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  1. "On a long enough timeline, everyone has an evil twin." "One way or another, the bleeding always stops."
  2. The First Squad of the Zodiac Force is made of Libra, Aquarius, Gemini and Sagittarius, and serves as the main patrol squad for Zodiac. The tactical leader of the squad is Libra, whose birth name is Janine Tyler. She was attacked by The Monster during one of its rampages, and was rescued and healed by an unknown reality warper that she has never found since then. Whatever the hero did to rescue her, she acquired powers in the aftermath, including the psychic ability to sense evil intent or criminal actions, a missile reflection ability that works with a pair of hand-held portals, and the ability to mimic one other power in her line of sight. It's a grab-bag of powers, not cohesive, but it helps her guide her squad to stop crimes in progress, defend herself and meet criminals on their own terms. She is motivated by a driving need for justice to make sure that nobody is ever victimized like she was by the Monster. And under that is a pervasive fear that one day she will be helpless again. The reconnaissance and communication specialist for First Squad is Aquarius, who was born Steven Garrafalo. He tested positive for mutation as a child, but he powers themselves lay latent until he experimented with magic in college, driven by an urge he could not explain. He bonded with a pair of elementals, one of wind and one of water. He has fair-to-middling combat utility, with a wind-shield to defend himself and a blast of water like a firehose, but he shines best when he can use breezes to bring sounds to his ears from afar, or channel his vision through water to scout ahead at a distance. Where Libra detects a crime eminent, Aquarius peers ahead to see what the threat is. He has never questioned his motivations, he got powers and joined a team of heroes without hesitation and seems almost preternaturally suited to this role. The transportation and main combatant of First Squad comes from Sagittarius, an actual centaur from the faelands with a magic bow and horseshoes. He can carry a teammate on his back and run at freeway speeds through tight alleys and even up stairs, making his squad extremely mobile. With his bow he can launch arrows that can shoot down helicopters or bruise a peach, at his discretion, and his expert aim is unquestionable. He is a large target and vulnerable, so he relies on his teammates to keep him safe in combat. He was transported to our world by a witch from his homeland that wanted to get him out of her way, but he has fallen in love with mortal culture and music so he never wants to leave. He was invited to join Zodiac because of the theme he fit, and he joined for his own reasons that he has never disclosed. Gemini is backup and support for First Squad. She used to be Ashley Jones, a small-time thief who decided that super-science was where the real profit was. She was absconding with a crated device that she could not even pronounce or identify, and a pothole jarred it too much and it activated, sucking itself into a dimensional portal and spitting out another copy of Ashley. The two combined and she blacked out. As part of her probation she had to join a hero team, using her new powers to help. She can double anyone she sees, creating a perfect duplicate of anyone but herself, and both copies are healed largely or completely in the process. She often duplicates Sagittarius for travel or heavy artillery, duplicates Libra for defense or utility, or Aquarius to secure air superiority. Libra refuses to use her power mimicry to duplicate Gemini, it sets off her "crime sense" to even consider it.
  3. It's been mostly good. Surviving the economy, got married. Been writing superhero novels but my current project makes it basically impossible to publish anything until the entire five-book trilogy (long story) is done. Never did fully adapt to 6E rules, been thinking about writing up some modules for Steve to publish. It's good to be back to this thread.
  4. The Suspense was laughed out of three villain headquarters but that never stopped him. He knew his powers were amazing. The ability to create perfect silence in a ten-foot radius was exactly the sort of thing that could leave superheroes trembling in fear and lead him to a life of riches and fame and beautiful women lounging around him in European casinos. After all, all the greats like Hitchcock and Romero know that silence is the scariest sound of all. Ever since that experimental auto-husher in the Millenium City Library malfunctioned while he was working on it, he knew his destiny was great things. And shockingly, he's proven himself right. Perfect silence and a little patience make for a perfect ambusher. He made his debut with the Faultless Four when they cut the power and backup generator for the local police station and broke into the evidence locker, making out with millions of dollars in impounded goods and enough labeled evidence to put many other villains in their debt. He stalked through the halls with nightvision goggles, while the cops all tried to navigate by sound and speech. It was a terrifying half-hour for them as they learned to fear the silence and the Suspense. Eventually though the heroes showed up, and learned the same lesson. An assault shotgun on full-auto with beanbag rounds may not kill most superheroes but it'll knock them down or knock them out, and he can often take down one or even two of them before they even figure out that they were under attack, let alone start looking for him. It had been a good night for them, putting them on the map. Not to mention all the banks he can break into with shaped demolition charges, looting the vault while nobody even knows they've been breached. The more tactical a hero team is, the more he shines, disrupting their communications with ease, and gods help them if they've got a sonic blaster on their team. Cops can't call for backup, alarms don't go off, his team operates in perfect stealth, and he is amassing those riches and fame with a speed that surprises those villain teams that laughed at him and blew him off.
