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  1. There's a button on the crotch that makes happy sounds when you push it.
  2. Women are adult females. "Females" is inclusive of all ages. It's not like we understand you any better when you're young.
  3. I mean, I figured it was pretty widespread in the first place. How many adult men really want to hang around preteen girls?
  4. I know I'm way behind, but my wife and I finally watched Spider-Man: Far From Home last night. That was a seriously fun movie. It really felt like a comic book. We both had a blast. Tom Holland is perfect as Spider-Man. And I have to admit (spoilers)... seeing JK Simmons come back as J Jonah Jameson made me so happy I almost squealed like a teenage girl. There's really nobody who could do that role better than him. Jake Gyllenhaal did a decent job as a villain I never cared about, and the special effects team did a spectacular job.
  5. Does it make any more sense for the toddler to destroy an Abrams tank, or a skyscraper with a penknife?
  6. I played 1st edition L5R a very long time ago. Like 1997 or so, I think. Running with the assumption that absolutely nothing has changed, and that my memory is flawless, I'd suggest something like this: I'd give each "ring" a set of Hero stats that best represent what that ring does. I'd make sure they cost the same. I might even give some sort of bonus for people who purchased a complete ring as opposed to min-maxing for Hero. So, you might say that the Ring of Air represents Dexterity and Presence. Depending on which version of Hero you're using, that may include figured stats or it may not. But I'd tie those stats together in some way. Some normal jerk with 10 Dex and 10 Pre might have an Air Ring of 2 (I think people started at 2). Maybe a 15 Dex and 15 Pre gives you an Air Ring of 3. For pure point efficiency, you'd want a 14 Dex (assuming 5th edition and figured stats) and a 13 Pre. But to get to the higher Ring rating, you have to buy the full amount. Tie certain abilities to your Ring rating. Maybe you can only buy 1 combat level with your weapon for each Ring rating (so a guy with a 14 Dex and 10 Pre has a 5 OCV, but he can only buy 2 levels with katana). Earth Ring may be Str, Con, and Body. Water Ring might be Ego and Intelligence. Fire might be Speed and, I dunno, something else. Void could be a combination of D6s of Luck, Power Defense, and maybe combat levels or something.
  7. I think there are two different concepts of honor, and we frequently confuse them. Japanese honor is not chivalry. It's not a matter of following your own internal code and being true to your ideals. In the Japanese samurai context, honor is reputation. It's respect. An honorable warrior is one who people give honors to. He might be an utter dirtbag in real life, but people perceive him as being great. He keeps up a good appearance. Personal honor in a modern western context is different. That's more strength of character kind of thing. It's the sort of honor you get in a hyper-individualistic society like America, as opposed to the more group-oriented societies of Asia.
  8. I think he had a couple of different powers going. Transform into Smith Minion is for when you need to kill a character. It is primarily an attack power. Just because you turn a random old lady bystander into a Smith doesn't mean you had to use the Transform power. That could just be the special effect of your Summon. Summon Smith Minion (or Horde of Smith Minions) is for when you need a bunch of dudes to show up all convenient-like, and you forgot to actually Transform anybody ahead of time. "Oh yeah, I totally did this an hour ago..." Follower: Smith Minion is for when you always have guys standing around, and you don't want to worry about using an action to summon them or them using up their "loyal" actions.
  9. In my experience, GMs generally allow the player to control Followers and Summons, especially if you buy the Summon as Amicable. Of course we aren't seeing the "gaming table" perspective in the film. The biggest problem I have with Duplication is losing character points if they die. None of the other powers have that problem.
  10. Duplication is all screwed up. There aren't very many times you should use Duplication instead of just buying a Follower instead or using Summon. It's expensive and has some real drawbacks to its use. It's almost always better to use a different build. Agent Smith probably just had a bunch of Followers (other Agent Smiths), or used Summon: Horde of Agent Smiths to fight Neo. Trying to do it all with Duplication is a headache.
  11. Nightmare on Elm Street and Black Christmas are the two movies I'll remember him best in. And of course, the MST3K version of Mitchell. Why God? Why couldn't you have just taken Dick Vitale?
  12. I had a crush on her character Melanie first time I saw Gone With the Wind as a kid. I liked her.
  13. Regis always got on my nerves. Gonna miss John Saxon a lot more.
  14. Steve Long has always had a fetish for military equipment and big numbers. His equipment guides and stats have always been way way off. Case closed.
