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Gamemechanics of the Enterprise D

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So, I started re-watching Star Trek The Next Generation on Netflix. And as I go, I will note some things I noticed. Both about how to translate stuff to Hero game terms and some things people mentione before as "bad design".

Episode 1&2 (Encoutner at Farpoint):
Saucer Seperation and Recombination
This was clearly establsihed as a "non-combat maneuver". I would say, mechanically it is build as a combination of Extra Time and Concentration (throughout). Alternatively any implemnetation of a "Extended Test" might work.

In theory it would be able to do it quickly. In the same way one could open a locked door with a single action by kicking it at the right place.


Troy and Rikers Telepathic bond:

Due to their previous intimate relationship, Diana is able to "send" telepathic Message to Riker wich he is able to hear despite not being a Telepath. The range seems to be extremely limited (line of sight) and largely one way (she is not a full telepath). Based on Diana Troys interaction with her Mother, this kind of communication seems to be pretty standart for ranged Telepaths like Betazoids. But Diana herself considers it "rude" to talk behind peoples backs like that.


Bringing a Betazoid to a negotiation is apparently considered "rude", due to their telepathic abilities.

There was a rumor that Fergengy ate people they made deals with (the Ferengie were build up as TNG's Klingons; But they fell flat of becomming that next big villain).


Locating Data:

The computer is able to locate people. Afaik this was later established as "tracking their combadge". In a massive metal structure like the Enterprise itself, communicator range is highly limited. So they directly connect to the Enterprises internal communications system. Similar to how a Smartphone can connect to a wireless network it "knows", so it does not have to use the Mobile Phone Network for data traffic. While also adding some romaing between the various hotspots. Wich also means figuring out where a combadge is, is the same as locating a mobile phone.

While inside the ship, it appears the badge primarily works as a "mobile Microphone" wich has better reception/coverage then the ones integrated into the consoles.


Computer voice interface and hacking:
It appears the computer is able to send and receive audio around any console. This incldues the ones integrated into the walls of many important corridors. And at least one in most rooms.

However it appears that the consoles put all across the ship are highly limited. For example, it seems impossible to just reroute command functions to "any odd console". When somebody wanted to get critical data, they always had to go to the machine room or bridge consoles. It is comparable with the DMZ approach to networking: The floor consoles are the untrusted user computers, wich are outside the DMZ. The consoles we see used in command centers are inside it.
Wich would imply it is impossible to reroute command function to them, unless you first rewire the physical network.
It appears the internal communications was part of that untrusted network (maybe except for a few priority channels like Brdige to Engine Room), wich can be seen by it failing without data connections or command and control being affected.
An odd case is actually the Console in Datas Quarters. As he is able to process data a lot faster, it appears he has a faster "inside the DMZ" connection to the computer.


It was played rather loosely how it worked. In practice it was mostly used to allow a "change of scenery" without needing a "planet of the week". Indeed one big feature was that they could carry their "planet of the week" around inside the ship, while at warp.

Mechanically it seems to be a combination of simple image projection, micro-detailed forcefields (Telekinesis with Images) for Characters and replication of actual props as nessesary (basically it is replicating behind hologram, until the detail was sufficiently to let the real props take over).

What was established well, was the high energy cost of the system. This was a leisure activity. Especially on Voyager where energy was limited, there was a rationing of replicator useage (you had to eat Nelix's cooking) and Holodock time. On Enterprise and similar ships in Federation space, they had much more power to spare.


Children & Civilians on the Enterprise:

Picard was very upfront to Riker that he was not fond of the situation. "I am not good with children, but Starfleet gave me a vessel with Children on board".

My best theory thus far is that the Enterprise (being also a Ambassadorial vessel build for a rather peacefull time) was carrying "the Federation way of life" around in itself. What better way to showcase who you are, the a literal flying city?


Site to Site Transport:
The books were somewhat clearer on this being a frowned upon thing to do.

The ideal way of transport was from one pad to a linked pad. It limited any chance of interference, while also saving a lot of energy. Site to site transport basically ate the power of two pad-to-external transport processes.


Farpoint Cosmozeans:

A interesting species. It seems to feed of energy and is capable of mater replication/dereplication on a much better scale then the Federation. The first one encountered was faking being a starport on the surfrace. The second one approached clad in a solid armor of it's own creation, capable of projection powerfull energy bursts. They seem to be capable of transporting people as well.

