home to the same kinds of political thinking as many of the Red States in the American West. That their rate of coronavirus infection follows the same trend as their counterparts in the US is not entirely surprising.


    To a degree that's true, but Alberta has about 60,000 total cases out of 4 million people...about 1.5%.  Georgia has a bit over 450,000 cases out of 10.6 million...about 4.5%.  Arizona is a bit better; they're closer to 4%.  Utah is worse at close to 6%.  It's also true tho, that from the sound of things, they're not doing enough to check this spike...and apparently their health system's running near capacity.  That argues for strong measures so it doesn't explode, and the stories I'm reading say they didn't go far enough.

  8. 1 hour ago, Pariah said:

    The producers of the show recently announced that they will have a series of interim/guest hosts until a permanent replacement is chosen.


    It's not entirely surprising that the first of these will be Ken Jennings.


    Yeah, I saw that too.  Jennings is the natural transition figure to honor the history and tradition of the show.  Whether he's the best choice long-term, well, we'll have to see.  I expect Brad Rutter will host for a bit too.  He has the media experience and historical significance.  After that, who knows.  Pat Sajak is plausible for a short run, as a personal tribute.


    Update on final shows:  plan is now to air "10 of his best episodes" in the 21 and 28 December weeks, then his final week starting January 4th.


  9. 3 hours ago, Lawnmower Boy said:

    Wait. The thing that all the experts were saying turned out to be true? And the glib contrarian was wrong? This cannot be!


    Because it isn't.

    Herd immunity doesn't occur with only 1/3 of the people showing antibodies.

  10. Yeah, I noted the same thing;  one can readily enough argue that this looks like one of the news department people, not one of the talking heads.  So on a personal level he probably deserves some slack...and even perhaps sympathy.  But it was still all pure steer manure.


    And some of it is so incredibly whacked out.  Venezuela ties?  Really?  What's next, they'll find V. M. Smith and assert Martian influence?


  11. 1 hour ago, Pariah said:


    One of the talking heads on tonight's halftime show was suggesting that since the Bengals can't put a decent team around him (mainly an offensive line) next year, they should give him all of 2021 to recover and play him in 2022.


    I don't believe there's even the slightest chance that would happen, but it's interesting to think about.


    That was Booger, and part of his point is the recovery time for the *multiple* ligament damage is 9 to 12 months...if it's 12, then you're right back in week 10 or 11 next year.


    What...wait...what just happened????

    TOMMY BRADY threw an overthrow pick, down a FG with 2 minutes left??????????  CHECK THE WEATHER IN THE NETHER REALMS!!!  A good NFL QB failed to make the comeback.


    YEEEEEHAWWWW!!!!!  (Pats fans constantly calling him the GLA in every other sentence got REAL old.)


    EDIT:  does Tom still have a real arm?  Longest completion was 18 yards.  The game-sealing pick was an overthrow on a longer route;  IIRC both were.  Some of it might not be enough time but the deep game absolute wasn't there tonight.  Something to watch moving forward.

  12. Ok...I see it.


    Honestly, I don't trust HSEG to be completely consistent.  How does the Glock 20 net out as 2d6-1?  The Glock 21 is net 2d6;  +1 STUN mult is a 1/4 advantage...so yeah, 37 active.  The HK P7K3 is 1d6+1 with the PR, +1 OCV which is 2 points...and 22 active.  


    So if the pricing in HSEG, or the damage, doesn't make sense...throw it out, that's my recommendation.  Treat PR as adding a DC and use YOUR preferences for the translations on DCs to fractional dice.  


    EDIT:  Ugh...I hesitate to suggest this.  But, if you have HD, you might want to pay for the HS EG Character Pack, which has all the items as templates.  The items should be editable and you can see for yourself how they're doing things.  The char pack is pricey tho, just for this.

  13. Yeah, that always bites.  Might wish a team to do badly, but I almost never want to see someone injured.  (I reserve the right to do so, should a player show himself to be a loathsome toad.)


    But it's the same freaking song and dance.  Seems like every franchise does it.  Draft the Next Great QB when there's no one around him, and all you ever do is wreck him.

