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  1. Loki most likely has a simple spell for Dozer to communicate with Thor
  2. There are places in New Orleans and LA called the Magic hat lounge got the pics from there
  3. The Magic Hat Lounge 3 floors plus a few secrets but when you just saved the world time to kick back and relax with the friendly staff at the Magic Hat lounge.
  4. Dkap

    Legion of Doom

    I just finished reading Birth of Raven and i seen a lot of Super Villain teams but that team sent a shiver down my spine and i thank you as i am going to use them in my setting.Nicely written and again thanks
  5. Dkap

    Legion of Doom

    I think master villains might not be the way to go,To much ego and after Luther,Braniac,Sinestro and Grodd most of them are 2nd tier villains,Plus you need that one villain who not only leads but keeps the others in line.
  6. Dkap

    Legion of Doom

    Using the Champion villains,put together a Legion of Doom from the Challenge of the Super friends and go?
  7. Welcome back there is a two drink minimum lol
  8. When the lights go out in the big game and the generator back ups are not kicking in Spotlight lights up the big game.He is one of the most powerful and popular heroes(the sports and concert scene loves him and he sold more toys and Jerseys than the top 10 sports players combined)Some even say a certain Patriots QB wife was going to leave her husband for him.
  9. Trump finally takes the toupee off and tells the world he is Lex Luthor and a new Legion of Doom is by his side(never mind to real lol)
  10. I am working on a story arch where like Vandal Savage sends his younger self the technology to win WW 2 (JL animation style)Dr. Destroyer pulls the same thing and the only ones to stand against him is a Freedom Fighters type of group.Like Earth 4(i think that was the#).One of the members get a hold of the time travel tech but instead opens a dimension rift to my currant world.
  11. Day of the Destroyer because you want to introduce your players to the king of evil
  12. Dkap

    Suicide Squad

    6 villains from champions to put in your suicide squad(Task force x)?
  13. Dkap

    Favorite plots

    GMs/players thread but it could go either way
  14. Dkap

    Favorite plots

    With New York being decimated by a plot by Dr. Destroyer and rebuilt by Franklin Stone (A.C.I.)Now known as Century city with Franklin Stones influence and backing his baby Washington tower is up and running.Throwing a grand opening party with the most influential guests (over 300 guests)Unknown to everyone they are about to get unwanted guest as a new Deathstroke organization hold the party hostage (terrorist or something else)and who are they working for or with?The good news is the PCs are there the bad news is the are in their secret IDs and they have to protect 300 people as well as what inventions or experiments ACI has in there.
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