The existence of corridors indicates they might have been engineered as spaceship, similar to the leviathans from Farscape. But right now they seem to be cosmozeans beings.

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The easiest/cheapest way to simulate the Holodeck is Extradimensional movement, x8 mass(to simulate the maximum number of people who can use it at once), to a related group of dimensions(various programmable simulated environments), with various limitations, including that damage to the ship may also damage characters inside the "alternate dimension".  It rather neatly sidesteps all the necessity for figuring out summons, telekinesis, force fields, etc.  

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EP 2: The Naked Now.



It was clearly indicated that while the Tricorders are usefull tools, they are still highly limited compared to a laboratory. In particular they have issues with detailed medical or engineering analysis.

Some of the books indicated that the tricorders had limited storage capacity: The main things differentiating a "away team default" tricorder" and a "medical tricorder" was that scanner attachment and wich Database was loaded (Xenoidentification, Hacking tools, Medical Database). Star Trek Online indicates that they can walk you through basic 1st aid procedures for some simpler cases (like broken bones).

One thing that should be noted: Tricorders are military equipment and still rare. The enterprsie had enough to equip a full awayteam with them, but the average civilian might not have ever seen one unless he was in Starfleet.


Riker made a knowledge check - but only barely:

Riker remembered reading about "someone taking a shower while clothed". Unfortunately the total sum of all Starfleet logs is still a massive amount of data. Without something to limit it down, the search "could take several hours.

When he latere managed it to specify it to "logs of Enterprises" it went a lot faster.


Combadges and Location:

Here it was first established that localisation does not work without Combadges. They are what is actually located.


Voice modulation:

Wesley build a somewhat convincing voice modulator, based on words picard had publically said via the intercom. Now if Wesley can do it, so can propably other people. Wich means it propably was not a big deal. I would guess actually indentification of persons is done via combadges, DNA and a much more detailed Voice recognition then what Wesleys little tool could fake.

It did fool humans, but that was propably it.


The spread of the diseases:

We see Geordy being the first person acting wierd, and possibly spreading the effect to Wesley and Tasha. Most likely he got it from that frozen women in the falling out of the shower. From where it spread further.

However it could also be that the entire awayteam was infect, just that Geordi got a much bigger dose of it so he developed Symptoms earlier.


Wesley "taking over" the ship:

It was clear he did not do a lot, except lock that one room in engineering. He had to provide the forcefield for that himself. And he propably picked the one place without a Jefreys tube access (or was lucid enough to block that).

At no time did he have access to the ships command codes or anything else. Indeed if he did not allow that 2nd Engineer in to take out all the engine control chips and the crew was not 50% intoxicated (especially Lt. Yar), they would have gotten them out quickly and without danger to the ship.


If the engineering teams were not all intoxicated, they propably could have bypassed those chips with sheer manpower. Propably fired the engines manually. But all they got was Riker and the NPC chief engieneer.

Cutting the power was also not easy, since they could not risk damaging the housing the engine control chips.

Yar might have had a few tricks up her sleeve to get the power down faster, if she was not busy wearing nothing with sleeves and infecting Mr. Data in a way "that never happened".



This epsiode is notworthy to how certain characters acted:

The Mon/Son relationship of Beverly/Wesley was explored. With her being kind of a workaholic/career women with not enough time for her kid.

The roamtic interest between Beverly/Picard was first aluded too.

Tasha Yar having a pretty shitty time growing up was expanded upon (she already mentioned it during Farpoint, while Q was first playing judge). How extreme she went showcases how tightly wound she is on a daily basis.

Wesley was shown to be Miracle Worker material. He tied the Tractor beam so well into the power system, the ships chief engineer (without any symptoms) had issues getting it down. And then he jury rigged the ships tractor beam to a repulsor beam.

The chief engiener (not Geordy at this time) showed that she was definitely not miracle worker material. Despite having no symptoms: She took forever to get Wesleys Repulsor field down. She would have needed hours to work around the scattered chips. And reversing the polarity on the tractor beam seemed "impossible without weeks of laying new circuits". But I think that was mostly because she lacked the "Main Crew bonus" to all skills. Wich is kind of important.

Beverly managed to finish a cure despite being infected.

Data managed to do the work of "putting the chips back in" despite having full symptoms (propably the worst among the crew). Apparently the "it is a game" argument really worked on him until he got the cure.


