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    I have been interested in Role Playing Games since I was first introduced to them in 1977 at the ripe old age of twelve. I started with the original boxed set of D&D + Chainmail and Traveller. In the early eighties (1981 I think) the gaming group I was in discovered Champions. I continued to play until the late eighties or early nineties. Then, real life reared its ugly head. As my friends and I grew older and up, we no longer had as much time to devote to gaming and all of the friends that I gamed with eventually moved away. So, I dropped out of role playing for many years. My interest was renewed when I discovered MMORPGs and specifically Star Wars: The Old Republic. I thought it would make a great setting and wanted to use Champions. I rediscovered Champions, or actually the HERO System, and along with my interest in writing, my love for RPG's (HERO System especially) was rekindled.
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  1. Agreed. In a FH context, I'd make weapons that did more damage heavier (or more unwieldy), requiring more STR to wield without a penalty and not allow STR to add to the HKA damage at all. So the "advantage" of a high strength is being able to use weapons that do more damage rather than adding to damage.
  2. My take on it is, if you look at the Talent builds in 6E1, specifically for Danger Sense, you'll see a limitation "Only if Character Makes Half Roll (-1)". So, I'd use the same value. Lee
  3. You're singing to the choir, my friend. I don't think it does, either. I don't think it _can_, and for the most part, I don't think it _should_! I agree with Duke and dsatow here. The quotes are for emphasis. Anytime you are creating a simulation (or model if you prefer), you must make some simplifying assumptions. If you could recreate reality without making some simplifying assumptions, you wouldn't be creating a simulation/model--you'd be creating...well...reality. The trick is to find out what you can simplify (or take out) and still create an accurate enough simulation. It reminds me of the old physics joke where a farmer goes to his physicist friend and asks them if they can find a solution so that his cows give more milk. The physicist goes away for a couple of days and comes back saying that they have a solution, but it only works for spherical cows in a vacuum. While the gist of the joke is that cows aren't spherical or live in a vacuum, the reality (pardon the pun) is that, if the shape of the cow and its respiration isn't important to how much milk it gives, then the model could be valid. (I realize a cow that can't breathe, like one in a vacuum, isn't likely to give milk, but if the breathing doesn't contribute to how much milk it produces (only keeping it alive), breathing can be removed from the model and being in a vacuum doesn't matter (in this case).) So, it seems to me that the crux of the problem is what simplifying assumptions you can or need to make regarding darkness and light and whether or not the model it produces is good enough for what you're trying to model. It's not likely we will ever find the perfect solution--just one that's good enough for an individual GM or their table. Lee
  4. Lee

    More space news!

    Just say his name three times. That'll stop him!
  5. You're welcome. And, thanks for finding me. I hate being lost.
  6. Did you mean 60 AP in the second sentence instead of 120 AP (I hope)? Or maybe "Four 30 AP attack powers..."? Otherwise, you've lost me.
  7. Likewise, I could see Mark Twain saying it, too. But, a quick search seems to favor Groucho. Maybe he was quoting Twain when he said it?
  8. "Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." -- Groucho Marx
  9. "That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence." -- Christopher Hitchens
  10. Actually, that isn't the way I read the Linked Limitation: So, only the "lesser" power is limited. I think this is probably due to trying to prevent abuse, such as taking a very expensive power, linking it to something like a 2-3 AP power and get a (possibly huge) discount on the very expensive power. That's my take on it anyway. Lee
  11. p71: The GM may restrict which types of CSLs can have Limit; for example he might rule that only 3-point or more expensive CSLs can have Limitations. Just below that reference on p71 it goes on to say: So, if we are talking about using CSL's to offset the DCV penalty for attacks from behind, it seems (if I am reading the RAW correctly) that you can't. That means, to me at any rate, that if we want to stat out what the offset "should" cost, it shouldn't be based on CSL's but on Limited DCV. That's assuming that I'm understanding what we're trying to accomplish here. And, I know what happens whenever I assume something... Lee
  12. Lee

    Gods in RPGs

    I really don't want to know how they do this. I know people can call it rain, but... Lee
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