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    Speking of Brexit, a week or two ago I heard an interesting report -- I think it was BBC -- on the fruits of Brexit.
    One: The prediction that it would destroy many British businesses that depend on trade with continental Europe? Happening.
    Two: That it would inflame Scottish independence? Also happening. Supposedly, 80% of Scottish voters age 25 or less now favor 'Scoxit," and the Scottish Nationalist Party is now dominant, even with voters who really dislike the word "Nationalist."
    Because if it's okay for the UK to leave the EU, why shouldn't Scotland leave the UK? There's a treaty behind the union of Scotland and England as well.
    But once again, be careful what you ask for. The report ended with a visit to the Orkney Islands. As a local political leader said, the Orkneys owe more, culturally, to the old Norse than to Scotland. They don't really think of themselves as Scottish. And certainly not Scottish Nationalist. So if Scoxit happens, how about... Orxit?
    (Insert joke about Orks. Or orcs.)
    Fun, fun, fun.
    Dean Shomshak
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    I saw elsewhere on the internet someone remark that one of the hardest things to do in fraud cases is establish malicious intent, and Powell's lawyers are doing so as their defense strategy.
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    That's hilarious and disturbing.
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    Whereas to me, to a large extent that's splitting hairs.
    First:  the definition of a millionaire is, I believe, simply having a net worth of $1M+.  It is NOT someone making $1M+ per year.  Realize:  this includes your house.  It's not that high a bar at this point.  According to Credit Suisse, over 20 million US households technically qualify.
    Gore's statement is an exaggeration, by and large, but the probability that someone making $250K, particularly in 2000, *was* a millionaire would be VERY high.  First, let's note that inflation calculators show $250K in 2000 would be about $380-390K today.  That's in the top 2%.
    Then, unless you're pretty much signing your first pro contract after being picked in the first round in the NFL or NBA, you almost certainly didn't just suddenly start making this kind of money in a vacuum.  Even major promotions rarely come with more than about 15% raises.  So most of the time, the person taking home this kind of income has been doing so for multiple years.  Not AS much, maybe, but a very good chunk of it.  And unless they've been frittering it away...their net worth will comfortably pass the $1M mark.
    OTOH, simply looking at income has issues.  $200K per year in New York City probably has MUCH less discretionary spending in it than $200K per year in Denver.  In many cases, too, in the early years, student loan debts can siphon out LARGE chunks of that as well. 
    So, yeah, Gore wasn't completely correct, but the caller was WAY off base.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to unclevlad in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    They won't go after the state governments with violence.  In fact, I'd say saying "go after" is misleading.  They'll push for changes through the state governments to tilt the elections process as much as they can get away with.  And that's probably quite a bit.
    The problem with the checks and balances put in place in the Constitution is, they can themselves be subverted.  The Senate is extremely vulnerable to this, and the Republicans have been consistently better in managing it than the Democrats.  That's meant the Supreme Court is...not entirely compromised, it's by no means a tyrant's rubber stamp, but their positions will generally align more with what the Republican leadership wants.
    We've reached a point of, effectively, civil schism, if not yet civil war.  The Republican leadership has no interest in government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  Their interests are power and money.  They do realize they've got to be a *bit* careful about trampling TOO hard, but they also, I think, understand that they can continue to redefine what "too hard" is...in their favor.  They've managed media, education, and culture FAR better, as well...which is why, IMO, there's so much grassroots support.  The structure that we have, where both the Senate and Presidency have a fundamental bias in their favor, is why they can play the long game.
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    I’ve got an appointment for my 1st shot on Wednesday morning. 
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    Got my 2nd dose about two hours ago. 
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to DShomshak in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    Pious condemnation that patient assaulted the righteous Christians, but what else could one expect from someone already set on murdering a baby?
    I noted the weasel-words such as "reasonable belief" in the article, quoting the bill. If there is no definition of "reasonable," a judge or jury can simply say that one person's fear and belief were reasonable, and another person's was not. It is the very model of legal lawlessness.
