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  1. I'd go with "The Price of Dreams". Just sounds like a lot of fun.
  2. The Circle of Life Devoted to their cause, these five super-powered activists want to do good, but their values are twisted, seeing animal rights as being far above mere things like human lives.
  3. Warrior Carl Thomas grew up in the streets of Auckland, where he saw the worst of the interactions between Maori and pakeha culture. Drunkenness, drugs and violence were a part of his life, and he grew up with a continuing lack of respect for his own Maori people. He was fortunate enough to have a pair of sensible and sober parents, but so many around him did not. But when he was 16, after a minor scuffle with a gang of local toughs, his parents sent Carl to live with his Aunt and Uncle in a small town on North Island. And there he saw a very different scene. Maori and pakeha lived together, in a shared culture. There were differences, but not terrible ones, and they could be worked out. There were problems, but those problems didn't look as insurmountable as they had back in the city. And something else happened. A car accident occurred, and a woman was trapped in the vehicle. Carl literally ripped the car apart with his bare hands to get her out. Since then, Carl has devoted himself to being a modern man, a modern hero, and a modern Maori. He wears comfortable, stylish clothes, but has had a full set of facial tattoos applied (which was difficult, with his steel-hard skin). He champions the traditions of his people, and also the requirements of the the modern era, and tries to stand as a symbol of what can be - a synthesis of all that is good in tradition and today.
  4. Huitzilopochtli, taking his name from the Aztec god of war, led the Savage Seven in their brutal attack. He was perhaps the sole member of the team to come by his name and image honestly - Julio Amacaebie actually was of Mexica descent, though whether he was actually Aztec is questionable. Julio was a man consumed by hate. Hate for the entire human race, all their doing and all that they held dear. He saw himself as a cleansing fire that would eradicate the stain of mankind rom the face of the earth, and he would do it with their own perverted "science". A gifted engineer, he snuck onto a Mexican Army base and stole an experimental power suit, being careful to snatch the blueprints and data pack as well. The basic suit was fine, but he then upgraded it with a high-powered flame-thrower, anti-personnel rockets and machine guns, while altering it's bland appearance to be that of the traditional depictions of the Aztec god of war and the sun. Huitzilopochtli opened the attack by confronting Quick-Draw. The pistolero's various types of shot bounced off, but Huitzilopochtli's MGs carved the young man into hamburger. Next he managed to find Sand Rat, and the shrinker's diminutive size gave him no protection against area-effect flamethrowers. He expended the last of his anti-personnel rockets on the weakened Combine before finding the badly injured Lady Sunshine being helped to safety by the also injured Batwing and Silver Spur. Batwing, having one wing crippled by Christi Corpse, could not escape his flamethrowers, and Silver Spur overstrained his ability to deflect bullets trying to protect them from Huitzilopochtli's bursts of MG fire. Out of ammo, Huitzilopochtli broke his neck. Then Huitzilopochtli pulled out an obsidian knife and carved out Lady Sunshine's heart. Still covered in blood from this brutal act, Julio was distracted by the sound of a crowd. He got to the scene just in time to see Wentworth Prescott torn apart by the mob, and Prescott's building go up in flames. Out of ammo, almost out of fuel, Huitzilopochtli realised it was only a matter of time before they would pry him out of his suit. So he enacted his emergency escape system and the suit rocketed into the sky. The g-forces rendered Julio unconscious, but he woke to discover the system had worked, dropping him hundreds of miles away. His suit was out of power, but he had a survival pack on the outside and he was sure he could find his way out of this desert. Yes, his team was dead, but he could make another. It wasn't like he'd ever intended them to survive. But the rear hatch was warped by the escape rockets. It wouldn't open. Julio was locked in a steel coffin in the middle of Death Valley, and the sun was coming up. It took him many hours to die.
