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  1. Re: All Books In Warehouse: APG, Both 6th Ed No much of a delay.. 1 to 2 weeks once it leaves here. T.
  2. Re: Lucha Hero Lucha Libre Hero is up in the Store as a pdf... you big weirdos!
  3. Re: Lucha Hero OOH Dude I need some of those. Hook a girl up.
  4. Re: CSI Vegas and Luchadores Well a Luchadore would not take his mask off for anything. It seemed a bit more like American Wrestling then Masked Mexican Wrestling. I'll have Jason chime in. He saw the Lucha parts and I recorded/saved it for him to watch the whole episode.
  5. Re: The Book Of Dragons Book of Dragons is now in the onlines store
  6. Hi kids, Book of Dragons Book, PDF and Bundle are all in the online store now.
  7. Re: A Thread for Random Videos YAY NANERPUS!!!!! http://au.video.yahoo.com/watch/4409586/11825127
  8. Urban Fantasy Hero will be here in the morning, so it's now in the store.
  9. As many of you know DOJ INC - the parent company which owns Hero Games - has a logistics division that provides services to other companies. Its website is http://www.dojlogistics.com. One of the services we provide is the online sale of board, card, roleplaying games, and figurines on our client's behalf. As few if any of these products have any direct relation to the HERO System, we've set aside an exclusive section of our store for them. This forum has been created to allow us to announce when new products of this type become available. Feel free to aks questions, post reviews, and generall
  10. Re: Shades Of Black Shades of Black is in the store now. Steve and Andy will do the pdf and cp as soon as possible
  11. Fantasy Hero has left the printer and is back in the store.
  12. Re: Fantasy Hero The reprint has left the printer and is now finally back in the store.
  13. Champions and CKC are here inthe warehouse. CKC is in the store. Champs bundle is in the store and jsut Champions will be in the store tomorrow (most likely)
  14. Re: Double The Hero Excitement! Hey I like that idea. What! I'm not playing. Fine, I'm going home. Wait, I am home.
  15. Re: Double The Hero Excitement! Steve's Hero Bible in onion skin and versed
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