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  1. We'll figure it out. For the rest of the board, I've stepped back for a little while to recharge, and plan to start again this summer (post pandemic, it seems). Oh, as an ironic point, I set up a side adventure for the homeless hero character (yeah, he's a hobo with powers) that involved a disease that is sweeping through the homeless camps in the city. 😮 These are excellent points, and I think the ideas you both presented go to the original point of the thread. How can we make a Champions (Hero system) version that is inviting to new playe
  2. I suggested that beforehand, and we sort of had that, especially when the group decided to move the team to Florida. The players just seem to like to *surprise* each other with their character's traits (hence the lone wolf marker). One player especially likes to even surprise me (the GM) while we play. I like session Zero's, but even then, the characters seem to deviate from the agreed format. I suggested we switch to (the aforementioned) vigilante (or antihero) team format instead of a straight laced team, but that isn't what everyone wanted. It's okay, just fits in with the c
  3. 😲 Um.. say what? But.. but... 🥺 ...what happened with my game, then? This is basically the PCs in my campaign (on temporary hiatus as I sort things out). Both Goodwin and sinanju are in it. None of the characters play nice with each other. For instance, Chris has a goody two-shoes character that wants to join a super team, sinanju plays a former assassin with a negative reputation who would like to be good but has a lot of underworld skills. The group basically acts (and presents to the world) like a vigilante group (A-Team), but verbally, the players want t
  4. Thank you. I think the player has an ulterior motive with the passport buy, but I'm not sure what he wants to get out of it. I do think wants there to be repercussions of his travels, but when I asked his player to meet with an official from the State Dept (asked both in character and out), he balked at the idea. I think he wants Russia to send someone to "get him", but I'm not sure. I plan to just let him do whatever and pretty much ignore it unless it allows an opening for an adventure. I already tossed out a hook for a side adventure due to his meanderings. Oh,
  5. GOD, this is absolutely it! ... ... this aspect of Champions really makes me Depressed as a GM. This wishy-washy aspect of points spend or not REALLY is maddening!!!!!! And, it really makes me not want to GM ever again. I can't understand when something should be free or be paid for. I think I get it, but most time when I try to assert this understanding (even when GM), I'm told I'm wrong. The other players can get it, but I don't get it. And, it seems to be SUCH A BIG DEAL, that it causes arguments. This reminds me of the Wargames quote from
  6. Thanks Spence and Duke. I agree with your points. In our games, normally we hand wave the need for any documents that don't pertain specifically to the story. This includes the mundane stuff we can get as citizens of the world (DL, passports, etc). Thus, I completely agree that a player should not be compelled to spend points on these items, regardless of whether they are in civilian or hero identity. Many times, heroes will have this paperwork in their civilian identity, but not their superhero identity. However, governments tend to "make exceptions" (as was mentioned before
  7. Excellent points and I think the answers received make sense. The character should get all of these credentials free just for being a citizen, especially in their civilian identity. I'm sure the DMV and Federal government has procedures by now that allow a masked person to get a drivers license or passport. The question to ask is what do they get for that spent point? Maybe for a DL, the character has passed a tactical driving course and has special privileges to drive fast and run red lights when acting in the public interest. For passports, maybe the character can forgo ente
  8. That's a good point, Surreal. This is mainly just background story stuff (what he does when not with the team). However, he has landed and been shot at by the Russia military. He also has taken pictures in a Russian mall/shopping center. As for the dog fight, that was over international waters, but the Greek authorities are hamming it up as US intervention on their behalf. of course, this is the player's side story he is creating, and eventually it will find it's way into the game. <sigh> the whole group are a bunch of lawless degenerates 😄 The universe is
  9. I understand, and this is an excellent answer! Thank you. The event that triggered this question is specific, but this could set the precedent for similar actions. P.S. The event that triggered the question is one of my players has mega-scale flight and is naive. Thus, he likes to travel to other countries and investigate "new things". He not only flies into countries to go shopping or have lunch, broadcasting live on social media, but he has recently started doing things that might upset the State Department. For instance, he flew to Greece and got involved
  10. Hi Everyone, I have a question about when a player should be made to purchase a credential as a Fringe Benefit and when it should just be a "free" item. Do you make a player purchase the Drivers License fringe benefit if they want to operate a car, or is a drivers license a free item? How do you differentiate the situations that govern the two costs (free vs CP)? For international travel, do you make the character purchase the Passport fringe benefit if they want to fly to Europe from the US? How about China? If purchased with Character Points, does the P
  11. Clearly, it would be a mistake. I mean, the heiress to the name of a superhero family dating back generations couldn't possibly do anything that would put law enforcement in a position to question her... I mean, their integrity, right? 😋 It was a hypothetical question that might be useful in such a supplement for some GMs, I think. 😁
  12. For the intrepid game designers in the community, I wanted to make a request for a Hall of Champions submission. One thing that helps me as a less experienced GM is the ability to use pre-generated NPCs and basic environmental settings. It's nice to be able to grab a few villains from the book, but also be able to grab a few normal NPCs that can be weaved into a story on the fly. To that end, I was hope to suggest a submission for the Hall of Champions store. Law Enforcement: The Sourcebook I would love to have a book that delves into Law Enforcement and h
  13. Hi Steve, I am in a discussion with my GM regarding my character's ability to do something even if a skill has not yet been purchased for that task. Here is the question, before I get to the examples: Is there something in the rules (that I missed, as I use Champions Complete and not the 6E1 or 6E2) which forbade actions by a character using their raw stats if an actual skill is listed in the book? With that question in play, my point to him is this: His stance is this: Basically the ruling i
  14. Excellent, so just convert square foot to square meters and go with it? Thus, a 2,000 sq ft house would be about a size 4 base, and a 3,000 sq ft house would be about a size 5 base. Oh, and some people would call the kitchen a lab, LOL. As for adders, I would assume a security system in a high end condo, contacts that could notify the police if someone unusual came around, or better locks would be equivalent powers, perks, and talents. Any other suggestions? I was thinking about a small place like that could simulate a college student's flat or a saf
  15. I just wanted to pay for an apartment with points. I like to know my character owns it, instead of just hand waving the acquisition. It makes the role playing more fun, plus it helps with the law of Champions that anything paid for with points can not be actually lost, just temporarily inaccessible. Some players like the Wealth perk for this, but for me having a nice home to go to after a traumatic day of heroism is cathartic and ensures the PC will never be homeless, no matter how bad it gets. In addition, adding the "Deep Cover" talent ensures the nosy Mrs. Kravitz keeps to h
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