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  1. Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen uses an envenomed blade in the arena, but that seems to be part of the protocol - he gains the advantage by putting the poison on his long blade, when his opponent thinks it's going to be on his short blade, so obviously it's something expected in that situation. Later, in his duel with Paul, he makes a fuss when he realises that Paul's cut was drugged - and Paul calls him out on it, saying it's just a little stimulant to match the soporific on Feyd-Rautha's own blade, humiliating Feyd. Feyd also uses a hip-mounted poison needle against Paul, but that again is pretty clearly cheating. The only other time I recall poisoned weapons being used is in Children of Dune, on Maula dart pistols, used by assassins. Poison in food (chaumandry) and in drink (chaumurky) are mentioned as being standard tools in pursuit of a vendetta (Kanly), though it's noted that on Arrakis the high spice quantities in everything people consume make them less or even ineffective. Notably, those of notable military virtue, such as the Atreides, Fremen and even the otherwise ruthless Sardaukar, don't use poisoned blades. They seem to be the province of the more shadowy characters, such as the Harkonnens, or the Tleilaxu.
  2. You could do that, but if you're fighting humans be prepared to be charged as a war criminal if you survive. People DON'T like poisoned weapons.
  3. Ah. I don't think my attempt is salvageable.
  4. I'm not a big sports fan. But to me The Replacements always ranks highly.
  5. Staticstitian The brains of the outfit. Valerie O'Connor was one of the unspoken victims, the collateral damage of a superhero battle. She was a brilliant engineer, working on a new energy distribution grid - when some half-witted supervillain decided he could steal the main catalyzer node. A team of "heroes" intervened - and the node blew, vapourizing the villain and sending six inches of jagged steel into the back of Valerie's head. She was pronounced brain-dead later that night, but it turned out the hospital she was sent to was the hunting ground for a classical mad scientist. He had built a neat little computer, and he wanted to see if it would interface with a human brain. Valerie wasn't using hers... Valerie woke up in a humanoid frame, the only part of her still human being roughly half of her brain. She instantly knew exactly what was going on - the computer had been given all the knowledge the mad scientist could get his hands on. He had just though it would be in control. Valerie wrenched his head off and took over the lab. In a few weeks she'd managed to make a humanoid battle-frame with a much smaller, but lethally potent version of her power node as a weapon system. She'd also decided she'd been a complete fool, working for others, doing "the right thing". What had that gotten her? Dead and forgotten! Now, she would do what she wished for herself. She gathered five like-minded individuals, and set about putting her skills on the market - if you can pay, up front, she'll get the job done.Just don't try and tell her how.
  6. Well, yeah, he probably will actually! Welcome back, Ragitsu. Good to see you!
  7. Many Superheroes would be just as vulnerable to disease as a standard human, only being healthier (higher Con and Body). The main way they could help is with transport of medical supplies - either as security or to provide better speed.
  8. Clone Wars, Season 7 episodes 1-4.
  9. Eh, I'm already an illusion. You only think you're reading this.
  10. The French Revolution happened for the same reason as the October Revolution in Russia - the populace had actually reached the point of "anything else would be better than what we have now." Whether what they got actually was better than the Ancien Regime is a matter of opinion, but once the general populace reaches that point, nothing can save the current government or system. It's destruction is now inevitable, and everything associated with it - good as well as bad - will be expunged. We are not there. We have not reached that point - but frighteningly, you can see it from here. Without real reform in the United States, we have actually reached the point where in twenty years there might not BE a United States. It took a lot of effort and eventually basically the whole of Europe to beat Imperial France. I do not want to think what it would take to stop Imperial America.
