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  1. That's actually an interesting concept, sort of like how you can emulate a fire team of agents as a four-shot autofire...
  2. I used that phrase in the TASK FORCE story "What Happens in Vegas..."
  3. To add a little additional context to the Presence attack from "The Lady In the Lake", Starforce had a base PRE of 30. He added +3d6 for incredibly violent action (critical hit on the GENOCIDE Rook), +1d6 for exhibiting his powers, +1d6 for good soliloquy ("If you start running now, I'll let you all live."), and -1d6 for being in combat. He rolled a 40 on 10d6. The dismounted Pawns were all running before the rest of TASK FORCE teleported in behind the remaining Rooks and Knight.
  4. I would at least give them +10 PRE only to resist Presence Attacks (-1 limitation). If necessary, alter that limitation so that it applies to resisting Presence Attacks not from their Master (-3/4 limitation)
  5. I can think of one time where I should have upgraded villains before writing them. Reader's Digest Condensed Version: Starforce one-shots a GENOCIDE Rook and throws a Presence Attack on the Pawns present (the story "The Lady in the Lake"). When I turned to the character sheet in "The Mutant File" for GENOCIDE Pawns, my first reaction was shock. My second reaction was "Who the H*&^^ designs agents in a superhero campaign with a PRESENCE SCORE OF ONLY 10?!?"
  6. This looks familiar. Did you get this from a build of the TASK FORCE superheroine Ladyhawk? If it is, Lucius' explanation on damage accrual was what I had in mind when I designed that power, and how you should run it.
  7. Don't discount the usual suspects such as Mechanics or Electronics, either, when you're doing you Weird Science character. Another useful skill is +4 to INT-Based Skills with the limitation "Only to Offset Time Modifiers" if it absolutely, positively, MUST be built right now. You never know when you need to turn a toaster and a VIPER pulson rifle into a Gauss Gun to stop the running battle in the casino lobby, after all...
  8. I thought the same about TASK FORCE, too, until I emailed Jason. The worst he could do is say "No," and you might be surprised by his answer.
  9. That's actually something close to what's on Starforce's character sheet: Expert at Technobabble: Persuasion 13-, Only for technical talk and explanations (-1). Given a PRE of 20, that's only 1 point. It also came in VERY useful during the time travel story "Greatest Generation," when he came up with an explanation on the fly to the Base Commander at RAF Woodbridge on how TASK FORCE had appeared in Rendlesham Forest in September 1944 with a Nazi wunderwaffen. Though he knew better, even team leader Ranger almost believed it...
  10. The pre-5th edition origin story had him having a bad reaction to experimental drugs injected into him, then panicking and tripping into the containment pool of an experimental nuclear reactor with questionable shielding before the lightning and the polluted river. The line that followed all that always made me laugh: "No one knows what triggered his transformation into Grond..."
  11. Email sent to Jason this afternoon. Perhaps this will overcome the roadblock which resulted in me publishing TASK FORCE as fan fiction.
  12. I saw the 330 active point total on that power and my brain must have flatly refused to believe it. So I guess I plead, "Coping Mechanism?" Also, the only time I have ever statted out a 330 active point power was the device Ultrasonique used to take Starforce's armor offline in the TASK FORCE story "A Week at Davos."
  13. If I had to guess, you wanted Double Knockback as an option?
  14. Ham could have coerced some of the Hollow World people up to accelerate the tech development of the gorillas he found. For additional pain to Steve Long, make the remote African mountains the Mbang Range of Western Africa ("VIPER: Coils of the Serpent")
  15. Okay. After escaping, Ham could sort of be traced heading into the heart of Africa, where he finally passed beyond human history and knowledge heading toward a remote mountain range with a rare species of gorilla. After over 4 decades, a research mission into that range trying to follow up on that gorilla species suddenly encounters an antiquated-looking but yet advanced barrier blocking sight. They succeed in penetrating it, only to find it was hiding a society of gorillas more or less at the late 19th century of technical advancement. That's right. Steampunk Gorillas.
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