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Cheapo gaming supplies


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I am preparing for my groups sorta annual gaming weekend trip and wanted to  go back to mapping, which we haven't been doing lately.  So I pulled together 100 miniatures and a 30" by 7' grid with dry erasable cover for about $12 plus tax.  I bought a pack of 100 meeples  for $9.99 from Amazon. Then I numbered each color to ten and put eyes on front to mark facing.  After we tried them out I put a dot of paint on the top , a different color for each number, to help identify them from above.  I then bought a roll of wrapping paper with a one inch grid on the back  (make sure it is labeled as having a grid) and a clear shower curtain from Dollar Tree.  Dollar Tree also has dry erase markers, if you need them.  Any other cheap  ideas?

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The only one that comes to mind are dice.  If you're playing HERO or any other game that requires only six-siders, those are available just about anywhere playing cards are sold, including liquor and convenience stores, and of course Wal-Mart and Target stores.  Not sure I'd get dice from any of the only-a-dollar stores--those are usually made of wood and have the pips painted on.  Not to my liking.


The only-a-dollar stores are great for snacks--cookies, chips, candy, bargain brand soda pop, etc.


Hope that helps.

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They ALSO have small plastic barn yard animals. Again $1.

Dollar Tree also has a L E G O like plastic blocks [and bases] again for $1.

Pens, pencils, and notebooks [INCLUDING blue books made famous by Hero System] are only $1 .

As you might tell I shop there a lot.


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