Worf was literally the "last sane person" on the bridge during times. Propably because he was not very kiss- or hugable, he never got infected. His Grumpyness might make him the unsung hero of this episode, for being simply being there to communicate things.

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The easiest/cheapest way to simulate the Holodeck is Extradimensional movement, x8 mass(to simulate the maximum number of people who can use it at once), to a related group of dimensions(various programmable simulated environments), with various limitations, including that damage to the ship may also damage characters inside the "alternate dimension".  It rather neatly sidesteps all the necessity for figuring out summons, telekinesis, force fields, etc.  

You are right, that is a very simple, very widely covering solution. For most intents, the Archway or the whole deck is a "Portal" like construct.


No wonder they kept having issues with keeping them working. You do not mess with alternate Dimensions as casually as they do. I mean once they had the computer accidently create a general artificial intelligence (the Moriarty Hologramm). That would actually be easy to explain with making an "oopsie" when picking the target dimension of a EDM.

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E is the attractive Sovereign class from the later films. D is the ugly Galaxy class from the show. If it matters.

Personally I like the D much more. But I heard the model was a pain to work with.


I have to look if I can edit the thread title somehow.

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Episode 3, "Code of Honor". The setup was interesting and also very typical for alien interactions:
The other side was technologically inferior. While they did have own transporters, they had no starship close to the USS Enterprise D. This was the first time teh Enterprise was set up as "meanest dog in Town".
At the same time, they needed something - a vaccine - from this planet. And between the first directive and the inabiltity to copy it they had to navigate a Cultural Minefield.

When tasha Yar was abducted, a Nr. of things happened:
- thier transporter beam was not traceable. As they had used their own transport for both up and down beaming, the Enterprise had no coordinates.
- Captain Picard immediately went to Red alert (literally has first reaction). Once he was on teh Bridge he started a show of force (atmospheric Photon Torpedo Detonation) while demanding a response

- as this did not work, he asked his officers to advise him. The immediate concern of course was that they wanted to rape Lt. Yar. However Deana was specific that there was something more about the Leaders interest in Yar then sex.

Between the need for the Vaccine, the fact that Yar can kick ass and the likelyhood that this was some kind of "Heirachical Intrigue" going on, Picard did opt to "wait it out" as was customary.


The next day it was established: The Vaccine is not replicateable. They need it from the source. Meanwhile Picard was somewhat certain tehy had localsied the compound of Lutan. Meanwhile they had studied the species code of Honor in much more depth. Wich resulted in them explaining to Picard that he had to politely ask to get Lt. Yar back. That was a hard pill to swallow.

The also set a precedent of Picard going down with the away team here. Even if it did require a specific set of costums at the target civilisation (Honored Guest) and Riker was established to not normally allow such a thing.

When Yar was brough to be seen it did show that their initial assesement of the culture was correct. And indeed Yar had been beating up some of their guards.

And then the whole plan was revealed: Lutan wanted Yar to fight his current first wive to the death, so the first wives land would fall to him (apparenty the women own all the land) or nothing would happen. Picard needed to trick him a bit, playing to his Ego (wich was well established). In turn Lutan was forcing Picard hand: He needed the Vacinne. Literal Millions of lives depended on it. And if he would not permit the fight, he would not get it. And thanks to the Prime Directive, he could not just take it. But Picard had a plan. And he used Data to relay it personally, so it could not be intercepted.


The battle was a tricky one: Ultrasharp weapons wit quickacting poision, in a area filled with steps to get "the high ground" and poles that propably were very painfull/damaging to touch. But in the end Yar won. And the last 5 minutes, we had the first time seeing Picard Kick ass the Picard way: Turning a supposedly winning combination of rules agaisnt the enemy. The people of the planet could live in the happy bliss of having "the superior Civilisation", he got the Vaccine and Lutan was demoted from first to "leftover that became 2nd husband".

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Epsiode 3 was really interesting as stuff came together to give us "Picards way of kicking ass", wich is well summed up by this Clip:

The takeaway is: Never try to Rules-lawyer Picard. Not even if it is your own culture that you are Intimately more familiar with.

If you do - even if it takes a whole Episode - he will find a way to beat you with your Own. Damn. Rules!

Kirk would Propably beat you up of defeat you in a fight to get what he needs to get. Picard can do it with words.


