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  1. First two episodes of The Boys. Better than I expected - the main character's journey from a weak, rather ineffective person to a much darker place is getting quite interesting.
  2. Actually, that repressive/authoritarian government aspect would be one of the aspects I would emphasize. I'd probably do a complete rewrite on the characters - while the captain and first officer of the Spindrift (great name, keep that!) were OK, as was the stewardess, but the kid and skeevy guy and the scientist were ciphers. Have the first couple of episodes focus on the crew of the Spindrift simply surviving and avoiding Giant attention, gradually introduce the story of the authoritarian government, their use of the "little people" as a scapegoat/object of hatred, and the resistance to that
  3. I would say that Land of the Giants had a lot of possibilities that weren't realized in the original show.Of all of them, it's the one I would have most liked a modern reboot of.
  4. I think the obvious way would be Desolid, affected by light-based attacks, or even with the limitation doesn't work in bright light. Make him a literal shadow, without substance.
  5. The Jeopardy Room. Season five original series.
  6. I have two favourites both from the '85 version of the Zone: Paladin of the Lost Hour and I of Newton.
  7. Nope. Sorcerer. High CHA - not much else.
  8. Am I Ever Going to See Your Face Again Marseilles No Exit Face the Day Living on the Outside Stay Away Between the Eyes Stonewall Back Street Pickup Red Back Fever Soul Surgeon Life Gets Better Nations Are Falling
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