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  1. The Modifier Intelligence in HDv2 claims that Transdimensional can only be applied to powers that function at range. Is this correct? If so, how would I build a non-ranged transdimensional effect - for example, a Drain that affected targets in another dimension that are standing in the hex next to the character executing the Drain?
  2. I don't know if this has been mentioneed yet, but there's an answer in the FAQ that addresses the original question:
  3. The HERO conversion notes for Mage: the Ascension at Surbrook's Stuff has write-ups for Virtual Reality-type powers for the Virtual Adepts tradition. There are three different ways for accessing Virtual Reality (the "Digital Web"), ranging from simply projecting one's senses into the internet to projecting one's entire physical existence.
  4. Did you save a lot of points by putting as much as you did in a multipower? The "charges reserve" on the multipower is an interesting idea - it seems like it might be easier to keep track of a relatively small number of charges than a larger number of END points from an END Reserve.
  5. Transforms fade away, or have a defined mechanism for being undone - as such, they aren't very good for modeling the Embrace. In contrast, a summon does not need to built with some way of undoing the summon - its effects can last FOREVER.
  6. 2nd Vampire HERO character example This one is a Ventrue. Ferdinand Avila Player: Val Char Cost 17 STR 2 15 DEX 15 12/17 CON 4 12 BODY 4 10 INT 0 13/18 EGO 6 13 PRE 3 14 COM 2 4 PD 2 3/4 ED 1 3 SPD 5 4/5 REC 0 24/34 END 0 28/51 STUN 4 6" RUN02" SWIM05" LEAP0Characteristics Cost: 48 Cost Power END Undead Toughness 30 1) (Total: 60 Active Cost, 30 Real Cost) Energy Damage Reduction, Resistant, 50% (30 Active Points); STUN (or BODY) Only (-1/2), Not vs. aggravated damage Limited Type of Attack (-1/
  7. Re: vampire hero I'm the guy who wrote the conversion on Surbrook's site. I've run one multi-session face-to-face game where one of the players ran a WoD vampire made with my conversion notes. I think it went okay, but my objectivity on this matter is suspect. I've built lots of characters. The key is to not pay attention to point totals, because vampires and other WoD supernaturals are just plain expensive to build. Here's a couple of characters: Character #1 (a Tremere) Alan Lockridge Player: Val Char Cost 10 STR
  8. I read this review, too. It struck me as being, on balance, a negative review. One statement near the end struck me as being particularly unfair: "It is my opinion that Fantasy RPGs are the primary driving force behind the growth of the hobby -- but Fantasy Hero will never bring new players to the hobby." This sentiment - that some games do a better job than others at bringing new players into RPGing - has also been expressed over at the RPG.net boards, and is sometimes used to bash HERO and other "rules-heavy" RPGs. It seems ridiculous to me - I wasn't brought into RPGing by any
  9. I almost never buy modules or background books - I prefer to put together my own adventures and backgrounds. I would have paid $12 for a 96 pg. rules supplement of some sort in e-form. I have no problem whatsoever with .pdf.
  10. Another note of thanks from me. The FAQ is quite lengthy and having these supplementary rules in one place is tremendously helpful.
  11. Yeah, I just caught it this afternoon. Thanks a lot for working on the WoD HERO stuff. It's nice to see the fruit of my obsessive-compulsiveness on a famous HERO website.
  12. Re: Gun-kata??? I saw this movie last week, and I really liked the action sequences. When John Preston was fighting multiple opponents, he seemed to use the same movements with guns that he used with HTH weapons, so I'd build gun katas as lots of CSLs, Only to compensate for Rapid Fire and Sweep penalties (-1/2), along with Two-Weapon Fighting and Defense Maneuver IV.
