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  1. Alternatively, give them a hammer. They must hit the mole on the standard whack-a-mole machine before them. But through the tough glass wall, they can see a much larger whack-a-mole array - and a powerful pneumatic hammer that's hooked to the one in their hand. On the machine in front of them, the moles are just plastic moles. But on the big one, some are plastic dummies...and some are bound hostages that will go splat if that big pneumatic hammer hits them. Fifteen moles will pop up to win the game. 10 have to be hit to win. Five of the popups will be hostages. Popping a hostage still counts towards the ten, but...
  2. I think this is a case of cultural dissonance. The Omega Glory has a bunch of ra-ra Americanism at the end that pays VERY BADLY elsewhere.
  3. Yup, you're right. In my defence, I've only ever seen the last half of The Omega Glory.
  4. Uh, sorry, Tribble, but that's "By Any Other Name". The Omega Glory is the one with the alien American/Chinese nuclear war and the Federation official who interferes in the hopes of discovering a method of immortality - and generally considered a low point of the series.
  5. I think that's why I never warmed to Picard. He seemed too much the intellectual hero, too much the perfect man. The crew would obey Picard - but they'd die for Kirk.
  6. I have to say The Conscience of the King. The entire episode is driven by human emotion and obsession - and the grand villain proves to be an old man, and rather sympathetic. As a study in humanity it's superb.
  7. Victoria's having real problems. I'm glad I'm living in Western Australia.
  8. Well, that depends on where you are and how fast you jumped on the problem. New Zealand and most of Australia HAVE prevented any major spread.
  9. Sorry to hear you missed out on the denoument of Mummy's Mask - we're having a blast, and hopefully more so now that we're going to be going back to live RP instead of over the computer.
  10. That's five, Csyphrett. Your choice next!
  11. I kinda disagree. The Joker, even in the comics, has been one of the most moldable, changeable characters in all of mainstream comics history. From psychopathic mass murderer to ineffective clown, and everything in between. Leto was trying a "street joker", as opposed to Nicholson's "mob joker" or Ledger's agent of chaos. Or even Romero's anything-for-a-laugh japester. And he could have pulled it off - if half of his character development hadn't wound up on the floor of the butchering room. I think it was as valid as any other screen portrayal of the character.
  12. Let's have the heroic reverse of something I tried before - five heroes of tiny stature, The Little Legion.
  13. Karl Mueller never wanted to be a hero. In fact, if things hadn't taken a very strange turn, he would have probably been a criminal. Karl was in Japan to get hand-to-hand training. He was already good - he'd been a hand-to-hand instructor in the Bundeswehr before the powers that be found out about his little smuggling ring. He figured, get really good, then hire out as an enforcer to the East European crime families - who needs a gun when you can break someone with your bare hands? Unfortunately, while he found an excellent teacher and was getting well along in his studies, a Kaiju stepped on the building. The old sensei was mortally wounded. Karl got him out of the building to somewhere safe - he wasn't heartless, after all, and he kind of liked the old guy - but there was nothing anyone could do. The old man gestured to Karl to come in close, and whispered his last words to his last student: "Try to be the good man it is within you to be." With that, Karl felt the old man's spirit flow through him. While the sensei's consciousness went on to his great mystery, his eighty years of skill and knowledge stayed with Karl, transforming him from merely good to virtually superhuman. Karl is still abrasive, annoying and doesn't really give much of a care to Japanese sensibilities - which is one reason he and Coordinator get along. But he's trying to be a better man, and as Redemption do a bit better then he used to.
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