  5. Cetaceus didn't even want to stop thieving. But his hand was forced. Flipper. Whatever. God this takes some adjusting. There was no reason for the darn thing to be cursed. Who would curse a scrimshaw collection? Seriously? Sure, it was worth a few thousand dollars, but it wasn't a priceless antique or something. But somewhere in the past couple hundred years, someone loved this thing enough to put a curse on anyone that would steal it. And Tommy stole it. So then he was turned into a whale. A hundred-ton sperm whale. Well, a humanoid sperm whale. Sure, with some practice he was able to condense his form down to normal human size and back, but he was still not going to blend in anywhere ever again, and his old contacts and fences dropped him as soon as he developed superpowers. And the thing was, his only marketable skill was cat burglary. There was nothing for him to fall back on. It was either supervillainy or superheroism for him, no other options. And no villain team needs a cat burglar whose only asset was that he could grow himself too big to fit into most spaces. But he was surprised to find out that as a superhero, his inside knowledge of criminal procedure was a real asset, as was his giant size and his sonar powers. And the ability to hold his breath for five hours made him particularly adept at surviving many standard supervillain deathtraps. He'd rather be stealing. It was fun. But until he loses his powers, he'll be the superhero Cetaceus.
  6. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! When the One-Trick Ponies reached Earth, one of them in particular was ticked to find that the apes had already mocked his power. Everywhere Corral runs, the earth reacts, shooting up walls of solid stone behind him. And the monkey-men keep comparing him to the light-bikes from Tron. In combat, this lets him protect his teammates, cut off enemy escape, control the flow of battle, and make good the One-Trick Ponies' getaway plans. Also, it helps pin the monkeys in place for Mister Dread's fear aura, which is always a bonus. (rejected ideas include Trigger, who can set off explosions in his vicinity, and the Invisible Pink Unicorn, with a prosthetic horn and the ability to turn invisible and pink at the same time. Free to a good home!)
  7. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! "I dunno what the big deal is, they done me a real favor. Look, I never got no respect, no matter how hard I tried. I would tell everyone how great I was, and how tough I was, and at the end of the day, I was always a laughingstock. Then I got this image consultant, right, said he'd done this kinda work before. So, now I'm not Bulldozer anymore. Got my tattoos removed an' ev'rything. I'm taking elocution classes now, but the instructor says it'll take a long time to see real progress. Least I can pronounce 'elocution' now. And, yeah, I'm supposed to stop hittin' on ladies during jobs, and stop callin' people wimp or egghead. My PR guy says that looks real bad. I gotta think about my image now. "Like the new look? Don't be fooled. I'm still Dozer-strong under these fancy threads. But the threads themselves? Dig it, feel this material. Looks like Italian wool, feels like steel wool, amiright? Actually, it's got this stuff called na-no-tubes in it. Means its bulletproof, just like me. Not because I need the protection, but just so I'll look as good after the fight as before. Just like the tie, the shirt, everything. Looks sharp, right? Hang on, I gotta put on the fedora for the full effect. How about it, eh? And, I got these neat knuckle-dusters. Titanium-iron alloy, strong as all hell. I hit as hard as Ironside now, even Ogre. Sure, I miss feeling some wimp's ribs break under my knuckles, but it's part of my new image. It's all about Kneecapper now."
  8. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! Alright, let's see how this goes.... You remember the Ettesil invasion last year? No? Or how about those three meteors that destroyed the earth in May? No, not that either? That's because they didn't happen. That's because of the Near-Earth Orbit, a team of five heroes who patrol space near our lovely little blue planet. Their original goal was to keep Dr. Destroyer from building any more orbital death cannon space stations, but most often they serve as the first line of defense against alien invaders and other threats from space. Sure, there's other space-based hero groups, but it seems like they're always galivanting off to save planets full of alien princesses, or attacking galactic threats in some other cluster. But, between the Moon and the Earth, there is always these five brave, patient souls who make sure extinction does not fall out of the skies.
