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  1. The Prison Planet in City Who Fought wasn't just criminals, they had a lot of politicals there too (they specifically call out the Shining Path). They would give the colony the drive to build up.
  2. Long term effects are also something to consider. In The City Who Fought (not one of McCaffrey's best novels, but one with some interesting ideas) the antagonists are a group descended from a prison planet where earth sent loads of criminals and political dissidents, which has now become a major pain in the side of the interstellar government, since they basically reject everything the "civilized" planets consider the basis of civilized society, and honestly believe (based on how they and their ancestors were treated) that all of it is just a lie designed to keep people docile and weak. Imagine if the Australian colonies had been solely made up of convicts with no free settlers to leaven them out and that the children of the convicts had still been confined to the prison colonies with no hope of reprieve. Sooner or later, there will be too many "prisoners" to control...
  3. Fireflash rarely HAS downtime. She's going through college and working as an open, public-identity superhero. Good thing she's recently found she rarely needs to sleep...
  4. They had something like that on an old show, Space: Above and Beyond. In some circumstances I could see one as being frighteningly effective.
  5. Is there going to be a finish to this one? Or have I missed it?
  6. Depending on the location and subsequent laws, lawsuits could make superheroing as dependent on insurance as Doctors' malpractice insurance is. Sure, 90% of malpractice cases are won by the doctor, but if they had to pay to defend all those suits they'd be broke and out of a job - and no one would have doctors. If insurance companies refuse to insure "malsupering" unless the super has the appropriate training..?
  7. Ms. Marvel (Khan) (8) Miles Morales (8) Foxbat (6) Squirrel Girl (6) Scott Free (1)
  8. Wow, out instantly! Ah, well. Foxbat (6) Squirrel Girl (6) Ms. Marvel (Khan) (8) Marvin, The Paranoid Android (4) Miles Morales (8)
  9. Ant-Man (Lang) (10) Ms. Marvel (Khan) (8) Deadpool (2) Miles Morales (8) Dracula (2) Galactus (3) Hercules (Marvel) (9) Squirrel Girl (6) Marvin, the Martian (4) X-O Manowar (1)
  10. Booster Gold (2) Groo the Wanderer (5) She-Hulk (4) The Great Lakes Avengers (2
  11. Booster Gold (2) Dr. Doom (4) Groo the Wanderer (5) She-Hulk (4)
  12. Groo the Wanderer (5) Moon Knight (1) Jamie Madrox (8) Doctor Fate (6) Power Girl (7) OMAC (Original) She-Hulk (4) The Tick (5)
  13. Glen Cook's Passage at Arms. A tautly composed submarine thriller reminiscent of Das Boot, and the only good submarines-in-space story I've read.
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