  13. If you don't mind spending some money, you should purchase Mike Surbrook's Kazei 5 e-book (found in the Online Store). It provides a comprehensive HERO (4th ed.) treatment of cybernetic enhancements. With regard to your questions, (1) Characters in Kazei 5 do not have their cybernetic enhancements placed in Power Frameworks. (2) Your complicated example would probably be handled with a "Skilljack", which is a VPP for skills. (3) Kazei 5 discusses the drawbacks and limitations associated with cybernetics, but I can't recall if your particular drawback (too many cards =
  14. Well, in my case (50% Resistant Damage Reduction, Stun Only, + Damage Resistance up to half PD/ED), I was trying to reproduce the damage-absorbing properties of WoD vampires. In V:tM (revised edition), vampires can soak lethal damage with a Stamina roll. This means that tough vampires (with high Stamina) can absorb more lethal damage than wimpy, low-Stamina vampires. I reproduced this with Damage Resistance up to half of the vampire's PD and ED. Since PD and ED are derived from STR and CON, tough vamps end up being able to absorb more lethal damage than wimpy vamps. The 50% Damage
  15. I reproduced this by adding the limitation "Only to perform physical actions (-1/2)" to the Celerity powers (SPD and Lightning Reflexes), with the assumption that Dominate powers are not physical actions. Multipowers are certainly appropriate, though. I agree with the VPP approach and have adopted it in my latest conversion notes. I dumped Spheres, which ultimately struck me as nonsensical. I allow mages to do any magickal feat permissible by (a) their Paradigm, and ( the size of their VPP (which can be increased by Quintessence, built as an Aid to the VPP). Really restric
  16. Well, it certainly works for me. Changeling was one of the more difficult conversions to put together. I ended up representing the Fae Mien/Mortal Seeming dichotomy with a weirdly limited Duplication, with the Fae Mien acting in the Chimerical Reality dimension and the Mortal Seeming doing the same thing in Mundane Reality. I hope to revisit this (and how I handled the Arts and Realms system for Glamour powers) sometime soon.
  17. I agree with Agent333 that a completely faithful reproduction of Storyteller apples with HERO oranges isn't possible. Nevertheless, I'm quite happy to shed some of the less satisfactory aspects of the way powers are handled in Storyteller. For example, the duration, intensity, and area affected by a power in the Storyteller system are often determined randomly (i.e. by how many successes are rolled). I wasn't very happy with this as a player, and much prefer the HERO way, where such properties are determined by the player when building the power or are determined by how much END the c
  18. Thanks! Two sets of conversions (mine and Agent333's). IIRC, Agent333 has conversions of Vampire, Werewolf, a different take on Kindred of the East, and something for the Risen (a sub-species of Wraith). I have conversion notes for every WoD game except the recently released Demon: the Fallen. Basically, yes, I didn't bother with trying to make lower-level powers cost less than higher-level powers of the same Discipline. One of the Storyteller System's faults (IMHO) is the way characters have to buy powers in a set order. Characters end up having a cookie-cu
  19. Hey Agent, it's good to hear from you too. I'm afraid to layer on too many house rules, for fear that I'll alienate the rare Gamer Who Actually Goes To The Trouble To Buy And Read the Rule Book. For some things, though, I had to make alterations - like parsing out the points given and rolls made in association with Disadvantages, so that vampires with a 10-pt. scale for Humanity wouldn't be stuck with Frenzying (Beserking) only at 8-, 11-, and 14- I'm looking forward to seeing your 5th ed. conversions.
  20. IIRC, Vampire, Changeling, Wraith, Kindred of the East, and Ghoul are complete for 4th ed. HERO. I recently sent you complete 5th ed. versions of Werewolf, Mummy, Gypsy, and Demon Hunter X which I don't think have made it to your site yet. The Mage conversion is kind of wonky (it just reproduces Storyteller's Spheres + Arete system with a big home-made Talent) and I'm working on a more HERO-compatible, VPP-based conversion which I should finish by the end of the month.
  21. I agree. Neonate vampires in my game start at about 400-450 points, yet they would have trouble with a 250-350 pt. superhero. Though I look for the cheapest way to build things, I'm more interested in emulating WoD supernaturals than point efficiency. I let players have whatever points they need to build the vampire (or other supernatural) they want (within reason), and I try to avoid introducing any flying ubermenschen in tights during play.
  22. There's another V:tM to HERO conversion on Mike Surbrook's site: http://www.devermore.net/surbrook/whitewolf/WODHERO.html The latter half of the Vampire HERO text on Mike's site somehow got switched to Symbol font. You can probably save the text and use your word processor program to change it to a readable font (or you can email me, and I can send you the latest incarnation of these conversion notes).
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