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  1. Boomgun Well, somebody had to do it. Serina Pollard's suit isn't hugely tough, nor all that fast - but the shoulder mounted cannon was designed to eviscerate MBTs. She usually uses it at lower power levels, though - max charge chews through her batteries too fast, and anyway, the average super is unconscious after a quarter-power hit. That's five, so the next team is a trio of stealthy thieves - The Spectres.
  2. Given that's the four and no one seems to be jumping up and down to do Toto, I'll name the new group: The Golden Agers Four heroes of the 1930s and 40s who have left retirement to try and sort out this crazy world. Most should have some kind of age resistance or other reason for being operative 90 years after their heyday, obviously.
  3. The (Cowardly) Lyin' Leo Tamaski grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, wheeling and dealing and making money where he could, and getting beaten up more often then even a small, sickly kid should. Until one day, when two guys were about to give him a good thrashing for daring to operate on their patch, Leo said "Why are you beatin' on me fer? Your buddy was the one rippin' ya off!" As a lie, it was pathetic, but the best Leo could come up with. So he was stunned when the two men turned on each other and completely forgot about Leo. Since, Leo has realized that he has some kind of psychic powers. People believe when he tells them things - but only when it's a lie. That might be a mental block on Leo's part, but he doesn't realise that. Leo's also trying to turn a new leaf. He always idolized the capes - now he hopes to be one. If only he wasn't so abjectly terrified of being on the receiving end of violence...
  4. Funny, I got quite a different vibe from that scene. Bond is a psychopath, but Vesper had gotten him out of his shell, he'd let himself feel for the first time, perhaps ever. And his only defense, after she dies, is to lock himself back in. Denying he ever had feelings is his only method of coping with the events. But he's lying, to us and to himself. Something to note: If you watch this film, turn the brightness right down. Almost all of the prints were deliberately lightened after the distribution company threatened to pull it for being "too scary" for test audiences. Hawks originally wanted it much darker and more atmospheric, to the point where you can barely see the Thing.
  5. Ox No one is quite sure where Ox came from. Best bet is that he's some type of mutant, but whether he's a mutated man with Ox features, or a mutated human with man features...all that's certain is that he was found in the jungles of northern Vietnam, and quickly became a solid member of the community that found him. Despite the stereotypes, he's actually pretty smart as well as strong, and he fit in fine with the peasants and farmers of his village, once they got used to his unusual appearance. That was in 1949. Ox had the brains to avoid the Indo-China War, and the US-led Vietnam War. But the Chinese invasion in the late 70s saw his village smashed and his friends dislocated or killed. Ox may be the only member of the CZ who's overly political, and his politics is simple: smash the state. Governments are for fools and weaklings. Ox isn't a brick, though he is tough and strong. He prefers to engage at range, with hand grenades (which he can throw at grenade launcher velocities)or his M-60.
  6. Long Long is really in this whole thing for his own amusement. He doesn't need the money - he's pretty wealthy. But on occasion he finds himself fighting someone who can actually challenge him, or has powers that his inherent near-indestructibility and immense strength can't deal with, and that makes the whole situation worthwhile - boredom is the enemy. His teammates assume he took the name "Long" ("Dragon" in Chinese) as symbolic of his powers. He's never bothered to inform them that it's just him being literal.
  7. Yeah. I have a great respect for Zappa and the Mothers, and readily acknowledge their importance...but that's not the the same as liking their music.
  8. Not as important as some of the other ones here, but this was my introduction to rock music: And this was what got me interested in alternative music:
  9. I love RHCP, but I can certainly see how other people wouldn't.
  10. It was that movie that got me to fall in love with the 911.
  11. Condorman is a great film. About a not-so-great super, but still... Might I suggest...
  12. Go-Zilla Six inches tall, cheap plastic...all but unstoppable. This tiny titan (made as a cheap knockoff of a popular Japanese movie monster) stomps around looking silly - until it's NUCLEAR RADIATION BREATH WEAPON starts melting everything in sight!
  13. Mannequin Average height. Average proportions. Face a pleasingly blank average. He/she could be anyone or no one. More often than not, the latter. If you were to pay attention, the face barely moves, the body parts do not sway, the artificialness would be obvious. But you won't pay attention. No one does. The Mannequin can go anywhere, as long as there are others around. In a crowd, he/she is invisible, and even alone the eye seems to slide off. Does this strange being even have wants or needs? No one is sure...including itself. But give it a task, and it will see what can be done. (Realize it's not exactly a toy, but it seemed to fit...)
  14. HydroHuman A member of the rare sub-sub-sea race (who live in the oceans under the ocean sea bed), HydroHuman is immensely strong, bracingly swift and immune to the vast majority of environments, even being able to live in boiling magma for a time and utterly immune to cold. He also has psychic powers. All he requires is a glass of water once in a while. He's one of the powerhouses of the team, but somehow, the press never gives him any respect...
  15. From a time before time was anything more than a vague concept comes Ugg the Supercaveman! Strange visitor from another evolutionary line, with powers and abilities far beyond those of modern men! Faster than a fleeing Smilodon, more powerful than a good-sized Mammoth, able to leap reasonably sized hillocks with a single bound, dumb as a box of rocks. Which , along with his trusty club, is the majority of his weapons.
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