In case of Episode 3 and a few others - as it was the main storyline - he needed the help of the entire Crew to pull one off. Episode 3 would have turned out different without:
Beverlys Medical Skills
Data and Geordies analytical Skills
Rikers command skills
Tasha Yars Melee Skills

Deanas Counselor+Empathics skills
Everyones Alien Cultures Skills


The best case scenarios were to either give Luthan the lands of his first wive or to loose Lt. Yar, while still getting the Vaccine. But with them all working together, they pull of a plan like only Hanibal Smith of the A-Team could, all without anyone dying. (Well, almost no one: One alien Redshirt spectator equivalent died while testin the Lethality of hte Poison weapons a bit too closely. But that was not Picards fault.)

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Episode 4: The last Outpost


This was the Episode in wich the Enigmatic Ferengy were revealed. It had some noticeable similarities to the setup of Arena (Kirk fighting the Gorn), but in TNG fashion the resolution was a lot less violent.

The Ferengi were apprently intended as the "Klingons of the next Generation". The established that Ferengi had really good hearing, for better or worse. They established them as "Yankee Traders in Space". They established them opressing their women. They established that a Dkora Marrauder was about equal to a Galaxy Class starship. they established them to be as devious as Romulans, while not total slouches in a fight. But despite all this the Ferengi simply fell flat as the "main Antagonist of TNG".


However this Episode did saw Geordi first time in Engineering, where he would stay pretty much the rest of the series (it is really intersting to see those Episodes where Geordi was not the Chief Engineer; as a result, Engineering is rarely shown).

It was aluded that the Enterprise normally had "reserve power for Months", but the energy drain from the Planet did affect the reserves as well.

Also the Guardian was pretty cool, even if he had only very little screentime.

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Episode 5: To Boldy Go


So Voyager was once stuck on the other side of the Galaxy, 70k Lightyears from earth? The enterprise left the Milkyway and passed through two other galaxies in this Episode, ending up "on the far side of Triangulum" in galaxy M33. About 200 700 000 Lightyears away from home. Over 300 years to get home at maximum warp. The message they send when getting there would only need about 51 years to get to Starfleet.

On the atempt to go back they overshoot by about 1 Billion Lightyears.

Then Worfs pet-targ suddenly appeared and disapeared.

Then a Tashas cat suddenly appeared.

Picard on his way to engineering suddenly stepped out of the Turbolift into Warpspeed (I think) and decided to leg the rest of the way.

A redshirt was suddenly in a concert with lots of renesaincy dressed people. A moment later he was jsut sitting there taking his lunch.

Another redshirt was doing balet in a cargo bay.

Then Picard met his mother having a teaparty in the middle of a corridor.

In short: "We are Starfleet, wierd is part of the job".


However that was all only to the Traveller. One of those cool characters that totally had the show stolen by Q. And he told Picard something important: That Wesley was "a Mozart of Physics". Wich was propably a main reason Wesley was made "Acting Ensign" at the end of this Episode.


I have issues describing how exactly the Traveller worked. His actions were mostly a plot device. At the end he did need a Oratory Skill roll from Picard to make the Crew+Civilian focus on supportin the trek back home (your duties or the wellbeing of the Traveller). At any rate, bringing them back he vanished. For the time being.

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People often complain that the Enterprise had Civilians aboard. But I have to ask: What was wrong with the Civilians that they keept staying aboard? Just going over all the stuff the Civilians had to go through in the first few episodes:

1. Red Alert*. Evacuation and Saucer Seperation. Saucer re-integration Another red alert. Possibly being stuck down on Farpoint/Bendi city while alien was shelling it. Possibly being dragged into combat with a alien creature several times the size of the enterprise.

2. Subjected to a new form of Polywater intoxication. Almost died to a piece of solar mater.

3. At least one Red Alert*

4. 1+ Red Alert*. One almost combat with a equally powerfull ship. Almost freezing to death

5. Several Red Alerts*. Being suck 200.7 Million Lightyears from earth. Being stuck 1 Billion Lightyears for earth in a region were imagination became reality.


*While civilians have no "Duty Station" to go to under Red Alert, I asume they are ordered to "go to their quarters to not be in the way" while Red Alert is in effect.


So on average they were in Mortal Danger 2 times per episode.

