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  1. massey

    How to Wildfire

    Big attack, knocks self unconscious when used (may require outside help to re-enter suit and wake up).
  2. I know the official word is that Flying Dodge prevents a ranged attack from hitting. I think they said Dive For Cover did as well. I just think those are terrible ideas.
  3. First, your god buys a Base. Distant location (other dimension), high enough Defense to prevent people from blasting their way in (with Affects Desolid and Hardened on the Def, maybe even Transdimensional even though I don't think you technically need that). I'd buy a high level of Change Environment to keep the weather perfect (effectively a counter to anyone trying to make Heaven an unpleasant place -- if you've got +/- 20 levels of temperature change "only to keep it nice" then you're probably good). Then, your god buys some options for that Base: 50 points Mental Defense, Usable By Others (all the souls in Heaven) -- defined as "contentment". If you were to build depression or anxiety in Hero, it would probably be some sort of continuous mental attack, so now you've got enough Mental Defense that you're unaffected by that and so you're happy. 20D6 Mental Illusions/Mind Control/Transform, NND, Area Effect, only to make people feel happy -- if the Mental Defense isn't enough (or you think people's default state is misery), then choose your preferred power for emotion control and lay it on. People feel happy in Heaven, and their old cares seem very distant and unimportant. Mental Illusions would also make Heaven appear exactly as you think it should appear, a personalized Heaven. Full Life Support, Usable By Others (all the souls in Heaven) -- You never get sick, and you never die. Thanks, Wilford Brimley. Some form of conventional Defense (Armor, Force Field, just a high PD & ED), plus a massive continuous Healing power with Resurrection -- nobody can kill you in Heaven. Even if some jerkwad breaks in and blasts you with a 20D6 RKA, you'll be fine. 20D6 Transform NND, to "heavenly body" -- Everybody looks good in Heaven. You get a couple levels of striking appearance/+10 Comeliness, all your Physical Limitations disappear (goodbye nearsightedness), and if you didn't have a great physique before, you do now. 30D6 Mind Control NND Continuous Area Effect, "be good" -- There are rules in Heaven. Don't try to rape anybody. Be a good person, don't try to blaspheme your god, don't try to set the place on fire. I'm looking at you, players. -- You buy all these powers 0 End Persistent, possibly Inherent. Heaven is just a great place. Finally, you get your preferred method of transport. Extra-Dimensional Movement plus a Healing Resurrection power would be fine. Combine it with a "Detect: the faithful" sense and you should be good.
  4. massey

    How to Wildfire

    There is no "reality" that you're trying to simulate. The only thing that matters is what the character can do in the game. Don't waste points trying to simulate something that doesn't come up in the game. A few years ago, somebody asked how to make a character that can reincarnate. When they die, they come back with different powers, different skills, different memories. The easiest answer is -- you don't bother. That's no different than just creating a new character each time. Wildfire is an energy being held within a containment suit. He needs the suit to interact with the world. But really, that's not very different from Yoda telling Luke that "luminous beings are we, not this crude matter". For all intents and purposes, Wildfire is the suit. When he leaves the suit, he can't do anything. If the suit is destroyed, he's in danger of dispersing. How is that any different than being unconscious and/or at negative body? He just has a clever description of what is happening, a different special effect. Wildfire doesn't really get to do anything cool when he leaves the suit. At most, it's Clairsentience, leaves body behind. Might even make it no conscious control, and just let the GM give him hints as to things his energy ghost form just happens to see.
  5. massey

    How to Wildfire

    Clairsentience, invisible, leaves body behind.
  6. I disagree. That would make it more expensive than just having the extra damage all the time.
  7. I'd just say it doesn't do anything against ranged attacks. Attackers don't target a hex unless it's Area of Effect. With ranged attacks, if I hit your DCV, then I hit your DCV. Triggered movement doesn't do anything unless it somehow moved you out of LOS, or into a longer range bracket.
  8. "Double damage" in Hero is tough to do, because twice the dice really means that you're taking way more than twice the damage. If a normal character has a 12D6 attack and let's say 25 Def, then "normal damage" is going to be about 17 Stun past defenses. So I'd say a "double damage" attack is probably closer to 17D6 (so ~34 past def) than 24D6. So I'd recommend having a base ranged attack, you can have VSFX if you really want, and then using Absorption to boost it. Or just buy a big attack, with a limitation "only after character has spent X number of phases soaking up damage first".
  9. Alright alright alright.
  10. Yeah, the problem is that having Con only to prevent stunning is an all or nothing affair. Either you have enough for the damage you're taking that moment or you don't. Excess Con above the damage you're likely to take in a game is wasted. But Con that's too low is wasted as well. There's a Goldilocks number range that is just right, and anything outside that range is crappy. In a 12D6 game where you have 20 Def, then a 10 Con is woefully inadequate. But so is a 15 Con. That 5 point difference is negligible. At the other end of the scale, a 30 Con is probably more than enough (barring some crazy fluke rolls). Is a 35 Con really worth that 5 extra points? Probably not. Is a 50 Con worth it? Most definitely not. In the days of figured characteristics, there could at least be some justification to go higher. These days there's no point to go beyond the amount of Stun you expect to take in a single hit.
  11. The GM can disallow anything in his game. Doesn't matter. It doesn't change the underlying issue that somebody decided "can't be stunned" was only worth 15 points. The problem is that figured characteristics were far more tightly connected to the system than the people who made 6th edition wanted to admit. In 4th and 5th, "only to avoid being stunned" was actually a pretty big limitation on Con. I'd argue it would be worth a -2, because Con kept you from being stunned, but it also gave you a buttload of figured stats. Thus a 15 point "can't be stunned" automaton power in 5th would be equivalent to buying +23 Con only to prevent being stunned. That would put a normal character at 33 Con (assuming they didn't also buy it higher for the figured stats), which with normal defense puts you pretty safely into the "probably won't be stunned" range. But with the removal of figured characteristics, and the decision to make Con 1 point for 1, now "cannot be stunned" for 15 points is very poorly priced. It's an absolute steal, particularly with Change Environment now having an adder that automatically stuns people, regardless of Con score.
  12. On the other hand, the Power "Cannot Be Stunned" is only like 15 points. So really, anything over a 25 Con should arguably be free.
  13. You don't want a football player to dribble. They call that fumbling.
  14. There is a primary character who gains experience. To improve the multiform, spend more points.
  15. It must have been love, but it's over now.
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