  9. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! The United States has plenty of "flag heroes", but it is too proud of most of them to send them to join an international group. Most of them, but not all. The Standard has caused more trouble domestically than they like, and so now she is a member of the UNSC's new hero group. A mind-reading martial artist, she is a skilled infiltrator and scout, as well as a flashy, dynamic combatant, and blends her attacks with those of her teammates in a seamless display of teamwork. However, her upbeat unflappable personality can grate on the nerves after a while. She constantly encourages all people to better themselves in all ways, and she is a constant source of pep-talks, cheerleading, and encouraging slogans. She tells everyone that his name comes not only from the fact that a flag is also called a standard, but also that it reminds her to raise her own standards every day. She is virtuous, incorruptible, generous, and forgiving, and that is exactly what got her in trouble back home. She believes that public officials should be paragons of humanity, and she would immediately expose any wrongdoing in any elected official. The authorities offloaded her for their own sakes, but she could not care less, she is thrilled to be representing her nation on the global stage. She occasionally has to resist taking on a protective or patronizing role with non-Americans. (by the way, for team name I propose United Nations Intervention Taskforce. I like acronyms)
  10. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! New team, new theme! Sometimes, we don't get the name we want. Maybe the press gave you a bad rap when they first reported you, or maybe you had a freudian slip when you were giving your name. Sometimes, nicknames stick with you, like it or not. Is this you? Are you being mocked during battles, belittled during team meetings? Is your superhero identity a source of guilty snickers and double-entendre? We know how it is, people can be juvenile. Come join the Rough Sects, where you can be among villains who share your troubles. We are looking for six new members at this time, all with names and powersets that are ... unintentionally suggestive, or overly prone to sexual innuendo. If your name gets groans, giggles, or giggities, put in your application now!
  11. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! Sometimes, life takes a different direction than you expected. Jerry Oatman was going to be a world-class supervillain, using his ability to take any form to rob any place, take anything, and never worry about the law. Even superheroes were no worry to The Amazing Multiplex, since he could simply recover from any damage and escape from any captivity! What he neglected to realize was that not all heroes will beat a villain up and throw him in jail, or try to kill them. Some heroes are devious. One such was called The Negator, and that hero responded to the call when Multiplex tried to rob a museum. Spotting the hero, Multiplex touched a nearby fossil and took on a form based on it, turning into a humanoid stegosaurus! But Negator was not impressed, and with a wave of his hand, permanently depowered Multiplex. With no shapeshifting, multiforming or power mimicry, the villain who thought to take on the world was now stuck in one measly shape. Whipspike, as he now called himself, is tall and strongly built, with large leaf-shaped plates running down his back and several long, needle-like spikes on the end of his long, flexible tail. Most who look at him think him a lumbering brute, but they are often caught off-guard by his snakelike speed and long reach. Virtually impervious to harm from the back, he is fond of wading into the middle of a fight and lashing around in all directions. He now steals to survive, since he can never go back to a human life, but he fights for pure vicious fun. He blames superheroes, all of them, for his condition, and he takes it out on them whenever he can.
  12. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! For anyone that wants to hire a private army, you could always just hire Private Army. His military records show him constantly in trouble after leaving basic training. Though he was in a nice, quiet quartermaster's unit in garrison, he still continued to antagonize. Eavesdropping, gossip-mongering, challenging authority, avoiding duty, and numerous small infractions. Finally, the last straw: an experimental shipment for the research agency turned up missing. A quick investigation conclusively proved that the troublemaker had attempted to steal it, and had accidentally destroyed it. Booted from the Army, he soon manifested powers, and joined up with the Malefactors. His ability to duplicate himself an infinite number of times, along with his natural skill with firearms, makes him ideal for a number of functions. That's the official record, anyway. Private Brett Amy was a top-notch soldier assigned to a company of lazy, corrupt gold-brickers. He reported his fellow soldiers to the company commander, and found that the commander was the worst of the lot. After his attempted whistle-blowing, his good record was tarnished, and nobody in the chain of command would listen as he tried to file reports about the cut corners, safety violations, embezzlement, and theft. For years he suffered as the only goood soldier in the unit, constantly harassed and persecuted. Eventually, he found out that the others were planning a big score. To preserve the shipment, he snuck in at night and tried to move the canister from its spot to another shelf, hidden behind some boxes. But it was too heavy to handle by himself, and he wound up dropping it all over himself. He didn't get a good look, but he would later describe it as "liquid algebra". Now, he can multiply himself three times over, and they can each multiply, ad infinitum. However, he does not know this. For some reason, he can no longer do any degree of math, not even counting accurately. As a member of the Malefactors, he is an ideal spy. It is impossible to keep track of all of him, and he is a natural snoop and eavesdropper. He can move information in and out of nearly anywhere, and many a grand scheme was foiled by a mysterious tip-off. In a fight, he is limited to normal firearms, but with armor-piercing bullets and find weakness, a lot is possible. Also, he is great for taking hostages, driving getaway vehicles, and hundreds of other tasks. All at the same time.
