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  1. I used to joke that I liked to smoke the turkey, but it was hard to keep it lit... until I succeeded. I still smoke the bird, but I have invested in a fire blanket just in case.
  2. I live in Woodland Hills. 121 f on Sunday. I win! It took me two days to post this because I've been hiding under wet towels ever since. When I was a kid, 106 was the worst scorcher imaginable. Now we're cookin'!
  3. John Lammers is updating Epic table and is working on making it Hero System friendly. He is working on it by himself so Epic table 2 may take a little time. The current version is clunky, but not as technical as some others. I am not technically minded so I like it.
  4. In this case, is there a write up of the Wendigo is any of the books, either 5th or 6th ed? I need one for my steampunk game and I sorta remember one, but can't for the life of me remember where.
  5. I sat down with a couple of the books and worked out a chart for real world speeds. If you wanted to have a 40mph speed with a 9" movement you would need a 12 speed. For 27" movement, you would need a speed of 4. I think the information I used was from the Ultimate Vehicle sourcebook. I don't know how to upload my chart. Good luck.
  6. I think the difference of thought here is : is the situation Man against machine (trap) or man against environment (confined space with limited time and a set amount of damage to escape.) I'd just define a no cost entangle to represent the work needed to escape and a small constant killing attack (perhaps 1 damage class), against limited defenses. No need to even build it out any farther. It shouldn't be paid for by points because it can be done by anyone with a shovel. You could add a Professional skill: Serial Killer to add flavor and explain how he always knows where and when to do the
  7. The way my group uses an obvious focus with an indirect power is that an observer will know something is happening with the Helm, but will not know exactly what the effect is until it manifests.. The GM might insist on an intelligence roll for someone to know an indirect power is coming from the helmet. Occasionally, hiding behind something might hide the source, but if used to often that tactic violates the rule that a disadvantage must give a disadvantage. That is a GM call.
  8. I am preparing for my groups sorta annual gaming weekend trip and wanted to go back to mapping, which we haven't been doing lately. So I pulled together 100 miniatures and a 30" by 7' grid with dry erasable cover for about $12 plus tax. I bought a pack of 100 meeples for $9.99 from Amazon. Then I numbered each color to ten and put eyes on front to mark facing. After we tried them out I put a dot of paint on the top , a different color for each number, to help identify them from above. I then bought a roll of wrapping paper with a one inch grid on the back (make sure it is labeled as hav
  9. So, I'm at the movies watching Spiderman with 8 of my best friends when the 7.1 hit more than 100 miles away. The rolling waves felt like at least 30 seconds. You could tell the non-Californians by who got up and quickly left the theater. The rest of us just stayed in our seats and watched the movie.
  10. kukuli

    pulp weapons

    I know I've seen Boomerangs in one of the books but I can't find it. Has anyone got the write-up?
  11. I am running a steampunk game and made Wild, Wild West required watching for a teenager who wanted to join the group. One with Dr. Loveless required. The show was a great intro to the Steampulp feel of my game. For those who don't know, Dr. Miguelito Loveless was a mad scientist who believed he was the hereditary king of Mexico and was really ticked off with West and Gordon for continually interfering with his plans of world conquest. He was also a little person. He was played brilliantly by Michael Dunn.
  12. Just make it funny. The more outlandish the effects are, the more the player can enjoy risking the unluck at every roll.
  13. Today I had to put down my 16 year old Shiba Inu, Foxy Dude. He has been failing for a few months and sometime last night he collapsed, He may have thrown a clot or had some other kind of stroke. He couldn't stand and was showing signs of some brain damage. I know that I couldn't let him suffer, but I'm feeling guilty. I decided to kill a creature who could love. It's going to take some time.. He was 2 years past his experation date, but it is still hard.
  14. The ugly orange wall and I are safe so far.
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