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A superhero setting from Scratch

A random Superhero Setting by Committee (Votes)  

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  1. 1. When did the first known superheroes/supervillains appear in Modern History

    • In the last days of the Great war aka World War One
    • Around 1955, coincidentally (?) at the beginning of the "Space Race" between the USSR and the USA
    • The 80s
    • At the turn of the Millennium
    • The 2017 Great Eclipse
  2. 2. What is the main source of origins? (Assuming many origins are still possible)

    • Alien interference from outer space, intentional or not
    • Chemicals and or radiation introduced in the eco system got into humanity's genetic structure making mutants and mutates possible
    • The Gods of Old are either dying and passing on their powers, or returning and picking/empowering champions
    • High Tech, Bionic Implants and Powered Armor is released on the world
    • A dimensional intrusion with the remnants of a world that was already super causing random and sometimes blatant reality shifts akin to a comic book
  3. 3. WHY are most super heroes wearing costumes anyway?

    • Legal reasons, be they absolutes or merely advantages (Frex: Penalties are lighter for supers that give 'fair warning' and costumes count)
    • There is something influencing/instinctive about it
    • It's to honor and follow the lead of some of the first/greatest superheroes
    • Not only is keeping secret identities possible in this world, the costumes each come with some ability to foil facial recognition tech and the like. If you don't want to get outed you need one of these costumes
    • Corporations started the trend as a merch gimmick and it stuck

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47 minutes ago, segerge said:


Okay.  After escaping, Ham could sort of be traced heading into the heart of Africa, where he finally passed beyond human history and knowledge heading toward a remote mountain range with a rare species of gorilla.


After over 4 decades, a research mission into that range trying to follow up on that gorilla species suddenly encounters an antiquated-looking but yet advanced barrier blocking sight.  They succeed in penetrating it, only to find it was hiding a society of gorillas more or less at the late 19th century of technical advancement.


That's right.  Steampunk Gorillas.


Well, there will be some Steampunk IIRC in our sword and sorcery Hollow world but it's possible

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Ham could have coerced some of the Hollow World people up to accelerate the tech development of the gorillas he found.


For additional pain to Steve Long, make the remote African mountains the Mbang Range of Western Africa ("VIPER: Coils of the Serpent") :D

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On 8/21/2019 at 12:49 PM, Hermit said:



So this setting's Hollow Earth ?

A sword and sorcery throw back with mystics, barbarians, and Snake men.. .SOOOO many snake men


BUT it's a big hollow world so... we got room...


our runner up is certainly also there, though it hardly controls all of Hollow Earth so...

It's the home of a ruthless and cruel Steampunk Empire with pale but attractive humans, a few of which fight against the Emperor as rebels. The Empire does not know of the outer world but would love a chance to expand.


And yes, somewhere there are giant monsters and even a fancy computer that could be the size of at least a city!





Terrasintra .... 

might be a decent working name


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Terrasintra has never been fully mapped. A savage hollow world hundreds of miles within the planet , it is filled with the impossible.  Perhaps the dominant race is not humanity, but the Nagtalor aka "Snake Men". The Nagtalor have the edge in numbers and have fierce warriors and dreaded mystics. Were they to unite, they would be the undisputed masters of the inner lands. However, the Nagtalor are divided, with numerous warlords- many claiming divine lineage from the World Serpent itself.


Humanity does exist, even having carved out a few small barbarian kingdoms of their own, though the Nagtalor would give a hissing scoff to hear the term "kingdom' used. Most humans exist in tribes where technology seems arrested  at the beginning of the iron age at best.


And then?  There is the Empire. Controlling an area roughly the size of Australia, the Empire is a steampunk totalitarian state ruled by the Empress and the Council of Oligarchs. Living proof that civilization is no protection against cruelty, the empire thrives on conquest, oppression, and exploitation. This is all done under a veneer of propriety and pseudo-honor. The Imperials themselves are pale like snow with eyes of unusual hue, the most common being dark crimson. Those of the Empire think they are the center of their relative world. Only now are they facing the Nagtalor's lands, and they are not taking this realization how relatively small their rule is well.


Of course, Gargantua Rise is a warning that intelligence is not always the chief dictator of dominance. On this great lush plateau (Itself about the size of Texas) there be monsters of such size as to put ancient dinosaurs to shame.  Hydrathrax! Jizalapede! Thunder-Song! and, of course, Doom Hopper! All these great monsters and more seem immortal and to the few stone age peoples who live in the area, nigh unto gods, and are some times worshiped as such.


Lastly, somewhere is the odd city of Gnosis, made of materials unknown in the rest of the inner lands and with technology that would startle even those on the surface. Gnosis is a giant computer so immense one could walk through it. What it is processing, why it needs to be so large (Even though it is well advanced over your average surface side computer), and who put it there is a complete mystery. It is not without defenders, mostly of the robotic kind.  The city hums and crunches and races with light as it works on some great task it will not share.





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My take on aliens for the San Angelo Junior Justice Foundation campaign is that the public doesn't know about them.  I'm combining S.H.A.D.O. from the attempted revival of the old series UFO and the Stargate franchise and making a few changes to both.

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This is my thoughts on Amazonia.  I might add it to the Junior Justice Foundation campaign.


Amazonia is the Eastern Thrace.  It’s separated from Turkey by the Black Sea, the Bosphorus strait, the Marmara Sea, the Dardanelles strait and the Aegean Sea.

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