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'Everyone Fears Me', how do I make that disadvantage


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I was just looking at another potential character. They're a empath who can control and inflict one single emotion, fear. The problem is they can't turn it off entirely and as a result people react badly to them because they're afraid of them, even if they don't know why.


Since this doesn't help, it only hinders, I was wondering how best to handle it -- as Distinctive Features: Everyone Fears Me, or as a Social Limitation? Or is it both?


Thanks for any help

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How about -X on all social skills, whether they're PRE skills or not?   (Most should be but I don't feel like looking.)   Quite a few are Everyman skills.


Also, perhaps, some Poverty.  Getting a job, keeping a job?  Tough.  Finding a place to stay...pretty tough.


I'd look hard at this as the GM, tho.  Assuming this isn't gonna be a solo char...why would the other PCs hang out with him/her?  "Ewww, we don't want to deal with those guys, they hang around that CREEP!"  How badly does this hose the char dealing with almost anyone else?  Something like -2 on all PRE skills could represent a relatively low level of near-subliminal influence.  No one wants to follow the guy because they always get that bad vibe.  Still, this is the kind of issue that can have more impact on the whole game than is desirable.

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If there is no particular benefit to the PC, I would probably go with both Social Complication: Everyone is Distrustful and Distinctive Features: Frightening Aura. 


Social Complication because we are modelling the social response to him AND Distinctive features because it is something innate to him.


If the effects are benefiting the PC, you could build it as an Uncontrol and set effect Mind Control or PRE for PRE attacks to cause fear. Should be fairly cheap. You could still let them keep the Dis. Features with that build. 


La Rose.  

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