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Foods for those that just don't care anymore


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53 minutes ago, wcw43921 said:

It doesn't taste like bitter almonds--Does It?!?!? :angst:


They'd never be that obvious...and repeat sales might be a bit problematic.  Instead, they just nail you with 65 grams of sugar, in a 20 oz. regular bottle.




Read another article that also mentioned coconut and vanilla.  It also mentioned that the fake sugar version was, to the writer, AWFUL...heavy on the chemical aftertaste of the sweetener.

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I don't recall my last one either.  And, yeah, the most common no-carb sweeteners are MUCH sweeter than sugar...meaning, you can detect sweetness at much higher dilutions.  It's really easy to mess up the sweetness level.  I use liquid stevia for my morning smoothies...typically 2 parts strawberries, 1 part other fruit.  Some plain non-fat yogurt, some unsweetened almond milk so it all blends.  SOME sweetener is needed, or it's really flat, but 5 drops is enough.  10?  Sweet.  13-15?  Cloying.


I just see no point to the diet drinks.  Just looking at Wal Mart...a 12 pack of diet CDGA is $7, so about 60 cents each.  I use Propel from Gatorade...zero sugar varieties.  Carton of 12 boxes has gone up...used to get them cheap, but it still comes out to about 30 cents each...and flavors about 20 ounces, for me, just fine.  (Used to be able to get it for about HALF of that, too.)  I go through 2 a day, for most of the year...the heat's only a couple weeks away here, and even in December and January, it's SO dry down here that you still need to hydrate a lot.  And one advantage:  I don't run out.  I buy a carton each, of the 2 flavors I like...240 packets.  Lasts rather longer than even a case would.


And...yeah, I never exactly explored them much, but the diet stuff I did try, was awful..........

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Flip that.

You can't count per person, because a box makes multiple servings.  The company sheet lists 3 servings per small box.  So you can say that about 1 person in 17 or so, has a serving of the stuff...every week.


Also note, while Kraft is the dominant brand, it's not the ONLY one...so actual consumption rates are higher.  I suspect the most common alternative would be Wal Mart's...for obvious reasons.  

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