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  1. The Water Buffalo Eoin Shaughn was a good man, and a good worker. So, when the notorious Mr Spider tried to steal the strength enhancement formula from the lab across from Eoin's construction yard, he tried to stop the villain. And got doused with the formula, a massive overdose. Now he wears a restriction suit to keep himself together, and can carry as much as one of his boss's cranes. But when bad guys come calling, he charges in with both horns!
  2. I love that reimagination. And it shows some of the problems with cramped, tight confines - if they hadn't been using lightsabers, there were a number of instances when they would have been blocked or hooked up by their weapons impacting walls or other terrain.
  3. Rain Juliette d'Aubert was born healthy. When everybody else in the orphanage came down with the flu she was happily out playing in the snow. She never got colds or infections, she pretty much never got injured, despite a few alarming tumbles from climbing trees. Until the day she fell out of a big oak...and flew to the ground. The rest of her powers appeared in short order - strength to lift a tank, invulnerability to most conventional arms, and invisible microwave beams from her eyes. She first appeared in public stopping a Viper raid on a bank in Quebec City, announcing she was "Here to rain on your parade!" As she hadn't actually thought up a super-hero name as yet, she accepted the press's apellation of "Rain". Since then she's served the people of Quebec well, working with the RCMP to apprehend criminals, using her speed and keen vision for search and rescue, and protecting her home city and province. Politically, she's made some enemies by being something of a Quebecois Nationalist, and preferring to speak in French though she's perfectly fluent in English and Dutch, but she's worked well in a couple of international crises. She's taken somewhat more flack from the Catholic hierarchy and community, when it became common knowledge she was co-habiting with her girlfriend. Recently, she was approached by two men who had powers similar to her own. They explained that she was an Empyrean, and invited her to the hidden city to learn more. Juliette isn't certain how to respond just yet.
  4. Well, that was basically why the cutlass was developed. A short, hacking blade with a usable thrusting point for close-quarters operations, particularly boarding and counter-boarding ops.
  5. The Gelder An ex-soldier, burned over 90% of his body by an IED. The agony of recovering from his injuries drove him mad, and now he takes from his victims what he no longer possesses.
  6. Maybe. But I can't help but consider the situation in the trenches of WWI, where they found that a rifle with bayonet - effectively a spear - was too unwieldy for close-in trench fighting. Sharpened entrenching tools, spikes and large knives were preferred. Still, a short-hafted spear, like a Zulu Assegai, would be fearsome in such conditions.
  7. Clair Deswell was a hereditary sorceress, the scion of a family of white magic sorceresses, passed through the maternal line. Her ability to bind mystic creatures, create protective circles and counter darker magics was a huge advantage in the fight against the Patriarch. Clair was requested to join the Anti Magic Society by her aunt, the Sorceress Madeline Snow, to infiltrate them and determine if they posed a threat to the family. (Unknown to Clair, or any member of the current generation, Madeline is actually the immortal sorceress Circe of Greek myth, and the ultimate progenitor of her line). To do so, Clair disguised her abilities as folk remedies and "old wisdom." The other members saw this as close to magic, but accepted her help given the advantages she offered, especially when she claimed that magicians were responsible for the death of her parents and brother (a lie - they'd died in a simple car crash years before). After the destruction of the Patriarch, Clair reported to Madeline that the organisation truly was a threat. Madeline arranged a number of members of the family, a few magical mercenaries, and Clair, and was prepared to destroy their problem...when someone else did the job for them. Disturbed, Madeline spirited Clair to her "hideaway", a shrouded island in the Aegean Sea, where she waits and trains while "Aunt Madeline" investigates the situation. Dr Nymax! and Visgoth are disturbed that "Clair Bosworth" has disappeared, but The Sybill isn't commenting. Mainly because she knows who Madeline really is.
  8. Yes. Only the Romans used a sword as their primary military arm - and even then, not for all of their soldiers. The all time winner in that stake has pretty much always been some variation of the spear.
  9. Sundog

    Need some names

    Squall Hurricane Cyclone Supercell Blizzard
  10. The Big Men. Five people devoted to the idea that size DOES matter, and proving they're the biggest, baddest bunch of rednecks around!
  11. Le Sommeil (Sleep) is the crowd control expert. Another member of Velocite, He has the power to soothe people into a deep, restful slumber with his voice - his job was to render the bank staff and customers both harmless and safely out of the way.