  14. Tim Hasselbeck talking to SVP, about Mahomes' last-minute drive...made the point that the defenses are generally pretty vanilla.  It's up-tempo, few stoppages, so it's hard to get adjustments in, get them communicated, and execute them.


    Makes sense...we've certainly seen a bushelful of last-minute scores this year, it seems.

  15. Actually, it might be in Trump's longer-term strategic interests to challenge in *any* county, if the numbers weren't cooked to begin with.  It doesn't matter if it'd cost him votes;  it continues, and if he wins, amplifies, the narrative that elections are rampant with fraud.  That'll be the takeaway...not that the fraud helped him.  The point alone...not the beneficiary...can be used in the state houses to pass more voting restrictions.  You can bet that's going to be a high priority at the state levels...along, of course, with gerrymandering once the census is declared official.



  16. Another reason why the Ravens' loss today really hurt...altho KC pulling the rabbit out helped some.  The problem is, they have Pittsburgh, in Pittsburgh...Thanksgiving night.  So prep time is minimal.  They aren't out;  for example, the Titans play the Colts.  Worst case for the Ravens would be a tie, if they can't pull off the win.  But there won't be much time left, and they likely will be no better than 9th.  Dolphins have a freebie (Jets);  Raiders have the Falcons.  Not a gimme, quite, but they should win.


    The upside...their last 5 is Cowboys, Browns, Jags, Giants, Bengals.  So there likely will be drama even if they lose...but they've used up their margin for error.

  17. 7 minutes ago, Dr.Device said:


    The discrete time issue is one of the two reasons I've never played a speedster. That and the area-of-effect problem.   Those two issues just offend my sense of verisimilitude too much. I came up with a solution I wanted to try at some point, but I never got around to playing a speedster once I thought of it.


    Positional Uncertainty: Invisibility to Sight, Hearing, Smell/Taste and Radio Groups and Spatial Awareness , Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4) (50 Active Points); Linked (Running; -1/2), Does not conceal presence or features, only precise location (-1/2)


    The idea is that they're not actually invisible, just moving so fast that they can't easily be targeted, even with AOE attacks. By the time an opponent targets the hex where they see the speedster, the speedster isn't there any more. The effect on opponents OCV is a nice bonus.


    Maybe.  I get the point;  they never have a good notion of where you are.  They can guesstimate from the thugs you hit or disarm, but you can move erratically.  But a problem with that approach is you'd be *burning* through END;  it's 2 per phase for this, plus the END for running, plus the END for STR in any case.  And with a higher-SPD character, which means REALLY burning through END fast.  And it could *easily* still be worthwhile to drop a 4m or 8m AoE or explosion, even if you guess where the speedster is.


    7 hours ago, Ninja-Bear said:

    Let’s talk about Speed Cap. Now I’m the GM so having a cap per se isn’t an obstacle. So those whom are suggesting high Speed, are you suggesting that they should be at the top of the cap OR are they allowed to break the cap.  Say in a game with 4-6 Speed, should they be 6 or 7? 

    And back to essentials. Does a Speedster need to be able to run up walls and or across water to qualify as a Speedster? That’s the thing I’m trying to nail down. Yes Speedsters are and should be varied but what is essential to them (in Hero terms)?


    Speedster can completely ignore the cap, IMO, depending on the build.  If it's normally 4-6, then I might cap at 10 for a speedster.  Some of this is, moving that fast the speedster will be a big time stage hog.


    Running up walls and across water is ELITE speedster stuff, IMO.  Flash's vibrational tricks, I'd put at Speedster Paragon.  Mind...it could be *cheaper* to buy it as Flight, only in contact with a surface, and buy back some or all of the base Running.  Flight 40m, 1/2 END, only in contact...you shave 10 points there, plus another 12 if you buy back ALL the running.  (NOTE:  that means you're always flying when you move...and therefore knockback is much more obvious.)  If you don't buy back the Running, the 1/4 limit on its own won't save you enough until...50m of movement and 1/2 END, if my mental math is right.  It's a wash there.  


    The rules of the system simply don't match the dramatic presentation.

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