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  1. I just want to make it clear that every time you build an inefficient character, Santa kills a puppy.
  2. I doubt you'd even need to open a real cash business. Just incorporate a company and get yourself a business address. Then start depositing cash into the bank. Sparkle Car Wash Inc., at 952 SW 58th Street, Office 2B. If somebody drives by it's just a cheap office building and office 2B has your logo on the door. The lights are off, but there's a mail slot, and if you look inside you'll see some furniture. There are flowers (fake ones) on the receptionist's desk. It just looks like people stepped out of the office for a bit. Anyway, every day you have somebody come by and dep
  3. I tried using hidden rolls, but after the sixth critical hit in a row the GM started yelling at me.
  4. Generally, I don't unless they've got a held action or you've already used the "cover" maneuver. This isn't Magic: The Gathering. There are no interrupts, particularly of a zero phase action.
  5. I'll take characters with ECs and Multipowers any day of the week over letting an inexperienced player try his hand at a VPP. Talk about slowing a game down to a crawl.
  6. That's pretty much the basic version, but the more I fooled with them, the more my characters diverged from that. Let's suppose you have a character with Shadow Control. 22 pt EC 23 18/18 FF, 1/2 End 23 18" Flight, 1/2 End 23 4" Darkness vs Sight, Alterable Size 23 8" Images vs Sight, -5 Perception rolls 38 12D6 EB Something like that gives you enormous versatility, since you can use all of the powers at once.
  7. I think there's a certain playstyle that old school Champions assumed you would use, and ECs fit pretty well into that. The Human Torch would often have his fire extinguished during a battle, and when that happened he was basically out of the fight. He probably had an Elemental Control with a "not in vacuum/water" limitation on it, and a Vulnerability to wind/vacuum/water" attacks. So Dr Doom can whip up a 6D6 Ranged Drain with his gadget pool, defined as a "wind cannon" and knock out most of Johnny's powers with one shot. But Doom would then write Johnny off as inconsequential and turn hi
  8. It really depends what you mean by "summoning dangerous entities". What exactly are we talking about here? If a pre-teen girl is found playing around with a Ouiji board, are you going to execute her? Dangerous beings might be able to possess someone if you do that. Of course, lots of times people play around with those and nothing happens at all. What if a group of high school kids draw a pentagram on the floor and play around at witchcraft? If they're trying to give a mean teacher at school a wart on her nose, does that count? If the description is that a vengeful spirit cro
  9. I don't believe in Spiritual Transform. That's just special effects. There are no game rules for spirits (except for 4th edition in Hero Almanac 2, I believe), so there's nothing to Transform.
  10. Every. Single. Time. And you're right, it is a personality problem. My point is, some people will complain about everything. You can't make them happy. At the beginning of this thread, there were comments about buying an 18 Dex instead of a 17. If that's someone's measure for powergaming, then there's no solution.
  11. This is a good point, but it also means that any character you build is subject to accusations of "power gaming". Part of the problem is that there's a breed of gamer out there who will whine and bitch any time somebody gets something they don't have. I was in a D&D game once where a grown man threw a fit for an hour because the GM let one of the other players start with a horse. Not a magic horse, just a regular horse.
  12. I built an Invisible Woman character once, and played her in a short-lived campaign (lasted maybe 5 or 6 sessions). I decided to try something along these lines. In a 350 point campaign where most people were throwing 13 or 14D6 attacks, with 30+ Defense, I had something like an 8D6 Invisible to Sight Energy Blast (force ball) and 9 PD and ED with 2 levels of Combat Luck (15/15 total). But she could turn invisible, she could turn other people invisible, she could suppress the invisibility of others (this never came up), and she could turn normal objects invisible (like walls). She also had
  13. The only reason to have points in the game is because they are supposed to help balance characters. Two different 250 point characters should be roughly equivalent to one another. My 60 points of Energy Blast should be about as powerful/useful as your 60 points of Transform. That's what points are for. Now, when it comes to building characters, obviously there are more efficient ways to spend points than others. A guy who buys a 12D6 Energy Blast is going to be more efficient than a guy who buys 4 separate 15 point ranged attacks (1D6 RKA, 3D6 EB, 1D6 ranged Drain, 3D6 Suppress
  14. Building inefficient characters is a mortal sin. It offends the gods of Champions.
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