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Spies, conmen, and other duplicitious types tend to have one thing in common. A backup plan when things go wrong. Part of that plan is a go bag if they need to blow town. But whats in the ideal go bag. Mine would have 


50k cash

change of clothes and disguse

gun and 4 clips

clean burner phone

fake passport


What would your ideal go bag look like?

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I'm not sure that the cash and the weapons would be such a good thing to have in a bag you're carrying.  Should you be stopped by the authorities, they are going to take one look at the cash and weapons, figure "drug dealer" or something else illegal and arrest you on the spot.  (All the while thinking "Asset Forfeiture!  KA-CHING!" while licking their chops.)  You keep the cash and weapons stashed at wherever you're bugging out to, and you ideally should have more than one safe location should it become necessary to get yourself gone.  A prepaid Visa or Mastercard should be sufficient to cover your incidental expenses on your way out of town.


Hope that helps.

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I'm fond of the trick from the accountant.


carry  high value collectibles instead of cash a couple of comic books stamps or a Rolex watch can be worth thousands of dollars.


a gold chains and coins can also work for the same purpose


cash is best for bribes but a prepaid or corporate card is best for discretion

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$1000 cash

2 debit cards under a fake identity, each accessing accounts with around $25,000

2 credit cards under a fake identity

Driver's license(s)


Burner phone

Automatic pistol with one spare magazine


Change of clothing (if space allows)



Electric Razor



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If you want to hide the cash from police putting it between the pages of a paperback the paperback can also be used for a book cipher and gives you something to read.


Hiding a gun could be done by concealing it in a box of road flares.


The go bag depends on the situation if your going to have to go on the lamb in a city then you will need less gear if your going to have to disappear into the wilderness you will need a lot more.


If you have a support network then you won't need to be on the move long if your on your own then your not going to have access to safe houses so you will need more resources in your go bag.

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One thought that occurs to me is that a go bag tells you a lot about a person's personality


Packing a go bag might make a good character survey question for a Dark champions game.


Seems like there are two types in fiction your Jack Reacher style cash ID and a folding toothbrush. Basically characters who operate by living off the land (other examples the A team mcguyver, burn notice) the jazz school of bugging out.




Then you have you have your James Bond, mission impossible style where even when going rogue they need a bunch of high tech equipment.

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Now if you were a kid in the 1960s, this would be your "go-bag"--or rather, attaché case





Proudly lets everyone know that you are, indeed, a spy.  :winkgrin:

I had one very similar to that in '66-'67, albeit not with the 007 trademark on it. Approximately none of it survived the three moves that happened over the next 2.5 years. :(

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