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    I have been interested in Role Playing Games since I was first introduced to them in 1977 at the ripe old age of twelve. I started with the original boxed set of D&D + Chainmail and Traveller. In the early eighties (1981 I think) the gaming group I was in discovered Champions. I continued to play until the late eighties or early nineties. Then, real life reared its ugly head. As my friends and I grew older and up, we no longer had as much time to devote to gaming and all of the friends that I gamed with eventually moved away. So, I dropped out of role playing for many years. My interest was renewed when I discovered MMORPGs and specifically Star Wars: The Old Republic. I thought it would make a great setting and wanted to use Champions. I rediscovered Champions, or actually the HERO System, and along with my interest in writing, my love for RPG's (HERO System especially) was rekindled.
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  1. "Toute nation a le gouvernement qu'elle merite [Every country has the government it deserves]." ---Josephe de Maistre, Lettres et Opuscules Inedites (1851) vol.1, letter 53 (15 August 1811)
  2. The Mythbusters did an episode on this where they tested a fall using Buster and accelerometers. What they found out is that hitting the water is not like hitting pavement--at least not from the same height. The G-loads were considerably lower when hitting water than when hitting pavement from the same height. However, they did not try to determine the different heights that would be necessary to get equivalent G-loads. Maybe you could take the different G-loads they mention and come up with some kind of conversion? I found this clip on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGJqqDaKscQ Lee
  3. Wouldn't that already be the case in a heroic level game? Most of the gear the characters get is purchased with in-game currency and not CP anyway. Magic items found would be another way to improve the character without using CP. It seems to me the only time CP would come into play would be for things like an increase in STR to do more damage or INT to be better at spell casting, etc. In that case would you really want the players to be able to trade currency for CP? Lee PS: I guess maybe you mean you want the characters to be able to purchase magic items and the like and are looking to find a currency to CP conversion?
  4. Another issue you could add to the list would be ricochets. The firearm may not be able to penetrate the hull or bulkheads of the vessel you're on, it might "rattle around a bit". It might not be as bad as Han Solo's blaster bolt when he was in the garbage masher on the Death Star, but it still might not be very fun.
  5. This. I don't like the idea that the helm looks magical even if it isn't doing anything. But, if Allen is actually using the power, it ought to glow (or something) making it, um, obvious, that he's doing something and it's happening through the helm. But, there's no "energy beam" (or some such) that goes from the helm to Bob so the power effect is still invisible per a Mental Power. Obvious focus with invisible power effect. On the other hand, I guess a case could be made that part of the limitation of being an Obvious focus is that it makes the power(s) that require it also obvious (even if they normally wouldn't be). But, that seems too limiting to me, especially if there are a lot of powers that use the focus. If I were GM, I would use the former and not the latter. YMMV of course. Lee
  6. For a monomolecular sword, I'd be tempted to stat it up as a NND attack as that stuff is supposed to be able to cut through (almost) anything. The defense could be a force field of some kind.
  7. Precisely my point. The drive fields alter things such that energy weapons, gunpowder weapons, or any other weapons you might like as a GM won't function aboard a ship. Thus, the need for swords and other such things shipboard. Another idea would be to posit the idea of it's the artificial gravity field generators that cause the issue. In either case, there's an added complication when the fields get shut off (i.e. damage, someone hits "the big red switch", etc.). Suddenly, those weapons now work, but in an environment where their recoil (for the gunpowder weapons at least) makes the situation more interesting. Lee
  8. Indeed we do. That's the sentiment I was trying to convey in my post. Lee
  9. Interesting how many of the same conservatives that reject this idea, used the same idea to justify the Strategic Defense Initiative. Experts indicated that SDI could at best be 90-95 percent effective and that given the number of nuclear weapons the Soviets (at that time) had, 5-10% would still completely destroy the United States. The question that was asked, "why spend all that money when the country would be destroyed anyway?" Their answer was "just because we can't stop all of them doesn't mean we shouldn't try..." Strange how people will use an argument when it works in their favor, but reject the very same argument when it doesn't... I didn't know that! What a fascinating and, dare I say, unique way of looking at the issue. I've learned something new...it's going to be a good day. 😊 Lee
  10. Well, one idea as to why they would be used on a starship could be that the power plant, maneuver drive and/or FTL drive causes some kind of damping field that prevents energy weapons from functioning. You might can handwave that to include gunpowder weapons by positing something akin to the realm of Amber in the Chronicles of Amber books where gunpowder didn't work in Amber. Maybe the exotic field generated by the power plant/drives has a similar effect. You could even use that as a plot hook so the characters can try to discover something similar to what (a rouge, IIRC) Corwin found in the Amber books that works like gunpowder even in those fields. Lee
  11. The are available in the downloads section of the site. Go to where the templates are and the oldest download should be the one you're looking for. It has the title "HERO Designer Built-In Templates" by Simon. Lee
  12. β€œMany people consider the things government does for them to be social progress but they regard the things government does for others as socialism.” ---Earl Warren, jurist (1891-1974)
  13. I may have found a tiny typo. On the third page, under the Brace maneuver, the Effects column says: -2 OCV vc R Mod. Should that be: -2 OCV vs R Mod. ? Lee
  14. Indeed. I'm reminded of the following quote: Lee
  15. Let's just hope that we're not stupid enough to go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line...😊
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