  5. The Comanche's real name was never determined, though his membership in any native American tribe has been denied repeatedly by their various authorities. The difficulty lies in his death, which was one of the most brutal of the Savages. The Comanche wore what can only be called a parody of traditional plains tribe garb, and fought with a repeating carbine and a steel hatchet. His sole victim was the Crusader Lamplady, and it was this that roused the ire of his own killers - Lamplady's powers were purely healing and succour based, and she had a reputation for aiding and supporting others. Comanche caught her healing a group of innocent bystanders from the fight, and sadistically beat the young woman to death with his enhanced strength (which was his sole actual super-power). His end came when a couple of road workers, alerted to the situation, arrived on the scene with shotguns. They blew out the man's knees with buckshot, disarmed him, and then used their road repair tools to coat him in boiling pitch - which they then used a blowtorch to ignite. By the time the fires died down, nothing but scorched bone remained. Sean Lerrier and Peter MacGuire were charged with manslaughter for the act, but the Jury refused to convict them.
  6. Sundog

    Theme Teams

    Yeah, I had one that was based more or less on a combination of Dark Angel and The Fugitive. It worked fairly well but one of the players seemingly didn't get the memo - his character was always trying to "put down roots". Given it was a small group that kind of broke the game.
  7. La Araña La Araña (the spider) hails from El Salvador. She was raised as Esmeralda Anna Mariana Perez, an orphan following the brutalities of the civil war there, managing to attain a good education despite her bereft status by winning a variety of scholarships and prizes, and wound up with doctorates in physics and chemistry, but was careful not to let people know how easy that was for her - her mutant capability is intellect. She could have gotten ten doctorates in the time she took to get two. She settled into a comfortable position with the current government, and was soon running her own research establishment. She kept climbing the ranks...until one day she found that her newly acquired clearances had revealed something about herself. Her parents had not been killed in a guerrilla ambush, as she had been told. Her father had not been a country doctor. He and her mother had been peace activists, seeking to find a peaceful solution to the country's woes. So the government of the time, in colludance with the CIA, had them murdered. She even found her real name. Over the next six months, the men who killed her family died horrible, lingering deaths from untraceable and exotic toxins. Then she did the same to the CIA agents involved - but a couple of top flight FBI investigators managed to trace the chemicals back to her, and she was forced to flee. La Araña (She now uses no other name) took most of the budget for her research establishment with her when she left. A stay in Cuba got her access to old Soviet supertech, which she repurposed into her iconic battlesuit - four arms (the lower two run by AI servitors), capacities to spray a wide variety of entangles and swing lines, and several varieties of sprayable, injectable and contact poisons. Then she went looking for people who hated the USA as much as she did.
  8. Tumour is custom designed to terrify. His "withering touch" actually a combination of gamma radiation, carcinogenic chemicals and particularly nasty nanotech, all designed to shred and wreck DNA, making his victims weak and ill in seconds, and virtually guaranteeing multiple aggressive cancers within months. Even with modern medications and treatments a victim has no better than a fifty percent survival rate. As the embodiment of long-term cellular damage, Tumour is often referred to as the most evil of the team. He certainly looks the part, gaunt and cadaverous, and with a sickening and putrid odour. But the truth is that Tumour isn't evil at all, though his wielders may be. Tumour is a non-sapient robot, built specifically to order. It is entirely incapable of malice or any sort of emotion, and simply does as it is ordered.
  9. Burner embodies the nuclear heat pulse of a deployed device. He can emit waves of searing heat to burn and scorch and melt anything in his way. Burner's power come from advanced cybernetic implants - ironically, the damage he suffered which made him a cyborg in the first place, came from being in the radius of a terrorist nuke.
  10. Scandalous is something of a hanger-on to the group. She's claimed to be the daughter of the Scarlet Temptress a few times, but everybody laughed at that (she's clearly way too young), so she doesn't bring that up any more. On the other hand, she knows where all the secret bases and hideouts are... She is actually useful in a fight, being extremely agile and a better then average martial artist. The problem is, her costume is made up of strings, straps and patches, clearly designed to show as much skin as possible...and often shifting during her acrobatics to show a lot more than can be shown on the six o'clock news. Which has as good a chance of distracting members of the team as it does who they're fighting. Especially with her habit of stopping to pose for the cameras rather then getting on with what they're supposed to be stealing/breaking/getting away with.