People actually claim that Keiko was a shitty women. But consider she stayed with O'brien through all that and all the shit she had to go through personally on top of that (being de-aged, having to give birth in 10 forward with Worf as Midwife, have her husband go into combat over a dozen times) it seems like she really loved him.

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Episode 6: Lonely among us


The backdrop is delivering two sets of delegations that hate each other to a peace negotiation (and possible membership in the Federation). But while passing a interesting anomaly, some entity from the cloud invaded the ship, starting with Lt. Worf.

When he woke up, he was agressive, threw off the blue shirt and had to be sedated. Once in sickbay, the entity switched to Dr. Crusher. Then later to the computer on the Bridge and kept jumping around the systems, causign malfunctions wherever it went. There was a odd focus on "Navigation" in it's interest.


Finally the entity took control of Picard and ordered a Return course to the nebula it came from. For a short time we saw O'brian trying to keep the two delegations appart (apparently they had noticed the course change). Meanwhile the Senior Officer disussed Releaving Picard of Duty. Deana could provide no clear information, Beverly needed a medical reason but Riker could have done it on his own being 1st Officer.

Beverly managed to get a confession from the being under 4 eyes. Then he confessed to the entire bridge crew. It acted as if hte enterprise had "abducted it" and the Relationship was mutually beneficial. And that it planned to beam Picard and itself back into the could. When confronted it somehow "bound" the entire bridge crew in energy patterns that were highly blinding on top of immobilising. That apparently also turned off the local transproter chief and the Entity+Picard just dematerialised and directed the information of them both at the cloud. However 1 hour later when Riker was about giving up hope, the found the captain wanting to come back. And so they got him back.




Some things noticeable on the Entity:

- The entity was able to invade both humans and computer systems, but only one at a time. While it could disrupt (for example) Warppower for a short time, the moment it changed system they could be repaired quickly. Sometimes even automatically. This limitation lead it to eventually pick Picard as host. I consider it a form of Posession. Both the Mind Control and the Desolidifcaition variants from the APG's should work.

- There was a memory gap from the moment of infiltration to the releasing. However Hypnosis could at least identify a 2nd mind invading. I asume that the posession was "Hidden effect afterwards" either through results or advantages

- the Infiltration was barely noticeable. Apparently only Geordies Visor was able to detect anything amiss for the shortests amount of time to make the jump

- Deana could actually sense the Infiltration as a form of "Duality". However the issue was that she mistook it for the normal duality every non-Betazed has when approaching a decision of any kind. A full telepath propably could have detected it.

- The entity seemd to lack information of it's host beyond basic langauge and locomotion, but it seemed to have limited recall in situations (like knowing Navigation was on the Bridge). Most of what it learned, it learned from the Computer Sytem. It seemed to have next to no acting skills, acting not at all in line with the person it imitates, barely scraping by on Rank and jumping often.

- as the host could not really recall a lot of how it was to be controlled, it is unclear if what it said was sincere. But in any case when the Entity did let Picard go when teh "merging" as energy pattern failed.

 - it is noteworthy how the entity moved: It invaded via the Sensors and teh consoles ins Sensor Maintenance. Then it went to Dr. Crusher once it was unobserved. Then into a Bridge Computer. Then around the command systems. Then from Con console into Picard. And then with the Transport back into the Nebula. That supports my old theory that those systems are "criticial component" and thus us a different, possibly isolated netwok.


Noteworthy Tidbits:

- Geordy is still not chief engieneer. Wich is good, as that Redshirt died (making it the frist Enterprise Crewmemebr to die onscreen and a Redshirt to boot).

- Data was introduced to Sherlock Holmes. Indoubetly a fatefull encounter.

- The whole Episode ended with what appeared of one of the Delegates being killed by the other delegation. And ordering the cook to serve him/it (Reptiles, kind of hard to tell). Considering the state he was in and that he had recieved a advice for rest, Picard kind of just dropped the responsibility to clean up that mess to Riker.

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Episode 7: Justice


After dropping of a Number of colonists, the Enterprise noticed anotehr nearby M-Class Planet. Offscreen they send Riker, Tasha and Geordy down to make contact/survey of hte custom. They found the people there "peacefull, law abiding and ready to make love on the drop of a hat - any hat." Meanwhile Dr. Crusher had been pestering Picard with Organizing shoreleave for the Crew, so they send down another team to make the Arrangements for this. Inlcuding Wesley to scout "how well the planet was suiteable for younger people". The only oddity was that slight "sensor glitch" of the Starboard bow that kept popping up.