  11. Sergeant Judy Montgomery was a special operations officer with the Philadelphia police. She and her team were on watch at Jackson Industries because of a reported likely attack by supervillains that came from Police Intelligence (not that she knew this, but this was the tip-off from Rumbler). She and her team were equipped with anti-material rifles and other heavy ordinance, and might have been capable of blunting the efforts of the wrecking crew. Against Meggido's team they were severely outclassed. Cosmik crushed one of her heavy weapons teams, and Giggler tore apart the missile support squad. Her second in command's head just vanished in a spray of arterial blood, and most of the rest were gunned down by Hawkesmythe. She suddenly found herself alone - against Meggido himself. Judy drew her handgun - Desert Eagle .50, with home-made hot loads. Meggido actually felt that - and was offended. His response was to grab Judy by the neck, and, quite delicately, pluck out both of her eyes. Judy's next memory was being healed by Red Crescent. His healing touch stopped the bleeding and the agony, but regenerating lost parts is beyond his ability. Judy got a full disability pension, of course, but no one was surprised when she vanished a few months later. What WAS surprising was that early the next year, a new vigilante started stalking the villains of Philadelphia - a woman with tremendous tactical acumen, no mercy, looking just like the Sergeant - except for her sparkling blue eyes, and the lethal laser blasts she can project from them. She now goes by the name Judy Blue-Eyes.
  12. Sorry, missed the E. I'll edit.
  13. Hawkesmythe Daniel James Hawkins was a scion of a family of great prestige and old lineage. It was also, after his father's and grandfather's mismanagement, stone cold broke, and Daniel had to see the stately family home and remaining artworks sold for pennies on the dollar to pay debts, watch his frail mother slowly die in sub-standard public housing, and see what was left of his inheritance vanish into the pockets of his spendthrift remaining parent. At 15, his rage at this all boiled over. He beat his father to death with his own walking stick, stole everything worth a buck and fled into a life outside the law. It was while robbing a convenience store that Daniel first used a gun. He'd fallen in with some low-lives and was only supposed to be the driver, but they'd left him an old S&W revolver in case something went wrong - and two cops driving up as the robbery went down counted. He could have just driven off, but for all his flaws Daniel did not lack courage, and he opened fire. Two shots, two instantly dead cops. Perfect headshots. Daniel soon realised he possessed uncanny, near perfect accuracy with firearms. More, he could, after a little practice, determine exactly where any projectile was going to go from seeing it's launcher, and keep tracking that point of aim for minutes at a time, making it child's play to avoid incoming fire. He hooked up with a guy called Machismo in Dallas, and soon was introduced to Machismo's team, the E-Star Gang, mostly minor supers, but a good number of them and Machismo trained them in the tactics and operational systems he'd learned in the Mexican Army, and between good teamwork, Machismo's leadership and the fact that a few E-Stars, like himself and his on-again off-again love interest Scythe, were proving not to be so low level, they were highly successful at various hits on both sides of the border. Life was good, And Daniel, now calling himself Hawk-shot, was finally living the good life he felt he deserved. He also discovered in himself a deep satisfaction at his ability to kill, and when Machismo wanted someone dead it was either him or Scythe who got the nod. She was more clinical and precise - he was more than happy to shoot his way through a troop of bodyguards. It came to an end in a well-set ambush in northern Mexico. The E-Star Gang had encountered Primus a couple times, and frankly been unimpressed, but this was UNTIL, and they'd done their homework. Half the gang went down in the first volley, and only Machismo stopped it being a wipe-out, charging the UNTIL line and breaking it, at the cost of his own life. Only a few of the Gang got away. Daniel found himself on his own again. Scythe - renaming herself Ghostscythe - was recruited by the CIA for their covert assassination division, though she eventually went freelance. Taking a leaf from her book, Damiel reinvented himself as the gun for hire Hawkesmythe. After a time he connected up with Meggido, whom the Gang had done a couple of jobs for back in the day. On the day of the Battle, Hawkesmythe had one order: Maximum carnage. While he was able to get pretty much everyone on his primary target list of Jackson Industries personnel, he was actually a little disappointed in his body count - he wound up in a duel with Flechette, and the fighting was drawing down by the time he managed to ditch her and get back to the killing. He is annoyed that the media has been treating it as a win for the heroine, since he figures that at best it was a draw, and he'd really like another round with her. Not to mention another round with Ghostscythe... (Hope this isn't too long!)
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