  12. Wings was the getaway specialist, originally from the Velocite team. She flew the high-speed. high-cargo capacity vectored thrust VTOL to carry off the take and the assault team, while the other two members of the skirmish team made their own exits. Marie Chonnielle was an engineer and pilot for Dassault-Mirage. She had some out-of-the-box ideas on how to make a good VTOL aircraft, but because it wasn't conventional (and because she was a woman) she was never taken seriously. Angered at the treatment she received, she stole the parts to build her craft, Le Frelon (Hornet), and offered her services to the French thieves, figuring if she couldn't be respected, she could at least be rich.
  13. Medea Penelope Martin served in the British Army as a biologist, chemist and specialist in chemical warfare. She came up with a number of neutralizing agents to protect British troops, but found her work sidelined by lesser scientists working on more "sexy" technologies. She came up with a harness that enabled her to analyse, break down and neutralise chemical agents in the field, in minutes. But in field trials, she was set upon by a French super-soldier...whom she promptly kicked the butt of, after her harness enabled her to shut down his enhanced strength and speed. The British Army balked at building more of the auto-labs (the one she had cost well over a million pounds), so she has worked as a freelance hero-for-hire since, learning not only how to shut down many opponents, but also to create "boosters" that made her own capabilities temporarily superhuman. She called herself Medea after the doctor, oracle and sorceress of Greek myth, and when the Grecians came calling she joined in a trice.
  14. Western Dragon joined the team on a lark. His power helped get him accepted, as did his laid-back and unargumentative manner - more of a seen-it-before, wasn't-impressed-then kind of thing. But he's loyal to his friends, and with his flame breath, armoured skin and flight abilities, not to mention great strength, he's a useful guy to have around. Of late a few of his teammates have questioned where his powers came from. Is he a mutant? But he has lots of different powers. Some sort of mystic? Would explain why his skin looks a bit scaly after bouncing powerful attacks, if he's channeling the essence of dragon. But he just says it doesn't matter. And to him it doesn't - he's having more fun then he has in centuries! (Yes, he is a creation of the Omnitron - but he doesn't believe that, and is of the opinion that he is a real dragon!)
  15. Super-heroic wise, if you have a less-violent or non-violent enemy the PCs have previously tangled with, have a hero run into them as they're packing up to leave. Have them explain that this city's "going to hell" and they don't want to be here no more.
  16. Fireflash would probably be the first person to find one (3d6 Unluck)...but given her status as Only Sane Man in Quadrant, would probably refrain from pushing it. Don't worry, either Scooter or Hardlight wouldn't be able to resist.
  17. I've always loved Big Trouble in Little China. If for no other reason than Kurt Russel's character thinking he's the big hero - when he's actually the sidekick! It's just that level of meta film-making that makes the film work.
  18. I've used Villains and Vigilantes, but I was put off by the randomness of it. The original Marvel Superheroes and DC Heroes games were better, but I've always returned to Champions after I was introduced to it in Third Edition.
  19. Our team, Quadrant, pretty much uses the term "Oh, F***."
  20. Dukw (Duck) is a amphibian human, with the usual advantages that brings - enhanced strength and durability, capacity to breathe underwater, etc. He's cagey about where he got his abilities - he's made it clear he's not an Atlantean or hybrid, and he lacks the usual requirement to immerse himself regularly. He serves as the tactical head of the team - though again, where he learned his tactical acumen is largely unknown. The New Team is The Lords of Battle. 7 Alien warriors, each attracted to earth for their own reasons, banding together to defend a world not their own.
  21. Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen uses an envenomed blade in the arena, but that seems to be part of the protocol - he gains the advantage by putting the poison on his long blade, when his opponent thinks it's going to be on his short blade, so obviously it's something expected in that situation. Later, in his duel with Paul, he makes a fuss when he realises that Paul's cut was drugged - and Paul calls him out on it, saying it's just a little stimulant to match the soporific on Feyd-Rautha's own blade, humiliating Feyd. Feyd also uses a hip-mounted poison needle against Paul, but that again is pretty clearly cheating. The only other time I recall poisoned weapons being used is in Children of Dune, on Maula dart pistols, used by assassins. Poison in food (chaumandry) and in drink (chaumurky) are mentioned as being standard tools in pursuit of a vendetta (Kanly), though it's noted that on Arrakis the high spice quantities in everything people consume make them less or even ineffective. Notably, those of notable military virtue, such as the Atreides, Fremen and even the otherwise ruthless Sardaukar, don't use poisoned blades. They seem to be the province of the more shadowy characters, such as the Harkonnens, or the Tleilaxu.
  22. You could do that, but if you're fighting humans be prepared to be charged as a war criminal if you survive. People DON'T like poisoned weapons.
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