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Foods for those that just don't care anymore


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1 hour ago, tkdguy said:


When you're talking wine and chocolate.....


They're almost cheating there.


Well, not really, but that's Quady Elysium.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  I STILL remember the bottle I had in...oh lordy...late 80s?  Yeah, it made *that* much of an impression...because it tasted like drinking bottled rose petals.  Sweet...borderline cloying.  But like no other bottle I've had, altho that's the only Black Muscat wine I've ever had as well.  Orange Muscat...that's another fascinating varietal for a dessert wine.  Quady Essencia.  IIRC, yeah, definitely a bit of orange blossom in the nose.  Preferred Elysium, as I think Essencia was a tad cloying.


These weren't that expensive back then;  I'm not sure about now.  Don't think they're that widely available either.


Old Vine Zindandels can be like this too...but many of those push 15%.  I've never liked corking the leftover for another night;  oxidation takes away too much, even next day.  But a full bottle of 15% will make for a very unquiet night...

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I read a book a few years ago, that was a collection of pre-apocalypse short stories...a dozen ways the end of the world gets started.  One of em was a super-mold that could grow on, and therefore consume...anything soft and organic.  And was too tenacious to kill via usual means.  Once it got out?  Forget it.


Not sure if I finished all the stories, as, at least with me, a little bit of that goes a long ways.  I know there were 2 planned follow-ups...one being the middle, the other the aftermath.  Never looked for either.

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LOVE those Cooking with Lau videos.  Way more work than I normally have the energy for, but it's also cool to see.  And I love the simple details...keep the chicken a bit smaller so it cooks through evenly, cuz you probably don't have a big enough wok to put in a big one.


This one actually brings back a story from some weeks ago, reporting that the restaurant considered the best in the world, would be shutting down.  The comment from the chef:  that level isn't sustainable, because the amount of work involved is simply not practical.  So...ya go to that scene where there were a BUNCH of trainees doing the first fry...yeah, that's a lot of effort going on there.  And *each stage* here is pretty amazingly labor-intensive.  That costs bucks.


I also remember Ming Tsai's crispy duck on Iron Chef America...a VERY early episode, where he didn't have the time to do it the proper way...actually used pressurized air to separate the skin before frying.  Same intent...to get it crispy.



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