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  1. Re: If you Had to Pick, ONE (already) Setting, to Run in, What is it? Weird, I thought I posted this already. I would elect to run HERO: Combat Evolved, see signature fit reference. We have full space faring ability, its a post war/ high hope seeing if done after the War of the Covenant, and I actually like a lot of the concepts. You can see what I built through the link in my signature. There are a lot of settings out there, but that one is untapped. Very few stories have been told, comparatively, and that let's me channel David Drake and David Weber.
  2. Re: Equipment stripping Having read the top portion of this discussion, there a few things I want to add in here: 1) I would go with Hyper-Man's original build, when I've done this, its been as a Teleport. Nice, simple, straight forward. 2) By character contract of the rules, someone paid points for that Focus to be OIF -- that means one simple power cannot overrule it. Do you see it in canon? Yes. Would you, the player, want to have your ring nicked by someone with a 20 point power against which you have no defense? No. I know I would leave the table if my signature look-awesome thing was snagged by what felt like cheating, even if the GM said "Well, it happened, so stop crying." That's very often my point of reference. Would I allow it? Would I want it done to me? 3) No, you cannot "Transform" someone from being a GL into "not being a GL." That just doesn't work. Yes, you can say "I said so," but in fairness, that isn't really what Transform "does."
  3. Re: Proportional area attack So... Character -- Um... Detonation Man -- does the whole KaMeHaMeHa! thing and the world break in a perfect jagged concrete circle around him. Groovy. That's an AOE, Hole in the Middle or Personal Immunity (I'd go Hole in the Middle), Explosion. Explosion by nature reduces the DCs over the spread, so those closest get the biggest bang, then each layer down loses 1 DC. Done and done.
  4. Re: Earthquake Like so? Earthquake: (Total: 98 Active Cost, 20 Real Cost) Change Environment (-3 to DEX, -3 to OCV), Area Of Effect (16m Radius Explosion; +1/4), Penetrating (+1/2) (31 Active Points); Requires A Skill Roll (9- roll; Burnout; Only Applies to Traded Spells; -1), Only Damages Anchored Objects (This boon creates an earthquake, that shakes the foundations of anything directly connected to the ground; -1), Spell (Earth Boon; -1/2), Only Within Eidolon's Argument (-1/2), OIF (A fragile stone, crumbled during the channeling of the Boon; -1/2), Costs END To Maintain (Full END Cost; -1/2), Concentration (1/2 DCV; -1/4) (Real Cost: 6) plus Killing Attack - Ranged 2d6, Area Of Effect (16m Radius Explosion; +1/4), Penetrating (+1/2), Constant (+1/2) (67 Active Points); Requires A Skill Roll (9- roll; Burnout; Only Applies to Traded Spells; -1), Only Damages Anchored Objects (This boon creates an earthquake, that shakes the foundations of anything directly connected to the ground; -1), Spell (Earth Boon; -1/2), Only Within Eidolon's Argument (-1/2), OIF (A fragile stone, crumbled during the channeling of the Boon; -1/2), Concentration (1/2 DCV; -1/4) (Real Cost: 14)
  5. Re: Earthquake Er. I admit that approach had not occurred to me, but I don't think I can Martial Throw a 32" Explosion AOE. Nor do I think it will shake buildings apart.
  6. Sounds simple, but I am stumped. The concept: The ground shakes. Everyone "makes a saving throw" (DEX roll, Acro roll or similar) or falls down. The ground trembles, damage to OBJECTS is dealt (the ground is shaking!) but other than falling down, no damage is done to the individuals in the area, however, they should be falling over, unable to keep their footing, unable to attack effectively while the quake is running. Change Environment dealing damage? An RKA AOE with... Knockdown? Thoughts/Suggestions? I can't find a clean way to do it.
  7. Re: Proportional area attack I'm with HM on this; so the concept is that you deal, say, 7 DC over 7 meters, and everyone in each hex takes 1 DC? I don't know that's -1, that's more like -2. The premise of AOE is to hit everyone in the strikezone with the listed amount of damage. What are you trying to do differently from this?
  8. Re: Anti-matter weaponry Okay, note of bragging: Star HERO is my "thing," its my personal number one design fetish (hence, HALO HERO). That aside! What do you want this to do? It's an anitmatter weapon, but I never got from your description what the actual premise/result you were gunning for is. Sure, you can slap Penetrating or the thing you cited from the APG (originally in Dark Champs 5th, I know what you mean). But what is the end result? It melts armor? It just shatters a ship? Where are you going here?
