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  1. Re: Quote of the Week From My Life. Today, while I shower... 4-year-old son: Papa! Me: Yes? 4yo: I gotta go potty! Me: Well come on in! seconds pass... 4yo: Oops. Me: You didn't make it? 4yo: Almost. Me: Did you wet your pants? 4yo: No... Me: Did you poop in your pants? 4yo: Not in my pants. Me: On the floor? 4yo: No... I finally pull aside the shower curtain and look. My darling son had very nearly made it to the toilet. He was standing right in front of my pants, which I had left on the bathroom floor when I got in the shower. My son pooped in my pants, which let's face it doesn't happen every day.
  2. Re: I have a dream. (and MAN was it wierd!) You said it, brothers. MAN was it weird!
  3. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster Is this image real or photoshop? If it's real my fancy for that young actress may lightly turn to love.
  4. Re: I have a dream. (and MAN was it wierd!) In the woods, my daughter found a small, pale, dead snake with the face of a human infant. We took it home, and in the course of examining it, it came to life. Over time, the face grew more and more human, and the snake-like body fleshed out. My daughter kept leaving toys on top of the snake-baby, either out of neglect or forgetfulness or possibly resentment at the attention the snake-baby was getting. By the end of the dream, snake-baby was fat baby Chinese girl, with a forked tongue. Although she was still as pale and cold as death, she wiggled and hissed for attention and love, crying silent snake tears.
  5. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster Now what? Now you get to the staple, and are you ever elvis.
  6. Re: Creepy Pics. My wife is not a violent woman, but she would beet me silly if I put that in our kitchen. And yes, it totally rules!
  7. Re: Creepy Pics. Lyrics are not safe for work, and howlingly funny at quarter to two AM.
  8. Re: Destroy Your Geek Cred!! None of you are Geeks. Log off and go watch sports or something. Or, geekdom needs redefining, or undefining. I never had much geek cred. I was too pretty, and did drugs in my teen years.
  9. Re: Creepy Pics. It's a cobra, not a constrictor. I'd escort a non-venomous snake peacefully outdoors, giving due consideration to the poor critter's plight at being in my privy. A spitting, venomous snake, one that secretes venom as if it was saliva rather than injecting it through a syringe-like fang, is not one that I would care to touch with even a stick.
  10. Re: Creepy Pics. Is it worse that there's a cobra in the toilet or poop on the floor? (Because if I find a cobra in my toilet you can bet there's poop on my floor.)
  11. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster [ATTACH=CONFIG]40246[/ATTACH]Not mine, but it made me laugh.
  12. Re: A Thread for Random Musings Dude, It's been years. Like, 5 or so. You still don't have a facebook account in your own name. It must be hard. Still struggling in the local acting scene? Must be hard when you can't put your name online. Did you learn a different gaming system? Did you have to get a new circle of friends after the multi-year weird-ass drag show you put on here? I think you're still here, because you can't go anywhere else, and you don't have any friends anywhere else, and you don't know how to relate as yourself to anyone else anywhere anyway. So now you make the rest of us white knight for your causes while you play the trollolololol. Too funny, too sad, too transparent. Still, if this is your home, then here you belong. It was a big pile of ashes you turned yourself into, and I guess I'm glad you rose from them. Come out and play - you're weirder than Bec ever was, weirder than me, even in private. Come on out - be proud of who you are, whoever that is. I'd like to meet you, I really really would. PM me.
  13. Re: I have a dream. (and MAN was it wierd!) EMDR is tough, and it leads to a tough nights sleep, so I usually stay up until three or four on those nights. This week I went to sleep at ten. The dream open with me waking up at the scene of messy car accident - at least three cars, at least four bodies, some subdivided into parts. The crash took place on a half completed bridge. My car is there, although I do not remember driving it, and there is no one else there who seems to me could have been driving my car. My car is at the epicenter of this disaster, unharmed. I call the police, and confess to around five or so counts of vehicular manslaughter. The police are baffled by my candor, but arrest me all the same. Later, at home, I am having second thoughts. Things aren't adding up. A grieving relative of one of the crash victims comes by with a gun and tries to kill me, while I explain that I'm not sure if I did it. I'm not sure if I'm to blame. An obvious, uncomfortable dream. Next week I'm just staying up late.
