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  1. Probably has a copy of Fast Times at Ridgemont High as well. God bless that man.
  2. I don't think I'd want to live in a future without Coca-Cola.
  3. Seen 13 of them. The highest rated one I saw was Supergirl, back when I was a kid. It was pretty bad.
  4. I really don't want to spend money on another streaming service, but WandaVision looks pretty good.
  5. There's no balancing mechanism possible to make a bad player equal to a good player. Nor should there be. I used to play D&D with a guy named Matt. Nice guy, but basically a bump on a log. Matt knew how to roll a D20, but couldn't figure out what Armor Class he hit. We had been playing together for years. Matt just liked to be in the group, killing monsters and having fun. He was never late, and showed up every single game session. Don't ask Matt to come up with a plan though. He knew when it was his turn to attack, and he knew what damage dice to roll. Anything beyond "I hit it
  6. There is a tribe of Hero gamers who are worried that somebody might get something in the game without paying for it. These poor lost souls will try to require every possible point expenditure that they can think of. If they can think of a power that might possibly be related to the one you already have, they will want to see it on the character sheet as well. This mentality seemed to hit its peak in the Steve Long 5th edition character books. Unfortunately, all it does is limit the characters that people actually choose to play, by making cooler concepts too expensive to be competitive.
  7. I'd just suggest using a 1D6 Transform to copy it onto some sort of physical device. We all know how DVD players work.
  8. Honestly I think they'll kick the can down the road. Coronavirus has delayed a lot of movie releases, so I don't think a sequel in 2022 was going to happen anyway. Everyone will understand if Black Panther 2 gets pushed back a while as Marvel figures out what to do. Boseman was a perfect Black Panther, and they can't just slide anybody in there to take over his spot. Whatever the script for part 2 happened to be, it'll be completely different now. They're gonna have to figure out how this fits in with the larger Marvel Universe. From what bits and pieces I've gathered, nobody
  9. I did a fight scene breakdown for Captain America a while back, using the scene from Winter Soldier in the elevator. He ended up having something like a 40 Str and an 8 Speed.
  10. The thing about Code of Honor, it wasn't intentionally racist. It's just more of an unfortunate implications thing. It's still not a very good episode. It feels like a leftover TOS script, but without the 1960s charm. When they wrote the episode, Tasha Yar hadn't been cast yet. Marina Sirtis had actually read for Yar, as I recall. And the script didn't specify that it was a Zulu tribe, they were just supposed to be another group of aliens who had a culture reminiscent of some Earth warrior people. I read somewhere that the writer was thinking of samurai lizard people, but the
  11. Again, I think the problem here is that we don't see that kind of coordination between criminals in real life. You can get head-scratching results when you pick and choose which genre conventions you're going to follow. Having a mastermind who somehow coordinates lots of villains is fine, but that's a comic book thing. And if we're using comic book things, then Batman and friends have protection for their secret IDs, because that's a comic book thing too. If we're going "realistic", then recurring costumed villains who hold a grudge against the hero probably don't exist either.
  12. Well you wouldn't want everybody to know it. Then it's not secret anymore. Your average Joe on the street shouldn't necessarily know. You've just got someone throwing off the trail of investigators. I think having a low-tier superhuman pretend to be the secret ID would also give him much better survival odds. The question of supervillains targeting the hero's secret ID also brings up the subject of how many of the genre conventions you're emulating. In the real world, criminals don't actually target cops at their homes. In the comics, supervillains trying to find out the hero
  13. Several years ago, a local official got a little boob grabby at his office Christmas party. The women I worked with were furious. They wanted him prosecuted. He should be a sex offender for life. We all knew the victim, and fortunately for that guy, she was very forgiving of everything and it ended with him only losing his job. When I suggested that maybe that was punishment enough, I was told repeatedly (and loudly) about how this was a huge violation and men like that need to be arrested. That summer our office went to a conference out of town, with the all-important phrase
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