    Dean Shomshak
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Tom in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    While I wouldn’t be surprised to find a future $15/hr wage to be a consideration, I’m more inclined to suspect they’re anticipating a continuation of curbside and shopping services along with app and portable scanner based checkout methods.
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    I have nothing to say here, but I cannot forego an opportunity to post on page 666 in a politics thread.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to archer in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    The Wal-Mart where my daughter works announced to their employees that the store is going to 100% self-checkout, which means one cashier per 6-8 registers rather than one cashier per register.
    The company line is that they're not going to lay anyone off. But in the past the way that it works is that the management gets really picky about everything and fires people for the slightest excuse rather than doing one large wave of firings which might cause bad publicity for the company.
    Pretty obvious that the management thinks the $15 minimum wage will become law because they're not waiting until it's passed to start downsizing the staff.
    No union, right-to-work state which means anyone can be fired for any reason or no reason. The only limit is that the company can't appear to be firing in mass surges which would attract media attention and negative publicity.
    For the record, I detest self-checkout. I have limited fine manipulation skills. By the time I finish a shopping trip, I really can't depend on my hands working enough to open-and-bag my purchases.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to DShomshak in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    Today's episode of the NYTimes radio program/podcast, The Daily, interviewed a Capitol Police officer who was caught in the insurrection. Terrifying stuff.
    He wasn't willing to criticize his superiors for the guidance he and his fellow officers received, or didn't. Made it clear he would only discuss his own experiences. Probably prudent.
    I was more interested in why he didn't use the rifle he carried. His anguish at the choice he faced is raw and undeniable. He wasn't willing to second-guess, so I won't either.
    Dean Shomshak
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Old Man in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    The AR-15s were ten minutes away with the Oath Keepers' QRF: (link to DOJ indictment)
    In the end, of course, the insurrectionists didn't need guns to overrun the Capitol, kill and injure dozens of cops, and successfully delay the peaceful transfer of government.  There is no question that the riot was a premeditated attempt to overthrow the government.  None.  It is not possible to consider all the evidence--the planning by militias starting months in advance, the reconnaissance tours of the Capitol, the appointment of a Secretary of Defense who deliberately disarmed the D.C. National Guard and then managed to be in Bahrain on Jan. 6, the White House meetings with Oath Keeper and Proud Boy leaders--and conclude otherwise.  I'm sure some of the insurrectionists just went along with the mob.  But lots and lots of them planned the attack in advance.
    I get why people just want to believe it was just something that "got out of hand".  But honestly people need to realize what almost happened sixty days ago, and realize that it could just as easily happen again.
    Everyone should read the indictment by the way, it starts getting interesting by page 6.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Old Man in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    Corporate media will give him the free platform they've always given him, because ratings.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Starlord in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    Sadly, I feel like that was the point of CPAC.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Lord Liaden in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    Even if we accept the artist's stated intent as genuine, it's irrelevant. The end result is what matters. This is an icon of Donald Trump, many of whose supporters believe him to be a divinely-appointed savior, at an event where he was publicly worshiped.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Pariah in Coronavirus   
    Texas has to reopen now. It's the only way to make people forget about the electrical catastrophe they had a couple of weeks ago.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Pariah in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    It seems pretty clear that the Evangelical Christians in attendance need a refresher on the topic of idolatry. The statue appears to have golden calves.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to archer in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    I've done my rant on "how the lack of earmarks has increased the level of partisanship" several times over the last year.
    Apparently the Democrats have been listening and are seriously considering restoring the ability to earmark in order to help get bipartisan legislation passed into law.  
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Old Man in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    There is no evidence that even an abrupt minimum wage increase would cost a significant amount of jobs.  History suggests that it may cause prices to increase 1-2% without increasing overall inflation.  If there is any evidence to the contrary, I'd love to see it.