  14. Re: I have a dream. (and MAN was it wierd!) Nightmare. There was an investigation, a search for someone missing. I was with two men older than I, searching for a missing man, younger than me. Eventually a large lid was lifted off of something like a cistern or well, but next to a dock - an isolated part of a pond, perhaps. I was nervous - quite frightened, standing back, unable to speak. The older of the two men agitated the water in the cistern with a long handled instrument of some sort - maybe a net? I'm terrified. Body parts, bones linked by ligaments, an egg-drop soup of tissue, floated to the surface. Up floated faces, the front halves of four different heads, all face up, in different stages of decay. The men are screaming, one of the is crying to the sky for his son, whose partial spine and a few ribs have floated up along with part of a somewhat filleted hip bone and femur joint. I stand back, silent and terrified. Terrified that they will discover that it was me. (It is now 2:30, and I'll be damned if I want to go to sleep.)
  15. Re: I have a dream. (and MAN was it wierd!) I was not in this dream. A married couple and their adolescent daughter escape from Krakow in the 1920s. They are Jewish, and their refugee travels for whatever reason leave them hiding and stranded in a village in the mountains of Nepal. They are safe from the rest of the world, but bereft utterly of their own culture. They have to learn the language and culture, while clinging as closely as possible to their own traditions and identities. The man is a cobbler, making European work shoes for a people who have never worn anything like them, who have never seen anything like him, who have never heard of anything like him. He keeps his traditions as closely as he can, and finds companionship if not friendship from another man who lives on societies fringes. The other man is a widower, and a drunkard, a Nepalese Mr. Edwards. The woman is a housewife, and she must learn to cook and keep house and go to market in a radically different culture. After some early gaffes she makes some friends with the local women, and finds herself embracing the local culture more cheerfully than her hidebound husband. The daughter is a girl in her early teens. She is largely ostracized by her peer group. She flirts with the Chief's son, who is charming and handsome and not villainous in the least. Then I wake up. WTH?
  16. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster The highest quality thing in that picture in the mask. The cuffs appear to be toy-store issue, and let me tell you they chafe. The clamps are good quality - no complaints (as long as I'm not the one of the squeezy end of those little bastards), and the flogger looks more ornamental than functional. The playtime looks light duty, which is OK, but there's no extra mile there that I can see. Maybe an extra hundred yards or so. If these are your toys, my apologies for being a judgmental p****. Nicely staged photo? Great composition?
  17. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? That was EXACTLY where they lost me - at the Satanic Albino Luddite Hippy Vampires in sunglasses and black robes. I could forgive the pedestrians and oncoming traffic in the opening sequence, albeit begrudgingly. I could forgive the lack of calamitous debris on all but one block of the abandoned city. I could not forgive the bad story, or even the mediocre story badly told.
  18. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Zombieland was great fun. Really a nifty little zombie flick, with nary a chill to be seen. It was just funny, or adrenalizing, or cool, depending on where in the movie you were. Following the theme, I watched the first 22 minutes of The Omega Man, Chuck Hestons 1970's take on I Am Legend. Holy cow was that awful. Sweet mother of pearl was that a bad movie. Bad. Really bad. Poorly thought out, at the very least, and then just plain awful. In fairness, it might improve, but having met the bad guys and developed a deep and abiding scorn for the entire plot, I decided to leave that movie in Netflix where it belongs.
  19. Re: A Thread for Random Musings An old friend is in love with my wife, which shows exquisite taste and poor timing. Can't blame him, the poor dumb bastard: so am I.
  20. Re: Musings on Random Musings I hate to harp on this, mostly because I think it's a silly, silly topic that we as a species don't treat with any consistency, BUT... have you seen the life of just about ANY factory farm animal? We get all mad because people make jokes about hurting a cat, and a pig's life is one long pit of suck. Dairy cows endure horrors galore. But we like ice cream and we love bacon, so f-'em. If Bessie the cow could warm our hearts by frolicsome play with a laser pointer, we might feel differently, but we don't, so tag her ear, chain her to the feed trough, give her shots all the damned time, shoot a bolt into her head, and slap her ass on the grill. Poor, poor kitty. I love my cats, and I love my bacon. I'm inconsistent in my values.
  21. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it...
  22. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat Trained attack worms.
  23. Re: "Neat" Pictures Somewhere between the wrist restraints, slit throat, come-hither stare and very nice body I find that picture very disturbing in a Dexter's long lost brother Brian kind of way...
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