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  1. Is the Nazis moon men or the moon men Nazis?That is the question.
  2. As much as i like the Matrix,steampunk style always caught my eye.Wish i could run a campaign like that.
  3. Mercs like Lazer would be interested in it if money or gain is in it.I can see Bulldozer losing and complaining that everyone else is cheating.If Fire Wing is in it he would be one of the top favorites.
  4. Trying to reinvent the Island of Dr Destroyer and looking for new ideas on traps and all around nasty things to throw at my players.Any ideas?
  5. It is a collection from Vertigo comics
  6. The comic Fable might help you with this
  7. A very different way is Loki uses one of the stones and summons the Squadron Supreme and uses the mind stone to control them.
  8. Loki most likely has a simple spell for Dozer to communicate with Thor
  9. There are places in New Orleans and LA called the Magic hat lounge got the pics from there
  10. The Magic Hat Lounge 3 floors plus a few secrets but when you just saved the world time to kick back and relax with the friendly staff at the Magic Hat lounge.
  11. Dkap

    Legion of Doom

    I just finished reading Birth of Raven and i seen a lot of Super Villain teams but that team sent a shiver down my spine and i thank you as i am going to use them in my setting.Nicely written and again thanks
  12. Dkap

    Legion of Doom

    I think master villains might not be the way to go,To much ego and after Luther,Braniac,Sinestro and Grodd most of them are 2nd tier villains,Plus you need that one villain who not only leads but keeps the others in line.
  13. Dkap

    Legion of Doom

    Using the Champion villains,put together a Legion of Doom from the Challenge of the Super friends and go?
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