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  1. Jack Silver Half-Japanese, half-Korean, half machine. Jack Silver started out as a dying boy, abandoned by his family for his half-caste status, ravaged by congenital conditions, waiting for death in a charity hostel. When the two corporate guys came by and offered him something else...well, he might have been 8, but he wasn't stupid. They replaced most of his musculature with bioengineered artificial muscle, bones with metal, eyes with advanced cameras. They taught him how to use a sword, a bow, a spear - and then gave him high-tech, advanced versions of those weapons.
  2. Spindizzy Lee Camaran was a thief, a runner for the mob, and a con artist. When she got drenched in radioactive waste and developed superspeed powers, she just kept doing the same things - faster. Eventually she got recruited for the Teen Bandits, and had a lot of fun. Sadly, radioactive waste is bad way to get powers. Lee developed skin cancer in 1975, then liver cancer, then Leukemia. She was dead by '77.
  3. I'm 51 years old this month. I've never even had a checking account.
  4. Mac the Driver To hunt something/someone, TUSK needs to be able to move people, gear and weapons across the globe, and across national borders, quickly, efficiently and above all quietly. That's where Mac the Driver comes in. He has access to a seemingly endless variety of vehicles, from various top-of-the-line all-terrain trucks to his home base, a Soviet-era Alfa class attack submarine - which also acts as the team's base of operations and bulk transport system. And he knows how to operate all of them to the peak of their capabilities, as well as a remarkable capacity to mod
  5. Tankhunter (Thợ săn xe tăng) Tankhunter was confused. One minute he was engaging American armour just south of the DMZ, the next he's in the largest city he's ever seen, even larger than Hanoi. And there are flying people all over the place, firing blasts at each other or fighting! And he had blood on his hands. Tankhunter wasn't squeamish - war is war after all - but he did what he could to be a civilized man. The idea of having harmed someone and not even knowing it was repulsive. He started to drop towards the ground when one of the multi-coloured suited figures s
  6. His Lordship Born of aristocratic family, His Lordship was disgusted by the state of affairs of London, and blamed the increasing power of the common man. After all the higher classes were bred and trained to rule - what good could come of letting the unlettered masses have any control of things? He was aided in this belief by his actual superiority. He was a mutant, stronger, smarter and swifter than any normal man. He started taking out people who he saw as paragons of the new order - nouveau riche businessmen, union organizers, soldiers who had risen through the rank
  7. Ki Jian was a normal, fairly athletic young man going to a university in southern China. Then one night, when he was camping in the countryside, he was captured by Mi-Go and had his brain ripped out. The Mi-Go were a little worried about humans, and especially superhumans. So, they decided to set up a spy to see what was going on first hand. They constructed a new body for Jian, much stronger and tougher than his original. They then erased his memory of them, and installed his brain in the construct...along with a sub-reality transmitter and a tap on all his senses. Anything he heard or
  8. Volturnus (Star Frontiers game system).
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