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Foods for those that just don't care anymore


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I cannot comprehend how that could be considered remotely desirable...not least of which is the sheer difficulty in trying to eat it.  The notion of a burger with Oreos is horrifying to me, but YMMV.  But that's, what, a pound of meat?  Those look like 1/3 pound patties, and appear to be 3 of em.  With multiple layers of Oreos, and all that drippy, gooey junk...?  YUCK.

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Yesterday in the Briefing, we grappled with the news that the most energy-efficient way to cook dried pasta is to rehydrate it in cold water for two hours before warming it in simmering water or sauce. Readers got in touch to tell me that low-heat cooking methods have long been popular among campers, and have been passed on through generations that lived through lean times. Several pointed to the original slow cookers: ‘hayboxes’, in which the pot is surrounded with insulation to keep it warm while the food cooks through. But a store-bought box is not required, writes reader Peter-Andreas Löschmann, who suggests “a procedure learned from my old aunt: bring the noodles just to boiling and place the hot cooking pot in your feather bed”. Mmm, cosy.


From the Nature briefing today.

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