  9. Re: Cybernetics C'mon Mike -- you know I'm not going to buy a book for one section, no matter how much I support you. I already bought (and still have signed copies) of the Asian Bestiary I & II. Plug formerly acknowledged. I think I really like what you did there Sketch -- rather than fumbling around trying to hyper-map everything (see HERO: Combat Evolved) boiling it in this case down to a -1/4 Limitation (Real Weapon, IIF, etc.) I think that's consistent, and it can carry with it things like the EMP and other "common sense" level impacts. If you're going bigger/badder, then that can be built out separately.
  10. Re: A Newbie's first power Hugh: I think you're recalling what I'm recalling -- Are you pondering what I'm pondering? -- and in 5th they cannot be bounced, I agree that rule exists and I am certain of it. However, it may no longer be in 6th. Which, given the concept of 'bullet' and how many special effects show them bouncing, makes a certain sense.
  11. Re: Complicate the Person Above Darbor has been on the road three decades now, in search of the mythical golden fava bean, the only thing that will reunite him with his family.
  12. Re: HERO: Combat Evolved [Equipment Posts & Comments] I always find myself shocked by how much I did and how much could still be done. I'm on other projects now, but should there be enough demand (5+ cats) i will attempt to finish the Cocenanr material.
  13. Re: Space fightercraft in RPGs. Oh, okay. Giant reactor has crazy power level, therefore there are no endurance costs. This, he muttered, I can wrap what brain I have around. Also, that's perfectly reasonable when you think about it. Conversely, I'm a mind to convert Star Trek wholly independent of anything done before. If you haven't checked them out, Xavier, you might want to look at my halo/ hero conversion material.
  14. Re: Space fightercraft in RPGs. What?
  15. Re: Space fightercraft in RPGs. You almost, and I mean this with no rancor, completely missed my point. I wasn't making a case and saying "Look, it makes total sense!" I know my hard sci-fi, I know the massive amount of energy and expense it takes to put a human into a craft and that craft to be sound and space-capable. Oh Star Wars, how you lied to everyone. Point being, I was just throwing out options to give the possibility that it isn't a complete waste of time to consider it. Fighter craft, and dogfights, are awesome. Don't forget, Roy, that any argument I can make can inherently invite a counter-argument, an "I can one-up you" position or similar. The intent here was to speak from the perspective of including those craft, and the kinds of stories that the inclusion of said craft allow you to tell. Read Ender's Game, and then watch the Trench Run in Ep. IV. Ender's game is a great book. I cried. But there's not a single dogfight to be found, not really. It's all one giant simulation (or so they tell you). With all that being said: * Turrets consume power, space, and require ammunition. While a computer controlled turret certainly has advantages, they should not provide your only defensive layer. Fighter craft can provide a second cloud, ie: /\ == here, your ship has immediate points of defense. There is no, assuming standard Trek/Wars construction, perfect sphere with \/ perfect accuracy. The complexity of the weapon system plays a part in all of this as well. ( ) By adding a second layer: ( ) ( ) You can provide additional protections. Again, we're going to assume that all sides have/use/deploy fighter craft. They aren't a perfect weapon, but they are more capable and respond faster and, best of all, are dual role. They can go on offense or defense, where your turrets are purely defensive. If I throw all shields forward, I can soak your turrets, but I may not be able to respond to a group of fighter craft that bend around the side. * Again, hard sci-fi must auto-assume no fighter craft. If you deploy drones (this is really 2 & 3) and I know the algorithm, I own them. They cannot respond with the speed and efficiency of a human pilot. This is certainly up for debate, but in a heroic setting, I would hold that rule as a given. What the heck is TTGL? DEM/TH 8 Feb @ 1:32p; please assume the formatting -- it mucked with meh, and I don't feel like putting in a whole slew of periods.