Once down two rules were established:

  1. They run everywhere. Wich explains why they are so "healthy" as Riker and Troy put it for the respective opposite sex
  2. Their custom is that they run everywhere. Wich explains why they were so health
  3. The only rule was "nobody should do anything they are uncomfortable with"

Meanwhile Data&Geordy foudn out it was not a Sensor Glicht, but something only partialyl into the Dimension. Once they hailed it, it made itself more visible but still half transparent. Geordy was ordered to "take a real look". So he went to his quater and looked out the Window. The initial message was translated as standby. Then the signal with the awayteam broke up and it send a problem to the enterprises bridge, starting from the lower end of the saucer section. The entitiy questioned Picared while shaking the ship, making it clear to "not interfere with my Children below". It then asked Data Mechanopathically for Information Exchange.


Riker noticed contact with Enterprise is lost and starts to gather the team. And Tasha learns that nobody breaks any law, because in a Random Zone of the Planet once per day any offense (inlcuding walking on the grass) is punishable by death. And while playing ball with 3 natives wesley falls right into that greenhouse in that "Punishment zone". So while they were really sorry, the law required to murdering Wesley. For stepping over a fence. While not knowing the rule existed.


So that extradimensional Station? Is kind of the god of those people. And it really has issues even with just beaming them up to Enterprise. And it is propably powerfull enough to wipe hte ship out in an instant. So it was quite teh conundrum:

- Picard had until Sundown, until Wesley would be executed

- The prime directive forbade interfering, but this was a life and death mater

- And whatever they did, "god" would judge them. Possibly by their own standarts


In the end Picard tried to resque Wesley (wich was as simple as asking him to stand with them while beaming up). It needed a short speech, but beaming up was allowed. Aside for allowing them get away and not giving them a signal to "remove the nearby colony" and just vanishing, there was no further communication.


- Apparently during their first survey they really neglegted a full review of the Justice System. Otherwise they might have known of that "do not cross the fence" rule. And propably would never have tried to do shoreleave there. I doubt they repeated something like that again.

- They did notice "god" in orbit themself. So that god was propably not to actively trying to hide. Enough for the people on teh planet, but not enough for a 23rd century federation flagship.

- how Data described them, they were multiple entities that seemed to have somehow ascended to a "transdimensional" state of being

- They might have actively planeted the Edo. Being revered as god did not seem unexpected to them, but they also were very clear about "do not intefere with them".

- The only shows of force were: Appearing out of nowhere saying "stand by" after hail. Shaking the ship while speaking. Changing color and approaching menachingly. Preventing beaming up and communication for a while.

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Episode 8: The Battle


This episode saw extensive use of Mind Control. Damon Bok had set a Trap to avenge his son: Finding the USS Stargazer, he procured 2 Mind Alteration Devices (one main and a relay) and faked a personal Logentry by Picard. The he requested the presence of the Enterprise, to wich Starfleet Command obliged. Only to let them wait for 3 days, while the devices were doing their work. He then revealed the Stargazer, where he had placed the relay device among Picard belongings. Wich he took to his cabin as planned.

He then controlled Picard into releasign the Stargazer, and soon after boarding it. He was under a Illusion that made him think he was back in that old battle with the Enterprise as enemy, wich would result in him trying the Picard Maneuver on teh Enterprise. Something Riker had to responed to save the ship or find a way to stop it without killin the captain.


Enterprise vs Stargazer:
This was not really a fair fight. While the Computer had been modified by Bok to respond to Picard Commands (to simulate the Old Crew), it no longer hard torpedoes and his plan was predictable due to the levels of Peotic Justice Bok wanted to maintain. Data was able to find a way to stop the Stargazer using the Tractor beam (wich would also decrease accuracy) and reinforcing the shields where the gazer would hit. But luckily that last part was never nessesary.


Faking the Log:

The faked log where Picard admitted he did not act in self defense was well made on the Audio level - no signs of tampering there. However some of the timestamps/checksums did not match up.
The Log was used to trick the 1st Ferengi Officer into thinking Picard was a evil guy. That did not last long ocne Riker revealed the truth.
The Log entry (while not prooven wrong) required Riker to send a report to Starfleet. However the Transmission time was about 1/2 day both ways, giving them about a day to "figure that out".
The log might have been complimentary to the mind control. Picard admitted "not being sure" anymore of whatwas real.


