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  1. Don't assume the time dilation between the alternate Earth and your Earth/V'Ha-1 has always been a constant. Assume they all started with time flows at about the same speed. Over the course of eons, the Alternate Earth drifted away from the other dimensions. The farther away it drifts from Earth or V'Ha-1, the larger the time dilation. If I had time (see what I did there? ) I'd come up with a more techno-babbleish explanation using healthy doses of General Relativity and Kaluza-Klein Theory. I'm sort of remembering how time dilation can change as a function of gravitational potential energy as I write this.
  2. True. Hundreds of tinysats can't be shot down by a guy with a telescope, lots of patience, and access to a hardware store in Dalhart, TX. If Doctor Destroyer had ever found out exactly WHAT happened to his Mind Control Satellite network in 1984, the retribution would have been lethally epic...
  3. This... this is sheer genius. Mind if I steal borrow it? Too late by at least a decade.
  4. Shame on me for forgetting about that, especially since UNTIL's Project Shiva (Doctor Destroyer) and Project Citadel (Istvatha V'Han) figured in several TASK FORCE stories.
  5. I was trying to come up with a cool hunted for a psionic character I was designing, and it occurred to me that while the Mystic World of the Champions Universe has the Trigmesistus Council to (sort of) police it, there is no equivalent in the Psionic World. In a world where psionic powers are prevalent enough to be noticeable by the population at large, what would such an organization look like? What code or codes would it enforce on psionics? Or am I totally crackers for thinking such an organization could exist even in a superheroic setting?
  6. I saw the references to "Fantomas" out of the corner of my mind and immediately thought "The Phantom of the Opera" I'm not sure how much of a master villain he'd be to the heroes, but he is a gadgeteer with a massive Presence score and a flair for the theatric.
  7. Unless he changed his name to "Julie Dormyer Hawkins," yes
  8. If you look at my forum signature, you'll see a link to TASK FORCE, which starts more-or-less as the Champions Universe in August 1982. It's stories based on characters I first played with friends in the Indianapolis area throughout the 1980's and reinvented starting this decade, as explained in the Frequently-Asked Questions section. The style of story-telling and characterization gradually changes from "beginning superheroes" in 1982 to "legendary figures" in 2017. The TASK FORCE universe doesn't jump the rails with respect to the CU until the Leap Day working in 2012, and with respect to Real Life when one of the main characters gets elected President in 2016.
  9. segerge

    Hi tech Plots

    If your campaign has Doctor Destroyer (or an equivalent villain) being brought to justice and the location/keys to his master HQ being turned over to UNTIL (or an equivalent organization), his technological treasure trove will become an irresistable target for most supervillains looking to "jump themselves up the food chain". Bonus points if you can have some level of antipathy between the heroes attempting to keep that tech out of villainous hands and the organization holding it.
  10. You made me do this... If we assume the Dead Time Lord is OAF Fragile immobile and make it Extremely Difficult to obtain, that's -3 1/4 of Limitations and lowers the Real Point Cost from 9 to 6. That's almost worth including
  11. I have to admit a little disappointment with the lack of development of the IHA in FRed and 6th Ed. Enough so that when 4th Ed "The Mutant Files" became available for purchase again I did so with the intent of merging the the IHA and GENOCIDE to flesh out some Hunteds that a couple of my TASK FORCE characters had. Major kudos to Lord Liaden for fleshing the IHA out like this.
  12. TASK FORCE is a side project I've had since 2012 when I rediscovered Champions. Wanting to re-learn it, I started by revisiting characters I had played back in the 1980s with friends in a "Where are they now?" manner. I ended up getting so carried away with it that I gave them their own timeline starting with the Champions Universe in 1982 and then running forward in time 35 years to 2017. The story archive (fanfic only for what should be obvious licensing reasons) should be in my forum signature. A second site which includes background material on the characters and answers to some frequently-asked questions can be found at task-force.droppages.com That actually gets around the whole "hand gets chopped off but regrows since he's within 15 hours of his regeneration" problem from "The Christmas Invasion." I like that. An interesting take. This handles the 10th Doctor's aborted regeneration in "The Stolen Earth" now that I think about it... 1d6 each phase for 4 phases. On the whole point of adding the RKA as a side effect, it's worth noting that regenerations in Classic Who (including the McCoy-McGann regen from the 1996 movie) were nowhere near as traumatic to the surrounding environment as they have been potrayed in New Who. Though now that I write that, I remember that in the two regenerations I listed to justify its inclusion the Doctor was trying VERY hard to forestall it from happening.
  13. Need a sanity check on an already-designed character in the TASK FORCE universe. Apologies for the extremely-specific geekiness in advance. I am attempting to duplicate Regeneration as shown in Doctor Who, and could use some sanity checks on what I've come up with. This is what I have so far, based on New Who regenerations (Jphn Hurt through Jodie Whitaker) and 6th Edition Build Rules: Regeneration: Healing BODY 3d6 (standard effect: 9 points), Can Heal Limbs, Resurrection, Constant (+1/2) (82 Active Points); No Conscious Control (only at time of death; -2), 8 Continuing Charges lasting 1 Turn each which Never Recover (-2), Side Effects, Side Effect occurs automatically whenever Power is used (2d6 Drain INT self only constant (for duration of power) recovers 5 points/hour; -2), Side Effects, Side Effect occurs automatically whenever Power is used (10d6 Cosmetic Transform [Change appearance]; -1), Side Effects (Side Effect only affects the environment near the character; 1d6 continuous (for duration of power) Area Effect radius RKA personal immunity no range; -3/4), Resurrection Only (-1/2) The "Drain INT" side effect will subtract on average rolls over the course of 1 turn 28 INT, which won't fully recover for 6 hours. The RKA side effect rolled over the course of 1 turn properly simulates the damage done to the TARDIS during the Tennant-Smith and Capaldi-Whitaker regenerations, but not what the Smith-Capaldi regeneration did to the Daleks on Trenzalore. I have no clue how to simulate Tennant's hand regeneration in "The Christmas Invasion" short of a compound power with a trigger and an appropriate 15-hour time limit. Thoughts? {EDIT] Assume the character has a SPD of 4 when looking at the power and side effects.
  14. I wrote a story in the TASK FORCE universe that takes place during the 1999 World Series of Power at a fictional superhuman-themed casino/resort on the Strip. I was trying for an "Ocean's 11" parody but got something considerably... different when I was done. Follow the links in the .signature block, and the story is titled, "What Happens in Vegas..."
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