  15. Take a look at the object body table on page 449 (5th ed revised). Doubling of mass = +1 Body. There's an element of the Hero fan club who can't wrap their head around the idea that +1 DC = twice as powerful, and that it's intentionally skewed so that people survive things they shouldn't because comic books. According to Google, Earth has a mass of 5.972 × 10^24 kg. So that's 5,972,000,000,000,000,000,000 metric tons if I've got my decimals in the right place. An unliving object massing 6.4 tons has 13 Body. Every x1000 in mass is +10 Body. So that's 13+70 = 83 Body for the Earth.
  16. You could always build the crow itself as the character, and Eric Draven as Indirect Telekinesis with Images and Indirect RKA guns. Everybody thinks they're shooting at the guy, but the actual character is the bird.
  17. Immune to XYZ is always tricky in Hero, because you can define any power as being XYZ-based. Being Really Really Scary -- 10D6 RKA (so frightening that it causes you to have a heart attack) And you want to be immune to that for 5 or 10 points? Of course, you aren't likely to run into anybody who actually defined their RKA as fear-based. But what if you did? Part of the job of the GM is to determine how the world works. How are fear-based attacks going to work in your game? Because that's really all that matters. Being immune to fear is a common trope in fantasy gaming. So what you do is figure out the limits of what you'll allow a fear attack to do in the game. Then devise an appropriate defense against it. Then you're done. In a fantasy game, where fear is relatively common but not an overwhelming attack, I'd probably make Immune to Fear cost 10 points or something. And now you're immune to fear, period. But I might also require a Psych Lim -- Fearless. The character is going to be more susceptible to certain Mind Controls ("Attack that dragon? No problem!") because he doesn't have the fear that would normally give him a bonus to resist. While exploring a creepy dungeon, everybody else gets a cold chill when you start to open the crypt that contains the wight. But not our fearless character, he doesn't get that warning at all.
  18. Wow. So that's two people you accuse of racism in one thread. You do you, Old Man. Never let the facts get in the way of a good hissy fit.
  19. Real life Asia is not nearly as interesting as mythological Asia. Real life Asia did not have ninjas fighting dragons. To simulate real life historical Asia, roll percentile dice for your profession. 1-99% you are a rice farmer or fisherman. That sounds like a sucky game.
  20. Yeah but damage builds up fast in Hero. Imagine you're hitting a wall. It's a massive wall, infinitely high and wide, the thickness of the Earth. How much damage do you need to do to smash through it in one attack? Well according to the Wall Body chart (Hero 5th ed revised, page 448), for stone and metal every doubling of thickness is +2 Body. That lets you knock a hex-sided hole in a wall. To double the width of the hole, to add +1 Body for each doubling. According to Wikipedia, your impact crater is 150 km in diameter and about 20 km deep. So if you've got one hex of stone (5 Def, 19 Body), you need 24D6 to destroy the hex. You'd need an extra 18D6 to make the one hex-wide hole a kilometer deep. You'd need about an additional 7D6 to make it 12 km (the midpoint between 8 and 16). So that's a 49D6 attack to make the crater the right depth, one hex wide. Now going out wide, we need an extra 9D6 to make it a km wide, and about 7.5 additional to get it to 150 km diameter. So with Champions math, we need about 67D6 to get the impact that killed the dinosaurs. To fully punch the Earth-sized hole in the infinite wall, we need a hole 12,700 km deep and wide. One hex of stone is 24D6, + 18D6 for a km deep. For a thousand km deep, that's +20D6 more, and then 8 more will get you 16,000. 70D6 to punch a one hex hole through the Earth. +10 more for it to be a kilometer wide. +10 more for 1,000 km wide. +4 more for 16,000. So 94D6 should be sufficient. The 86 DC that you've calculated means that our figures are within 20 damage classes or so of each other. That's a big difference, but it's not millions of damage classes different. If you wanted to, you could say that planets (particularly important player character planets like Earth) could have extra defenses against attacks that are not Area Effect and Megascale. So a 94D6 EB, Area of Effect Radius, MegaArea is a planet killer. A "mere" 94D6 regular attack might just take out a large city or so. Because of handwaviium.
  21. I don’t think they even told him he was in a movie.
  22. How many D6 damage does sunlight do to us on the ground? Even on the hottest days I don't think I take more than a point or two of Stun from being outside unless it's for a long time. The Earth's atmosphere might just be +10 ED only vs sunlight.
  23. Holy crap. That blows. Always had the hots for her.
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