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  1. Re: The DEMON Inner Circle: Fifth Member = Chantal?? Oh dear goodness, that means it must be... ...Timothy Gersh!
  2. Cyragnome

    aoe question

    AE: One Hex, AKA Speedster buster Hugely effective against those with high DCV's, especially when the attacker has a low OCV (since you only need to target the hex).
  3. Yeah...I like Moonknight as well, but I'm thinking this is no contest...Batman in 1 Round
  4. Hrm...I have a mentalist with a very similar power (based off of Spatial Awareness as a Mental Sense) and I didn't see it as too unbalancing...there are some differences from Mind Scan like Range Penalties (you still need to make perception rolls with penalties, unless you take Telescopic on it, right?)...there are pluses and minuses to it as well, such you can't hear with it, see colors, read, etc. I don't know, seems okay to me...(as a player...well, since it's my character, and I'd allow it in the game I GM )
  5. I've used both Bluejay and Icicle as reformed villians as NPC in different hero groups...heck I even used Mindslayer as well! I could see a smart Grond being a good guy, in fact I've been thinking of doing that with my Freedom City version to give the team a solid brick. I could see Menagerie going on the straight and narrow, given an oppropriate chance. Ogre, Stormfront and Zephyr might be interesting too...of course the regulars like Lady Blue, etc.
  6. I'm running "To Serve & Protect" with a Champions/Freedom City based campaign as we speak, with the Freedom League in place of the Protectors. Actually the team just had a showdown at the Museum, I've been building up to it for about four sessions, it was priceless when the team first met the FL, who to some of the characters are their idols (well, sorta)...I've segued TS&P from a modified Deathstroke, another favorite. And I've always liked "The Coriolis Effect." GSVC is a good one, but I haven't played it in years (hrm...might have to work that in now...imagine the GSVC with the C
  7. Hrm...my bet is that Rupert Murdoch is one of the Council of Thirty I think your idea is interesting, Polaris, and I'd second pretty much everything above.
  8. Yes...actually from my reading that's the way it's meant to be (a single large adventure with many parts and) with one mastervillian behind it all...AND, the authors also did a darn good job of giving options if you don't want it to be a campaign, or want the adventures linked...so you can have it both ways. All and all a good job
  9. How do you rule? I'm curious, I've done a board search and thumbed through FRED and can't seem to find anything on Damage Shields vs. Entangles...(I'm sure it's probably in an obvious place, but I can't see it under damage shield or entangle)... What got me thinking of this is an Ice Character with an Ice based entangle vs. a Fire based character with a Fiery Damage Shield...as a GM I'd rule the damage shield does damage to the entangle...I mean by the letter of the rules, theoretically, the Damage Shield shouldn't do damage (not a grab, right)...but I would think special effects mig
  10. Hrm...how about: Jihad an Islamic "Manifest Destiny" type attempting to spread Islam worldwide...he can lead reverse Crusades...attempt to retake Moorish holdings, etc. Can also be involved in more mundane crimes to raise money. He doesn't have to be necessarily evil or a "terrorist," but it works either way. (In my old, old, old game, Jihad was actually a team consisting of Arc, Neutron, Dervish, Sufi and a couple others I forgot) Great Zim an African Brick from Southern Africa (the area around the old Great Zimbabwe...or Great Stone Wall). Bent on a more local conquest taking b
  11. For those in the DC area, I picked mine up at the Game Parlor in Chantilly this morning... Big, I mean BEEEEEEEG! book gratuitous Homer Simpson drool noises
  12. We've pretty much settled on a 250 Base with 100+ or so in Disads as well. Seems to work pretty well. As for the Campaigns and where the heroes fit in we've got... ...a semi-horrorish campaign (built on 150/100) sort of Hellboy meets Buffy meets Call of Cthulu...they're set in a regular Superhero world (my only mistake in the game, I think it would have worked better in a non-super world) so they're pretty low-powered compared to the rest of the world ...a stardard straight up supers style set in the CU. 250/100+ and the heroes sit somewhere smack in the middle, I'd say. Obvio
  13. In the campaign I recently started I'm using a simple one pager based off of the website of the campaign newspaper (using the Washington Post's Webpage as my template)...usually it's a series of "links" or headlines with a paragraph blurb on the subjects...people seem to like them. I've got a "Super Hype" section that tell what the heroes or other teams were doing, some headlines, some red herrings and other campaign plot lines. It's simple, quick to write and has, so far, gotten a good response. Additionally I can put stuff in the SuperHype section to show the effects the heroes actions ar
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