  13. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! Upright II was a legacy hero, using his father's armor to do some good in the world. The original Upright was a member of ACT, the American Clean Team; designed by the federal government during the late sixties as a way to lure America's youth away from the subversive protest movements. ACT was about "traditional" values, and was supposed to evoke sentiments of nostalgia, homesickness, and comfortable familiarity. In practice, it meant that there were six goofy heroes running around with costumes and powers and codenames branded after household appliances, all of them trying to convince hippies that they should try to capture the American Dream with the picket fences and the 2.5 children in a suburb with a nosy neighbor and a friendly milkman. Upright II is terribly embarrassed about his father's politics and image, but when the old man retired, he stepped up to help out. Even though the American Clean Team broke up when Spin Cycle died and Gasrange was institutionalized, he kept the name as a symbol. Symbols, however, don't mean a thing when your armor has no psionic defenses. One supervillain with a mean streak took Upright's brain and twisted it like taffy, and now the young man is happily villainous, robbing banks and taking hostages while he still cheerfully chants out his father's old slogans and other upbeat, positive catchphrases. He appears to be completely oblivious to the fact that he is breaking the law, and nobody has yet managed to shake him out of his reverie. And, whatever villain it was that programmed him was REALLY good at his job, his mind is now virtually impermeable. His armor looks like cheap plastic and chrome, but it actually gives him top-notch protection. Though it's bulky and retro, the powerset in it has been regularly upgraded as time goes by. His main abilities in a fight are his flight, heightened strength, electrifying grasp, and his "air sweep", an area-effect technique that draws in anything not nailed down and hold it to him. Clustering up his opponents like that is a great set-up for his teammates' powers, and sometimes he uses his air sweep while he's airborne, so as to pull an entire hero team, or police blockade, or any other inconvenience, thirty feet into the air, then drop them all at once. Usually in a safe place like a body of water or a pile of mattresses, but not always.
  14. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! An entomologist with a particular interest in apiology, Dr. Bryce Kosturakis was determined to find a way to communicate with his little buzzing friends. With help from a mathematician friend of his and a drinking buddy who was breaking new ground in communication theory, Bryce eventually got what he wanted, a way to talk to the bees as one of their own. But, one of their own meant just another drone, and his will was quickly subjugated by the consciousness of the hive. For a few years, he wandered the earth, carrying a cabinet-style hive on his back, breaking into flower shops or stealing sugar from grocery stores, until he figured out how to open the communication even further. When he opens his mouth, the only sound is a frantic droning buzz, like white noise or a flurry of bees, yet those in listening range can hear his words, and his intentions. And, he can overwhelm the will of another just as his own will was overwhelmed. Thus, the birth of Mindhive. Now a known villain, he has moved up to higher profile targets and more profitable scores. But, his mind is not a man's, and his goals are not human. He is using his earnings to collect bee colonies from all over the world, bringing them together in the largest hive ever constructed. Sugar is shipped in by the truckload, and some day this super-colony will break open its walls and true terror will be known. But, until then, he uses his powers of mind control, mental communication, confusion and will-sapping to rob whatever targets his little yellow-and-black friends choose. Recognizing that his powers were narrow in scope, he began searching about for others who could help him in his mission. Not humans, he could barely understand them at all. But some people had minds... closer to his. More animal, more instinct, less refined. He sought them out, to form the Human Zoo. None of them know about his hidden superhive, nor his long-term goals.
  15. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! Renard Chauvre-Souris was a good ol' Texas boy, drinking rye whiskey from morning to night and living off the proceeds of the family ranch, when he was visited by two native spirits of the land. The trickster spirit gave Renard power and told him to go raise hell, shake people up, and make the world a weirder place. The protector spirit gave him power and told him to help people, to save lives, and to do his part for society. Renard thanked Old Man Coyote and Brown Bat for their gifts, and went off to make a difference in a stagnant, corrupt world. In the big city, he suited up his mantle as the Guardian Trickster, and spent all day trying to find crime to foil. In the end, it was just much easier to mess with people than it was to save them. At the end of a week, he had accomplished very little as a hero, and had managed to annoy many people a great deal with his prankster powers. When he heard the alarms of a genuine bank robbery, he flew into action. Inside was a famous supervillain and his henchmen, too many for Renard to tackle alone. Thinking tactically, he hid in the back of their getaway vehicle to ambush them on the escape. The robbery went bad, and before the afternoon was over, the cops were shooting at Renard! (Apparently, wearing a costume nobody has seen before and coming out of the back of the Foxbatmobile makes the constabulary a bit nervous.) Running from the cops, Renard wound up back in the Foxbatmobile as Foxbat drove to safety. Over the next two days, the World's Greatest Supervillain nursed Renard back to health and helped him through the DT's. At the end, he had a new idol, and a new goal in life. Aspiring to someday join his hero as a full-time sidekick or (dare he dream it?) a partner, he started at the farm leagues, IF-HE-CAN's American branch, as Coyotebat. His powers include some flight and running, healing, a bag of tricks with hundreds of helpful little spells, and force walls. Tactically, he contributes to the team's battlefield mobility, using his flexible powerset to set opponents up for his teammates and protect their backs. As a member of the team, he contributes a whimsical spirit and a helpful hand.
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