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  1. While I understand that OP is customizing the setting and probably not interested in canonical Shadow World, I wanted to address Law and Chaos in a Shadow World context. It may be helpful and understanding what was intended by the writer of this supplement. (Which I don't know, I can only conjecture.) In my be reading, Law and Chaos don't really seem to exist as concepts in Shadow World, at least not in the "Moorcock" sense. I have found no references to Law whatsoever; and references to Chaos invariably use it as a synonym or descriptor for the Unlife... which in Shadow World is o
  2. Nice to see someone using the old Shadow World stuff. I always liked it, probably because it was in a bit different and very high-powered. Are you updating it to 6E? I suspect "wealth" in this case is synonymous with prosperity, plenty, fertility, abundance, blessing. That is different from "commerce," which I see as more of a systemic thing. Commerce would run as a well-oiled system, all things in finely tuned balance. You could also view wealth as greed and could move it into the chaos category. In that case I would see the chaos aspect as imbalance, or rather a compl
  3. Both are "official." Fantasy Hero Complete is the "replacement" for 6E, since 6E went out of print and the market didn't justify another print run of color hardbacks. Additionally, some people preferred the all-in-one format of the original 3E Fantasy Hero or the 4E BBB, and a trimmed-down set of rules might appeal more to modern gamers. At least that's what I understand the reasoning to be. The actual rules are the same between 6E and FHC. The Complete books are similar in concept to the old Hero System Basic Rulebook. The HSBR omitted some rules to fit it all into one
  4. In 6E1 page 178 there is an example of exactly what you describe: +40 STR, Reduced END, Only to Lift Objects. Computed as if it were any other power.
  5. Which PDF? Yours is the first post and there is nothing above it.
  6. i tend to use the original (3e) edition of Fantasy Hero for this, or D&D. For actual play, my advice is to just pick an RPG you're comfortable with and that feels intuitively right, and use it. There is no "hero way" to do it... It changes every edition and is completely absent in FHC Usually i'll end up writing my own document for this sort of thing, so I can give it out to players. My rule of thumb is that a price list should fit on a single page, else it's too long. Also if it's intuitive it is easy to remember and extrapolate, so doesn't need to to be exhaustiv
  7. The only rules Q&A and discussion I've been able to find is on therpgsite starting around post #9
  8. That's true, but the interpretation seems to have changed a bit sometime around 5th edition, at least the way modern weapons like bombs work. It also seems to be inconsistently applied throughout the system. For example +5 pts of running doesn't double your speed.
  9. Ascendant is a new superhero RPG being Kickstarted by Autarch. I don't know about the mechanics since at first glance it appears to be a percentile system with very large numbers, both of which are turn-offs for me. But the art is fantastic and I've been impressed with ACKS, so there's that. Anyway nobody seems to be discussing it and I thought that the superhero fans here might find it interesting. There is a free preview if you are interested in the rules: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/autarch/ascendant/posts/2773764 From the preview, it uses a logarithmic point-buy method
  10. All I know is the 375 pt elf in my last campaign was tough as nails.
  11. I like that. I usually think of r[PE]D as "DEF" but "armor" is more intuitive.
  12. I personally use roll high for combat, because combat rolls are always calculated and the arithmetic is slightly easier... but roll low for skills, because the target number is nearly always static and its easy enough just to roll against it. I tell players to roll however they are comfortable. Just tell me the DCV you hit and we're good. I haven't had a new Hero player in ages so teaching is kind of a moot point for me.
  13. I don't suppose you have a reproduction hexmap of Saduria? I am looking at making a better map but the hexes in my copy are nearly illegible.
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