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  1. It had rockets, a laser beam, and 'machineguns' (although there really wasn't room on the bike to mount even a Predator-style mini-minigun' - more likely they were supposed to be smgs or assault rifles stripped down and mounted.)
  2. And rockets (looking suspiciously like 'D' engine Estes models IIRC).
  3. At the very least, for her sake I'm hoping that Midnight Sun will have enough defenses to interact with her in some way to make her complications seem reasonable.....
  4. I remember Atlas - that has the super surfer dude in it, and a stretching guy with the personality of a mob legbreaker, right?
  5. I'd have to go shelf-diving, but I think I recall one of them having a 9d6 NND - the Horsemen were not characters that characters under 300 points had any business fighting, and if they were out in force, that threshold climbed quickly.
  6. The only one that come to mind is the Executioner. Walt Simonson killed him in Thor #362 in December of 1985 and he's still dead. He died in Hel's domain in Asgard and finally made it to Valhalla, so he's been seen several times... but he's still dead, and still knocking them back with the einherjar.
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