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Foods for those that just don't care anymore


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My understanding of that is, at least in part, there are still supply and distribution issues.  There were serious problems with the can supply, for example, during the pandemic.  Not sure how far they've resolved;  it also wouldn't surprise me that the distributors have decided to shift to the mass market junk more.  It's an easier sell.  Same is true for imports.  Now, granted, down here, a core issue is there's a fixed number of package-sale liquor licenses.  That makes them worth $$$$$.  As a result?  They were bought up by Wal Mart, the quickie marts in grocery stores (they have some of the BIGGEST beer coolers...almost all the mass market swill), the supermarkets.  There's 1 small, specialty grocery store that has had a liquor department manager, but the last few times I was over there, their selection was WAY down.  There's 1...literally 1 only...standalone, focused liquor store.  Even there, the seltzers have displaced many of the imports.


Yeah...I've got a porter I'll use for a couple batches of chile, for tournament watching.  It's local.  Lot of what I've done is local recently.  But it's still depressing, because it really wasn't long ago that there was MUCH more variety than we've seen for the last couple years.

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7 minutes ago, unclevlad said:

AB InBev does that.  It's removing the competition.


Sad commentary on the state of American marketing.  Neither Domino's nor Papa Johns (I loathe Pizza Hut) is offering a special today.  Of ALL DAYS in the year, today is absolutely the day to run a pizza special!!!!!!


Domino's sent theirs out as an email to folks signed up for the app. All pizzas 1 topping carry-out for $7.99. 


Happy National Pi Day 🍕🎉 The tastiest holiday of all 😋

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Ahh.  I'm not on their app, as I don't do pizza more than a few times a year.  I think they've largely cut back on email marketing to prior customers.  Didn't get anything from em.


I do get why they're doing it as carry-out.  Delivery drivers have been scarce.  I think the last one I ordered, came promptly, but the one before that...took over an hour.  Due to driver scarcity.

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18 hours ago, Cygnia said:

Platform Brewery here in Ohio was bought out by (I wanna say) AB InBev a few years ago -- and now they've shut down. 😕


Red Hook started in Seattle (walking distance from my apartment) but was bought about by Miller some years back.  Fortunately one can still get Red Hook ESB.

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10 hours ago, Cygnia said:

Today's Two Lumps... :D


If not Iron Chef, then an episode of Chopped...


I vaguely remember Red Hook ESB;  it was OK back in the day.  But I'm not seeing Miller involved directly.  The founders sold 25% to AB in '94, and regretted it.  


I believe I remember at that time, that Red Hook was viewed as a sell-out.  No longer a real craft brewery.  And I believe it started getting shunned...at a really, REALLY bad time, because this was when lots of craft beer was really taking off, and even down here, we were starting to see considerable improvement in availability.  It hadn't hit the supermarkets yet, but we had multiple liquor stores still operating, and they did carry lots of stuff.  I was...kinda...still in my wine kick;  in part because this was still a period where you could get *good* California wines at sane prices.  Red Hook was...not a standout...and with the point of being a sell-out?  Nope.  


And come to think...that same sell-out label applied to everyone in the "Craft Beer Alliance" because AB InBev (who DOES own Miller, along with all of AB's brands...if you want to know why brewing in the US has stagnated?  Very likely, lack of true competition) owned a good chunk of Widmer, too.  I do remember thinking "Kona?  Too likely to be just fizzy yellow stuff."  Not quite that politely.  Fair?  Probably not.  

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On 3/5/2023 at 10:43 AM, Cygnia said:



Guess what.  It's back.  Cardiologists across the country are gearing up for a spike in patient traffic.  It disappears when the tournament is over.  Coincidence?  Dubious.  The tournament, *overall*, is the biggest event on the sports calendar, particularly among the 18-29 crowd I expect...college students and recent grads, rooting for their teams.  They're also offering early access to the Diablo IV beta for purchasers.  Appropriate thought from The Land Of Chirps:


i like how kfc has dialed into the idea that "people who are going to eat the most double downs" and "people who want early access to diablo iv" is basically the same demographic

...which, also, includes lots in that 18-29 group..............

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16 minutes ago, Logan D. Hurricanes said:

I just went out to get my favorite lunch dish downtown, blackened fish tacos. Feeling good. Only to discover someone apparently microwaved fish and stank up that half of the building. Fish... not for amateurs. 


Like the hotel ad, where the guy microwaves his fish.
"Is that mackerel?"


Those are pretty close to opposite ends of the fishiness scale, as a rule...

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Almost grabbed some salmon, but it didn't look that great.  (Haven't found fresh-looking salmon more than a few times in the last 3 years...used to get it decently often.)  But I also slow cook mine...275 for 25 minutes.  Clearly that's just a portion of a filet, tho.  Not big on whole fish;  I dislike picking out the bones.

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