  11. Miki James is a small woman, with a happy, smiling demeanour. Most of the time she works in a small tax firm as an agent, a job she enjoys, helping people travel the labyrinthine paths of the tax code. She lives a quiet life, looking after her elderly Japanese grandmother alongside her wife of five years. She doesn't like trouble. Avoids it when she can. But if she decides you're the problem, you get removed. Most of the time, Miki has no superpowers. But when she decides to act, she's unstoppable - and that's fairly literal. If all she's up against is guys with guns, her skin gets as hard as steel, and she gets the strength to break those guns. When superbeings are involved, she simply becomes powerful enough to defeat them. ALL OF THEM. Not that she hurts anyone - she just rounds them up and puts them in jail. They say that the humiliation of being a powerful brick and still getting picked up and carried to a cell by a tiny Asian woman is as much of a counter to recidivism as any program in Stronghold. Miki wears a purple scarf over her face when she acts, but everyone knows who she is.
  12. Sad to hear. He was rarely the main character, but often made the production he was in better rounded and more than it would have been.
  13. Freakboy6117 seems to be absent, so I'll give us one: The Legion of Progress Five people enhanced by technology and science. They seek to show how every human could benefit from these technologies, by providing aid to others, disaster relief and support for the police in cases of supercrime.
  14. The American Soldier! You've all heard of the guy who was desperate to serve, who volunteered for a super-soldier program, who became a paragon of the virtues of his nation and of moral and ethical probity? Yeah, that's not this guy. Peter Briggs was drafted in '67. He intended to run away to Canada, but he was too stoned to make the trip. He was stoned all through boot camp too. At least until his sergeant found out he was financing his own habits by selling drugs to his fellow recruits. So, they gave him an offer, participate in a new super-soldier program or get locked up in a military prison forever. Peter probably should have read the fine print...but he was stoned. The (cut-price) super drugs mixed with Peter's already severely altered neural biochemistry in weird ways. Sometimes he was a speedster, minutes later he'd be a brick, a little while later everybody in a one-kilometer radius was experiencing whatever sort of high Peter was enjoying at the time. After about a year, they managed to get something of a handle on what powers he'd have at a given time, by giving him more drugs. Peter was having the time of his stoned-out life. They worked up a stupid looking but very nationalistic costume, and set up a few (staged) battles with NVA "supers". Problem was, they really had made Peter into a quite powerful superbeing, but one that was continuously out of his gourd and darn near uncontrollable. Several of the actors in the filmed propaganda pieces were seriously injured, and the one attempt to use "The American Soldier!" in the field resulted in massive casualties on BOTH sides. Peter apparently had hallucinated an attack by "Cadillac Men", and had used a spontaneously manifesting Napalm Cannon to drive them away. By now the Vietnam war was coming to an end, and the super-soldier program was an embarrassment and a liability. It's sole success being even worse. Peter now lives at an isolated base in Nevada, still out of his alleged mind and apparently no older then he was in '67. His minders just keep him doped to the gills and watching continuous daytime TV. He's broken out a few times, causing major property damage each time, but he can usually be tempted back by promises of more drugs. And the American Soldier! has been well and truly cancelled.
  15. Silver Queen Bryn Albusdotter was born to wealth, and her father's bankruptcy in her fifteenth year devastated her. For a year she had to live without the trappings of wealth and privilege - and she truly hated it. So when her mutant ability to psychokinetically control metals manifested, she went wild. Steel bank vaults were more of an impediment to those who wanted to stop her then they were to her, and her prodigious intellect kept her imagining newer and more useful ways to use her abilities. When she joined up with the Teen Bandits, she just kept raking in the loot. Not that she was greedy - she always made sure her friends got their fair share - but for Bryn, wealth was it's own reward. It all came to an end in late 1977. She was considering retiring anyway - Spindizzy's death hit her hard - and she had millions in untraceable accounts across the globe. Then a shock jock radio host worked out her secret identity. In days, a mob hit team had killed both of her parents and tried to kill her - she hadn't even known that one of the banks she robbed was a mob front. Over the next month, 250 mob members were slaughtered. Bryn caught up with the Shock Jock during an interview on public television, and casually ripped all of the blood out of his body. The manhunt for Silver Queen was extensive...and futile. She simply vanished. Many believe she has gone somewhere quiet in the world, enjoying her money and laughing at the law. New Team: The Capitalists. A group of conservative individuals using their power to promote the free market...by silencing any detractors. 5-7 members.