  16. Re: A Newbie's first power See, I think of 'beam' and I think 'moves quickly in a non-varying line.' Bullets, energy weapons, what not. I think arrows, spears, slings and similar muscle powered weaponry and I'm thinking things that can be thrown creatively, that have momentum, can go in ballistic arcs. That, with an appropriate applicable of SFX, you can have your arrow be 'indirect.' Because of that, it can't be beam. I'm giving you flexibility but the cost increases. YMMV, etc etc
  17. Re: Space fightercraft in RPGs. Oh yeah. Fighter craft. Fighter craft are awesome. They worked in WWI & WWII, the gulf, Afghanistan, what have you. Instead of limiting the premise to "I have fighter craft... INNNNN SPAAAAAAAAAACE" remember that there are many roles small tactical craft can play, including space and ground based missions, such as the AH-64E Apache, the A-10 "Warthog" Thunderbolt II, and AV8-B Harrier Jump Jet. All multi-purpose craft, all capable of doing a number of things, including bombing fortified positions from a position of safety. Everyone always assumes it doesn't make sense, but take another look at it: * A manned maneuverable harrasser is deadlier than a fixed turret, although both can be eliminated fairly easily * Yes, your ship has lots of torpedo tubes. It's also obvious. Having a group of torpedo boat/fighter/bombers hanging well back and unleashing the fury AFTER the fight begins has a tremendous advantage. * Once I start deploying fighter/bombers, you must deploy interceptors, to handle both the torpedoes AND my craft. * Craft & pilots are expensive. I'm okay with that. One live pilot, in the hot seat, with all his senses connected to his ship, is going to be more effective than a drone pilot operating purely on visual data. These are not "be all end all" arguments, they are just points that can be made. Ultimately, you don't need to defend the choice of including fighter craft. This is because fighter craft are awesome.
  18. Re: Cybernetics Well, in RL:2065 the system is one of drawing energy, channeling said energy, and sending it elsewhere. While I accept that my fellows may in fact find this meta-gamey/kludgey/etc., I don't mind a bit of forced balance. No, you may not be a fully tricked out cyborg and still be awesome with magic. Just ain't gonna happen. But that's why I'm the GM. Also, in part, this game is meant to invoke that sort of thing. You've all answered the first half of the question: HERO, unless you're getting some sort of advantage from the thing, doesn't bat an eyelash. You say you're made of metal? Pay for those things that say, to you, "I am metal," and so on. I appreciate the feedback as always, y'all.
  19. Re: Creating a Linked power... need some advice Yes. And this cat bought the AOE Trail +1. I'm not saying, I'm just sayin.
  20. Re: A Newbie's first power Arrows are usually not beams, generally speaking. Just a thought for general consideration.
  21. Re: Cybernetics Actually, ZP, in this case its about personal identity, first -- I watched a whole show on people with prosthetics which was downright eye-opening -- but more importantly about ones ability to wield magic while equipped with cybernetics. So let me give you a little background: There is one setting that I actually love. One. Just one. It isn't HALO (that's not a setting; that's a game I converted in my spare time). It's Ravenloft. A few years back, ArtHaus did Ravenloft for 3.0/3.5, and it was stellar. Now, the time has come for me to build a subordinate chapter in Halliruch, and that is... Ravenloft: 2065. I like the title. Catchy. Anyway. So this is a game about horrors, cyberware, and yes, magic. There is a very defined system of magic, and cybernetics interfere with it. That's much of the reason I'm asking the question. I don't want to tip my hand with my thoughts yet because I prefer to see what people do on the fly, but that's the impetus for the question.
  22. Hey Steve; Okay -- so the caster has purchased SPD, Only For Casting Spells (-1). Per the APG, p.16 (IIRC) this is a second "layer" of SPD. I hit him with a Drain SPD. What, exactly, happens, and in what order? He does not have a 4 SPD -- he has a 3 & 1 SPD. I'm assuming that because they are both SPD, they both get drained equally. TAA; ~DEM/TH
  23. So, two things right off: 1> Seriously, how would you do it? Please give examples. I'm not asking to be flip, or because I can't do it, but I'm trying to get an idea of where the community stands on this issue. 2> Here's one that is boggling my mind: Jack loses an arm. Jack gets a cyberarm. Now what? Does he pay for it, if it has no real "impact?" Technically, Jack's arm had no limitations, but his cyberarm does! If he has it rated at his own STR (15, FREX) then does he get points back because he's no longer all human? 3> How do you measure the personal/spiritual/psychological impact, given that such a thing is important to the setting. As a point of reference, CyberPunk 2020, ShadowRun, they all include a sliding scale of personal impact. How would you measure that, preferably without creating a new stat? I already have concepts and certain predispositions, but rather than say "critique this" I'm more interested in the open forum discussion of what your build would look like. As always, thank you in advance.
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