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  1. Just remember that you don't want to lose ALL your hair. Losing eyebrows can be a pain in the neck in warm environments since you no longer have them channelling sweat away from the eyes, and losing eyelashes - which can happen in some forms of baldness - is actively bad for your eyes, as they prevent most small particle intrusion into the eye socket.
  2. Marvel already had a hero character with mental problems - Moon Knight. And he was a lot more interesting (though I'll grant the first Deadpool movie was pretty good).
  3. Suggestion from a friend - Gendo Ikari, father of Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  4. Jean-Baptiste Zorg, the corrupt corporate owner of Zorg Industries in The Fifth Element. He's not totally evil - he spares Vito Cornelius when the priest saves his life, showing he does understand gratitude - but he definitely deserves a punch in the face.
  5. Sundog

    Human Torch

    Shazam/Captain Marvel may not be multiform, but Captain Mar-Vell - at least when he was bonded to Rick Jones - was. There you had two different personalities, skillsets and ideologies as well as powers.
  6. The article just says the film will be "female-centric", not that they'll be changing Plaz's gender. I can think of a few ways to do that, like making the main character one of Plastic Man's supporters or maybe an agent assigned to keep him under control. The effect of having a superhuman around and the changes it makes in the primary character's life could be much more interesting than the super himself.
  7. The Gentleman Always perfectly groomed, in his neat suit, bowler hat and brolly, the leader of the team. His Bartitsu skills, personal courage and the sword hidden in his umbrella are not to be underestimated, but it's his quick mind and charismatic drive that more often resolve the day. After the Constables broke up, he just kept doing what he did. He got a couple of assistants to aid him in the 1970s, before falling out of the public eye...who knows what he's doing since then?
  8. An alternative, a guy with a pair of regular 9mm pistols. But he's so good he can use them to trip over opponents, precisely target weak points, or even shoot other projectiles flying towards him.
  9. Darkwalker Shortly after Doctor Abracore recruited Hundun, the pair found a reference to a being of "great power and darkness" in some old manuscripts, supposedly locked away under a Buddhist temple in Cambodia. Travelling there, they found the temple had been abandoned years before, in the Khmer Rouge period, and they cautiously sought out the prison beneath. The mystic wards were all but collapsed, and it took little to no effort to release the being they sought. What they found was a ball of pure darkness, but as they released it it coalesced into the shape of a woman with
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