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  1. Five locations left. Then I have to take a break, write my Iron Sky stuff, and then return to write the fluff for this. Target date is now Thanksgiving.
  2. This should be used to smack the hero five to six months down the line. Let her survive. Then a new villain appears. She hates the hero. Wears a full face mask. Very destructive. Creates awful traps for the hero and gets away a couple times. "Do you remember me? You don't even know who I am, do you? This...is...all...that's...left...of...my face!" And she removes the mask, and it's her. Always let them think they've gotten away with it. Wait to smack them. I've waited seventeen years a couple times to kick a hero in the groin. It works really, really well.
  3. A player actually figured it out, but he couldn't figure out how he was going to do it. The moral of this story is "Stakeouts work."
  4. So, at long last, the heroes have managed to mostly reconstruct their lives after the dimensional explosion in Indianapolis. Well, this doesn't last long. They discover that Foxbat is establishing a massive Flat Earth Society convention in their city, and he has 84,321 attendees. So they buy tickets (Don't know why they did this) and head inside. Thinking that Foxbat is going to mind control people, they start looking around for anything related to this, but don't bother to post anyone on aerial overwatch. From my previous post, you guys may remember the dimensional explosion that occurred. Well, all that energy was still floating around residually. So Foxbat found out about that, built an energy collector, and launched the building into space! Well, the heroes have only themselves to blame for not posting anyone outside to see the incoming group of villains, but this is going to be tearjerkingly funny, since Foxbat hasn't figured out a way to get down. There should be enough air for five to six days, but after that, it's probably going to be over. Now, the heroes are still on their way up, but my god, I can't believe this goofy plan actually worked.
  5. Someone clearly didn't like the chocolate in their peanut butter.
  6. The City is Drawn! The Final Keying stages begin!
  7. So, finished the Object Defense table on the previous map tonight. On to drawing yet another city, because this is important.
  8. Well, its kick start or die. So, that's what we're doing.
  9. I finished keying this map. Now I have to get to the (Somewhat Shorter) Object Defense table, which should tell you a lot about the type of map it is. One more map left, and it links to a previous product if you have it! Be there! It will be good!
  10. Well, I finished the map, finally. That was way tougher than I expected. I should have it keyed in a week or two, and then it's on to the final map, which is a hidden city. There's only four this time, but there's a LOT of stuff going on in each one and the politics and operations of the organization are complicated. All the text of the product should be finished by November.
  11. I don't want to pay a separate streaming service for the right to watch Star Trek. CBS has been a bunch of douchebags to fans of the Star Trek franchise for years, and for the first time in years, I'm tempted to "spite pirate" a show because of how badly the Axanar people were treated. The fans of that franchise are more respectful of the source material than pretty much any other group of fans out there, and CBS chose to rear naked choke them, throw them under the bus, and gloat about it.
  12. Pop Tart has always been a member of PETA, and has been watching him the whole time. It's a setup.
  13. Object Defense Table for this nightmare map completed. On to a much easier map, comparatively. I can't say what this one is. It's too spoilery.
  14. Yes, it is built on Champions Complete. Everything I do is built on Champions Complete. The only way this changes is if I get to write a new edition of the rules. The map is finally done. There was a lot of headwork every couple of rooms to figure out what might happen because the concept behind the base was very complicated. Onto something a little less complicated after I complete this object defense table.
  15. Wonder Warthog!!! All the world's rooting for you! As you dig for truffles, With your magic snuffles, With your magic italian forest snoot....
  16. Darkness can move with the darkness generator. It just can't go anywhere else. If your darkness has no range, and has a point of origin of you, it goes where you go. You don't run around leaving little darkness bubbles like rabbit poops across the landscape.
  17. What I don't understand is why people think they can "Recover from being Stunned" on post 12. How can people misread that so badly?
  18. Sherlock Holmes on the Planet of the Apes
  19. The Assassination of Elmer Fudd by the Coward Daffy Duck.
  20. Friendship is Hentai!!! Urotsokipony, Legend of the Overhorse
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