    Such an increase would also go directly to the expendable essential factory workers, grocery store cashiers, fast food employees, and delivery drivers that have been most affected by the pandemic both medically and economically.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Lord Liaden in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    The wind of projection from Graham onto the Democrats would blow my windows out. "They want to take over everything so they can promote their agenda."
    One, the Democrats' proposal is to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2025, not all at once. Second, the Republicans routinely included partisan extra items in their bills, insisting on everything or nothing being passed. Sometimes that's the only way to get legislation through a recalcitrant opposition. You can't expect the GOP to ever support raising the minimum wage by more than the most token amount if in a bill by itself, because that will impact the bottom line of their corporate donors. Third, people making minimum wage have been the hardest hit by COVID's economic impact, and are the most in need of assistance. Fourth, giving people in the lowest income bracket more money will mean they'll have more money to spend, and unlike the 1% they will spend it, because they need to. That puts money back into the economy.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to DShomshak in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    I forget whether it was Professor Parker or Michael Kimmel (author of Angry White Men) who provided the breakdown of GOP voters I heard on ATC, but he said they are about 50% Trumpists, 40% willing to put up with him but wedded to policies rather than personality cult, and 10% Never Trumpers. So I'd guess that Trumpists own the primaries for at least the next few years.
    Kimmel closely followed the Capitol insurgency and the statements by the rioters. He found them all too familiar in their sense of "aggrieved entitlement." Like Prof. Parker, he finds that ardent Trumpists are not suffering in any material sense. Nor do they suffer any real, quantifiable oppression. But they believe they deserve much more wealth, political power and cultural respect -- and burn with rqage at the people they believe are denying them their due.
    My sister tells me that Never Trumper Evangelical blogger David French finds the same thing on his beat. French argues that Christians (Evangelical or potherwise) suffer no real, legal oppression. Like, if you want to stand on a streetcorner with your sign and pamphlets to tell passers-by that Jesus Saves, no one is going to stop you. But... you have no greater freedom to proclaim your message than anyone else. And the people you harangue have never had greater freedom to ignore you, and everyone else. Speakling to his fellow Evangelicals, he finds their grievance is entirely emotional.
    This is why I think widespread armed insurgency is likely from the far right -- but *not* from Black Lives Matter. Black Americans suffer many real deprivations and injustices... but real grievances are capable of real solutions, by real political action. Grievances that exist only in your head cannot be resolved by any law or program (at least that is likely to be passed in Congress or survive court challenges). So all the angry white men have left is violence.
    Dean Shomshak
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to unclevlad in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    Yes, that's likely to be the decision of some, but I don't think we can underestimate the level of sheer loathing that exists for the Democrats.  How many Republicans were Never Trumpers...then voted for him in 2016?
    On the plus side...I felt in 2016 that if Trump was the Republican nominee, then the Dems would win easily.  EXCEPT!!!! if the Dems nominated Hilary.  For several reasons, but a big one was the absolute, *specific* hatred of Hilary as a Clinton.  Her campaign style totally failed to galvanize her side...but it completely galvanized the Republicans, and not just the base.  In 2022, we'll probably get a look if the same thing can happen in the off-year Congressionals, and I think it'd absolutely be a factor if Trump gets nominated for 2024.
    Also, and this is PURELY speculative, but...how many people who choose not to vote because they can't stand any of the candidates (and I think Hilary fit into that category too)...more generally vote Democratic?
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to unclevlad in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    My concern is much like Tricksta's.  The concern is that Trumpists will win quite a few primaries in the mixed areas...there'll be quite a few districts where his sycophants will win easily, and some where they'll lose massively.  But in those contested states like Arizona and Michigan, where the Party 'leaders' have excoriated anyone for 'disloyalty' to His Orangeness, they'll win the primaries.  Now, come the general elections...which do they fear more, the Trumplican or the Democrat?  20 years of conditioning versus a bunch of media reports about which they're skeptical at best anyway.  How many people would vote for a Trumplican but NOT for Trump himself?  The two aren't necessarily the same.  
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