Mind Alteration Device:
- Deana was incapable of noticing the mental attack. Meanwhile the Sensors of the Enterprise could detect it on higher settings and idneed Wesley noticed them by accident. It is noticeable that they later establish that Ferengi are inherently immune to Telepathy as practice by Betazeds. So it was likely operating in the Radio, rather then the Mental Sense Group. This would account for it having issues working "into" the Enterprise.

- The range was extremely limited. The main device was placed on Bok's Ship in a laboratory.  However he flew in formation with the Enterprise D the entire time, keeping only a few hundred meters of distance at tops. In the middle her relied on the Relay Device. At the end he actually palced the main device on the Stargazer Bridge.

- The relay device was a smaler version of the main device. It was not exactly inconspicous. The only way he got Picard to take it with him, was by placing it in a chest, among his belongings on the Stargazer and preventing him from ever looking into it. Once they did look, it was easily found.

- One can roughly seperate the effect into 3 Phases:

  1. Phase had Picard complaining about headaches and poor sleep. Possibly in the skill roll penalty area.
  2. Phase had Picard hallucinating. The headaches could be weaponized (hitting him so hard, he did not look at his belongings further and just had them brought to his cabin). In this phase Dr. Crusher noticed odities in Neural Scans
  3. Phase was reached when picard went to bed after having brought the Relay to his cabin. This allwoed full halucinations and control. Picard was not able to attack Bok when he stood right in front of him explaining his plan, the device in arm. At this point the Wesley noticed it on the Ship Sensors.

- the device was single-target only. It hit picard and only picard. It is possibly that it must be adjusted to one specific brain. Possibly Bok got enough old Scans from the Stargazers Medical to start the process, then finetune it over the first 3 days

- It seems the device also provided a neural Scan, similar to what Dr. Crusher had near the end.

- apparently it is not suiteable for fully automatic sequences. It seems even in Phase 3, Bok had to relay general orders via the device. Even just being stuck by teh Tractor beam in the middle of hte Picard Maneuver allowed Picard to be talked into shooting the device by Riker. It is possible the device was not working so well thanks the Picards high resistance to mental attacks and torture

- the device was forbidden even among Ferengi, but Starfleet had no knowledge of it. Indeed it was enough for the timid 1st officer of the Ferengi to go and put Bok into the Brig. And we later learn Bok lost his Damon (Captain) License over this.

- it is entirely possible that Bok simply dragged this out so long for other reasons, including the Stargazer not being in range (yet) or because he was very vindictive



I would say a multipower with Mental Blast and Mind Control. In the beginning Bok kept it on a low Mental Blast setting to cause longterm Headaches. Possibly he was trying to determine Picards level of Mental Defenses. With the Relay device, he went for full on STUN damage, possibly beyond CON levels. He used this to force Picard not looking closer at his stuff.
I can not tell if the Illusiosn were actually Mental Illusions as a form of alternate setting,  Mental Illusiosn used Complimentary to the Mind Control due to nessesity or just the special effect of the mind control

Thought Alteration Device Mode Proper Mental Power; Affected and Detected as Radio Group. Inobvious Attack (was hard to detect on low settings), Inobvious Effects (was hard to detect the changes in Picards brain on low settings).

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Episode 9: Hide and Q

Basically the crew had to talk Riker out of becomming a Q. By decling his Parting gifts:
Aging Wesley 10 years. This was the first gift given and the one to not reject it outright
Making Data Human. This Data rejected even before it was done. It was important from him, "to do it on his own".
Giving Geordi Sight. He said Tasha looked beautifull. Then rejected it
A Klingon women for Worf. They were having foreplay on the bridge. Then he rejected it.
Finally Wesley rejected his gift with a similar explanation as Data.

Riker realised his error for ever actually thinking about this, Q had some Explaining to do with Q, Q and Q.


It was interesting to notice the pacing in rejected the Gifts:
Wesley - being originally a boy - had the hardest time rejecting his.
Data - being a Android without emotion - had the easiest time rejecting his.

We never quite learned what "Tashas deepest dream" was.

