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  1. Re: Asian Horror? Too bad, Markdoc. I was looking forward to hearing about some of the amazing exploits. I was thinking this kind of setting was ripe for use. Any advice you have on running is much appreciated (I know it only lasted a couple sessions, but what worked well and what didn't?). La Rose.
  2. Re: Asian Horror? Well, it has been 6 years and I was wondering if there were any updates on this? La Rose
  3. Re: Disadvantages that Kill! Ok this isn't about a disavantage that the Rose took rather one that seemed as though it should have been taken. In the campaign he was in we didn't have any super brains in the group and required the assistances of Dr. Silverback. The Rose didn't mind the Dr. but absolutely hated his AI, as it was the reason why he got teleported into a furture where apprently he released the Kings of Edom and caused destruction of most of the world. It wasn't that he had issues with the future events rather that the AI wasn't even capable of teleporting him (yes a teleporter
  4. Re: Unity vs Your Super Team Well the old champions team might be able to do it, but I would still be betting on UNITY. We were just over 350 and all were High Speed and Dex. One Flying Brick with 30dex and 6spd. One MA with Regen and 30 dex 6 spd. And Me as a low level MA, PRE / COM based leader, with 29 dex 8speed and enough Teleportation powers as to get us away safely if needed. But if UNITY knew they were going to attack us, they could stop me from teleporting. Infact, if Unity knew who they were going after they could probably take down any unsuspecting small team. With two 60a
  5. Re: VERY Abusive Powers 1" Teleportation possition shift(same place opposite direction) Area of effect 1hex MegaScale(10meters) personal immunity Reduced end(zero) affects desolidified persistant inherent Usable as an attack uncontroled(to always be teleporting around the Character) always on This is a way of always keeping people away from you. Anyone enters your buble the automatically get teleported where they are but in opposite direction and since they would maintain momentum they would be walking(flying) right back out. About the only way for some
  6. Re: A contriversial "Would your character...?" Fredriek aka "The Rose" would have some real issues with this. He is a major womaniser but keeps it as far out of the public eye as he can so not to hurt his family Rep. But if she was Good looking then by all means "bring on salvation." However if she wasn't, well He makes a point to be a Hero but there are just some sacrifices that Ask WAY to much. Beside the poor villianese would end up cetching some horrible STD. No im just kiding he has regular screanings.
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