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  1. Building a Mighty Shield for a United Kingdom Super Soldier Programme superhero in 5e, and would like constructive comments and critiques on the following design... (Complain to me and I can provide a format that doesn't require Hero Designer to view) Thanks in advance Captain America Shield Clone.hdc Assume 35 STR and Martial Arts for slots 5 and 6.
  2. The amount of BODY you would take from your half of the Move-through damage at ludicrous speed is eye-opening when you sit down and try to design Vanguard in such a way as he fits with his existing descriptions (like in Book of the Destroyer). Any semi-realistic depiction of his kamikaze run on that asteroid leaves both him and that asteroid little better than fine gravel.
  3. He also appears once in Book of the Machine, which includes the factoid that Vanguard's superhero costume was blue and gold.
  4. The GAC Kingdom of Bohica was in my mind when I originally posted this this. I envisioned it in parallel with a weirder WW2 instead of replacing it. So, are you saying that Faerie is interstellar in nature?
  5. I can't offer you general advice, but I can point you to how I solved that problem for my TASK FORCE stories between "Black Ops" and "Leap Day" (October 2002 - February 29, 2012 in universe). If you don't want to slog through the story archive (which can be found via a link in my signature), the Reader's Digest Condensed Version is: the President meets secretly with 6 retired but still very capable superheroes after the "resurrection" of Doctor Destroyer to serve the United States as an off-the-books superhero team specifically tasked to take him down dead or alive. All heroes who accepted the President's offer had pardons waiting for them in a safe at the White House which only required that whatever they had to do that was potentially illegal in order to accomplish this mission be filled in before it was signed.
  6. I had wanted to ask about things like pulp-noir private eyes and Sherlock Holmes in the original post until I realized that both of those examples were much better fits for Babylon rather than Faerie. For instance, Sam Spade will always be searching a San Francisco-like district of Babylon for the Maltese Falcon, while Holmes will always be solving mysteries in a Londonesque district whose exact time period depends on his Comic Book Fantasy Casting (be it Basil Rathbone, Robert Downey Jr., or Benedict Cumberbatch).
  7. Re-reading "Book of the Empress" recently, I was intrigued by the possibilities opened up by its description of the "Even Wilder West" region - a land originally rooted in the Native American mythos (mythoi?) which has since been corrupted by successive floods of dime-store novels, movies, and radio/TV shows into something close to what most of us grew up watching. Could something similar happen to lands in Faerie originally rooted in European or Oriental cultures concerning World War II? An even weirder World War II, as it were? An echo of "Golden Age Champions" continually played out for all time in the Land of Legends? Discuss or criticize.
  8. This is a better example of your point than you realize. The central tenet of Special Relativity (the speed of light is constant in all reference frames) falls out quite naturally from certain solutions to Maxwell's Equations. Physicists for half a century didn't figure this out until Einstein came along. BTW, the snippet between the Mandaarian researcher and the Champions was brilliant on so many levels! I'd buy that story in a heartbeat if you ever finish it (hint, hint...)
  9. Still planning on attending; no issues with badges or tickets.
  10. If you're defining it as HTH killing attack, that's exactly how I would build it. Building as Ranged Killing Attack, you should do it as "No Range," instead. If you're using "Champions Complete," use that page reference instead of the one I gave in my initial response.
  11. Easy. Define that particular Killing Attack as a Damage Shield (in the likely event you're using 6e, you want page 321 of Book 1). It's a special type of Area-effect attack which is also defined using the Constant and Personal advantages as well. The page reference goes into far more detail than I can summarize here.
  12. Variations of the Champions Universe in the TASK FORCE version: 1. I made Awad an island proximate to the Yemen/Oman border off the Saudi Penninsula. 2. Guamanga is what used to be called "British Nicaraugua" until the Iran-Contra Affair in the late 1980's, its capital is Bluefields. 3. Taquiristan is the central Asian desert south of the the reborn Tethys Sea (Caspian + Aral seas) north of Iran and would have otherwise been part of Turkmenistan and Kyrghistan. 4. Unadi (4e Champions, "The Mutant File") is south central Africa including Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.
  13. In 6e, couldn't you buy the bow as a List with 2 slots ("Naked Advantage: Range Based on STR for active quiver multipower slot" and "+ xd6 HTH Combat") sharing the "Unified Power" and "OAF" disadvantages, then buy appropriate CSL's as skills? This should side-step any problems with having a Power Framework slot enhancing a slot in another Power Framework. If you really want to min-max, buy Lockout on both slots in the List as well since both can't realistically be used simultaneously.
  14. If you have the 4e module "Day of the Destroyer," you'll understand what Lord Liaden has been attempting to say about Doctor Destroyer. DD actually considers himself above National Socialism (Nazis), and is impressed by the ability of Jews to survive in the face of directed genocide against them -- multiple times in human history, dating back millenium. That's in his introductory interview with Bob Richards in that module (replicated in the first part of the TASK FORCE story "72 Hours"). If it helps, he exploited the Nazis in WW2 to further his own ends without believing in their ideology. You want an actual Nazi in your campaign, run Baron Nihil instead.
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