This is also a good time to talk about powers:

Q-Powers: For all our knowledge, teh powers of a Q are limitless. It includes the creation of whole realities, time manipulation, reality simulation, freely moving people and ships between those realities. However it was possible for Q to design himself "into Corners" as with the Sherwood Forrest Simulation. Or with him making that bet with Picard in Episode 9.

Basically Q Epsiodes are a advanced version of Holodeck Episodes, in that they allow exploring alterante Settings (like a early contact with the Borg). If not outright "what if" scenarios (like Riker having Q powers). They are both more real (in that they truly could have lost Riker/died to the Borg) and less absolute (in that Q's can just undo everything that happened at the end). So megaplayboys advice on Holodeck applies:

On 8.10.2017 at 9:43 AM, megaplayboy said:

The easiest/cheapest way to simulate the Holodeck is Extradimensional movement, x8 mass(to simulate the maximum number of people who can use it at once), to a related group of dimensions(various programmable simulated environments), with various limitations, including that damage to the ship may also damage characters inside the "alternate dimension".  It rather neatly sidesteps all the necessity for figuring out summons, telekinesis, force fields, etc.  

Basically the moment a Q-Episode Starts, the entire Ship is moved to a alternate reality in wich the Q are Omnipotent. Sticking effects are rare, unless the Crew fails.


Goerdies Visor: For most practical applications, the Visor has Sensory gear equal to or even superior to the Enterprises, directly tied into Geordies nervous System. That allows him interpretations far beyond reading off a Sensor Screen. It also has the advantage that beings like Q do not take his ability of sight away. The shown sightmodes include Microscopic, Telescopic, the full EM Spectrum, and possibly Radar Vision.

As for Limitations: Geordi rarely - if ever- looses Visor function. I am not even 100% certain it is a Focus in the rule Sense. Entities like Q do not take it, because it would take his ability to see. If the crew is disarmed and looses all gear, the Visor usually stays.


Data Strenght: Data is extremely Strong. Able to lift Wesley with what seems casual Strenght in the first Episode. Getting boulders out of the way as if they were Props from a 1987 Television Production.
His durabilty is also extremely high, able to out head-butt a Klingon effortlessly. Short of a Heroic Sacrifice, there was simply no way for him to die.


Datas Knowledge: On the one hand, data had Encyclopedic Knowledge and Eidetic Memory. On the other hand, he was really bad a "organizing" that knowledge. He was prone to "babble". He quickly stopped volunteering information, instead waiting to be asked for his interpreration.

That should be well simulateable with a basic Skill check.

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Episode 10: Haven


This episode had a number of intersting elements:

- We learned a few details about Betazed Culture: Apparently marriages are arranged early, in a system called "Genetic Bonding". Even across species borders. Also everyone in the ceremony has to go naked.

- this episode was the first time a Hypospray was "weaponized". The person using it was a Doctor that had been granted full access to Medbay by Dr. Crusher due to localized expertise. And he either could not get a Phaser to Stun (due to being technically still civilian guest), or he thought that would trigger internal alarms.

- Geordi did notice that he tried to beam over with the supplies "agaisnt quarantine proctoll". But he was to late to stop it.

- Everyone met Lawxana Troi for the first time. And Hom, her servant. Especially did she meet Picard for the first time. She is the one person that can unnerve Picard more then Q and Children combined.

- Lawxanas Luggage is really heavy. Picard had issues carrying it (after being tricked into it). Meanwhile Hom had no issues whatsoever.

- at least around haven, the concept of "Destiny" seems to apply. We had to people from different cultures, different species and without Telepathic ability destined to meet one another, dreaming and drawing each other since their childhood

- Apparently civilsiations suiciding with some bioweapon or the like in the "late 20th Century of tech" is a "old story". Something to learn in the Academy and study in Medical School.

- The titular planet Haven had a intersting political relation with the Federation. It was definitely not a Federation Member. Yet the Federation had a treaty that required Defense in exchange for being allowed to do shore leave and similar things there.

- the Enterprise beamed something aboard they had no clear description off. However the Security Chief and first Officer were present, while it did come straight from Havens central beam hub

 - this something was a Chest with a "Robotic Face" that was there to transmit a message, while spewing out Jewels.

 - a Chameleon Rose (that changes color to match the persons emotion) was introduced. During a dinner Lawxana had a sort of "pet plant" around her arm.

- Will still has feelings for Deana. But he is also a career person, that wants to get into the Captains chair eventually

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