  16. Jack Silver Half-Japanese, half-Korean, half machine. Jack Silver started out as a dying boy, abandoned by his family for his half-caste status, ravaged by congenital conditions, waiting for death in a charity hostel. When the two corporate guys came by and offered him something else...well, he might have been 8, but he wasn't stupid. They replaced most of his musculature with bioengineered artificial muscle, bones with metal, eyes with advanced cameras. They taught him how to use a sword, a bow, a spear - and then gave him high-tech, advanced versions of those weapons. To this day he's not sure who he actually works for. He really doesn't care. His job is to protect the interests of the corporations, and he is glad to do so. He is Jack Silver, and only goes by that name.
  17. Spindizzy Lee Camaran was a thief, a runner for the mob, and a con artist. When she got drenched in radioactive waste and developed superspeed powers, she just kept doing the same things - faster. Eventually she got recruited for the Teen Bandits, and had a lot of fun. Sadly, radioactive waste is bad way to get powers. Lee developed skin cancer in 1975, then liver cancer, then Leukemia. She was dead by '77.
  18. I'm 51 years old this month. I've never even had a checking account.
  19. Mac the Driver To hunt something/someone, TUSK needs to be able to move people, gear and weapons across the globe, and across national borders, quickly, efficiently and above all quietly. That's where Mac the Driver comes in. He has access to a seemingly endless variety of vehicles, from various top-of-the-line all-terrain trucks to his home base, a Soviet-era Alfa class attack submarine - which also acts as the team's base of operations and bulk transport system. And he knows how to operate all of them to the peak of their capabilities, as well as a remarkable capacity to modify them on the fly to deal with unexpected events, like adding an anti-radar cloaking system - while still in the air. Mac doesn't care what TUSK hunts or where, save that he steers the team away from Australia - "You ain't ready for the stuff that's down there, mate."
  20. Tankhunter (Thợ săn xe tăng) Tankhunter was confused. One minute he was engaging American armour just south of the DMZ, the next he's in the largest city he's ever seen, even larger than Hanoi. And there are flying people all over the place, firing blasts at each other or fighting! And he had blood on his hands. Tankhunter wasn't squeamish - war is war after all - but he did what he could to be a civilized man. The idea of having harmed someone and not even knowing it was repulsive. He started to drop towards the ground when one of the multi-coloured suited figures suddenly charged at him (only later would he learn the villain's name was Warmonger) yelling something about Vietnam in English - a language Tankhunter knew little of. The attacker was clearly a much better flyer than Tankhunter was, and managed to hit with a couple of bullets - but these bounced off the flying brick's skin. Fearing his attacker would use a more powerful attack, Tankhunter cut loose with his "Bunkerbuster Punch" - which sent Warmonger, stunned and reeling, into the nearby river. Tankbuster was pleased to see the semi-conscious superbeing dragged out by a colourful rescue craft. Flying away from the madness, he soon found new clothes, and was first worried about "How do I get back to Vietnam?" Shortly thereafter came the question "How do I get back to 1968?"
  21. His Lordship Born of aristocratic family, His Lordship was disgusted by the state of affairs of London, and blamed the increasing power of the common man. After all the higher classes were bred and trained to rule - what good could come of letting the unlettered masses have any control of things? He was aided in this belief by his actual superiority. He was a mutant, stronger, smarter and swifter than any normal man. He started taking out people who he saw as paragons of the new order - nouveau riche businessmen, union organizers, soldiers who had risen through the ranks on ability rather than wealth or influence. However, he soon found he was not bulletproof, and ended up sprawled in an alley, shot six times by a petty thief with a revolver.
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